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Market Support Generation Workshop October 2, 2000.

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1 Market Support Generation Workshop October 2, 2000

2 2 DRAFT Purpose of Meeting Description of Protocol Administration and System Requirements Technical overview Q/ A

3 3 DRAFT Based on Stipulation Documents Claimant must be marketer, broker or aggregator – eligibility why dont they use the term supplier? First- come- first- served basis Committed capacity sales to OE/ CEI/ TE customers – must have committed sale to make a claim Does this mean 11/8/00 for governmental Aggregators

4 4 DRAFT Non- affiliated (with Ohio investor- owned utility) – apply for CRES certification – apply for FE registration Affiliated – apply for CRES certification and FE registration – make capacity available in service area OR – no owned or leased capacity within one wheeling transaction Government Aggregator – enact authorizing ordinance – complete opt- out procedure Customer Aggregator – must become eligible supplier (a CRES or a generation or a generation supplier?)

5 5 DRAFT Market Support Generation (MSG)-- 1, 120 MW Market Support Generation (MSG)-- 1, 120 MW * * Residential Residential 260 260 170 170 Other Retail Other Retail 300 300 230 230 Non- MSG -- Line Losses on 1,120 MW for Non- summer Residential (minimum amount) (min156 156 102 102 Total(including Residential) (includi 560 560 400 400 * f Supplemental Stipulation determines allocation OE OE CEI CEI Need to understand difference create or find examples

6 6 DRAFT Submit claim electronically – Password required – Password available to eligible supplier that has applied for CRES certification and FE registration and has supplied supplier contact information – Suppliers are encouraged to seek password before gate opens – Contact Doug Burnell for information 330- 384- 4813 Gate scheduled to open Thursday, October 19 Each claim must include: – only one of the 12 generation commitment pools – single duration for all customers in claim – limit of 10, 000 customers per claim

7 7 DRAFT Other Retail Claim must contain the following: – Customer name – Customer account number – Amount of capacity claimed on behalf of customer amount not to exceed last 12 months peak customers w/ o demand meter, use kWh equation ( kW =.004194 – For each customer in claim, whether Load Following or Capacity Factor – Duration of claim This section may also be used for Residential Claims

8 8 DRAFT Customer contact information required for password Sect. 5. e. Residential claim modifications Section 5. d.( iii): remove: For Residential customer claims, supplier may submit peak monthly lieu of the calculated peak demand. add: For customers without demand the supplier shall submit calculated demand values using the formula: kW =.004194 x kWh Monthly demand or annual peak demand?

9 9 DRAFT Reservation Claim must contain: – by e- mail to SupplierSupport@ firstenergycorp. com List of customer names – via Web site Total number of customers in claim Aggregate amount of capacity claimed Duration of claim Follow- up Claim within 40 days must contain: Customer account number Customer name Amount of capacity claimed on behalf of each customer amount not to exceed last 12 months peak use kWh equation ( kW =.004194 * kWh) for all customers Whether claim for each customer is Load Following or Capacity Factor

10 10 DRAFT Residential and all customers without demand meter – use calculated peak based on peak energy usage – equation: kW =.004194 x kWh (monthly peak or annual peak) Other Retail customers with demand meter – use highest measured demand in last 12 months Customers without 12 months billing history (footnote 5) – residential / small commercial: use rate schedule averages – other customers: base on facts as known – method subject to company approval

11 11 DRAFT Load Following (Supplemental – serve customers entire load no scheduling or load factor requirements no imbalance charges up to historic peak load Capacity Factor – service to entire load (Stip.) monthly minimum capacity factor (Res, Sm Comm. 60%; Others – service to part of a customers load (Supplemental scheduling requirements usage limitations-- on/ off peak and seasonal settlement requirements – in either case: purchaser may resell to extent end user does not take payment for contracted capacity or energy, taken or not

12 12 DRAFT FirstEnergy Review: – Supplier certification and registration 30 days to get certification from PUCO / potential waiver to extend – verify names/ account nos. 5 business days to cure defects – Claimed capacity matches peak levels FE to reduce excess amount to historic peak – confirmed contract between customer and supplier for duration FE must be able to verify duration (audit methods) failure for more than 1% of load/ customers ==> claim rejected – OATT / service agreement – is pool capacity still available ?

13 13 DRAFT Claims to be in 12- month increments or till end of Mkt. Devel. single duration – a duration is measured in terms of months – last date in billing cycle defines month – example: two customers in claim #1 July 15, 2001 to July 14, 2001 } these are both #2 August 1, 2001 to July 31, 2002 } August 2001 to

14 14 DRAFT Claimant may withdraw claim prior to approval Discontinuation of service to customer results, at companys MSG being returned to pool or minimum capacity factor obligation Only one suppliers claim for part or all of customers load accepted for a given duration (can duration exceed 12 months) No more than one claim for MSG and one for non- MSG per for a given duration FE affiliates-- relinquish claims as of next effective meter read

15 15 DRAFT Government Aggregators – First- come- first- served basis – Committed capacity sales to OE / CEI / TE customers – Alternate process to which all claimants agree? What does this line mean, why the question mark? Scheduling: process to follow at later date BEB needs to stay on top of this.

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