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Recent Successes in Demand Response

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0 Southern California Edison Demand Response Present and Future
Presented by Larry Oliva Director, Tariff Programs and Services Demand Response Coordinating Committee Town Meeting, Washington DC June 3, 2008

1 Recent Successes in Demand Response
SCE Demand Response today System peak ,303 MW Interruptible Large Customer MW Emergency Res/Sm. Comm MW Emergency Ag Pumping/Other MW Price Responsive Programs MW Total DR 1,397 MW Total DR % % SCE technical peak demand reduction potential If all customers participated similarly % SCE DR response numbers updated as of 3/31/08. Per Larry Oliva: Rely on what the CEC says is technical potential of 25 percent. Technical Peak Demand Reduction is the total DR potential if all DR eligible SCE customers participated in DR programs

2 Expanded AC cycling by 225 MW in 2007
Recent Successes in Demand Response Expanded AC cycling by 225 MW in 2007 Seasonal Incentives based on: Tons of Cooling Cycle Strategy (50%, 67%, 100%) Event Choice (15 events vs. unlimited) FIXED incentive amounts PAID in advance Over 320,000 participants 91% of participating A/C Units range in size from 2.5 to 5 tons 88% of participating customers opt for 100% cycling (Maximum $ Incentive) Average annual residential incentive paid = $140/device

3 Where SCE is Going with DR Dynamic Pricing-The Essential Path
Industries with high cost of capacity transitioned to dynamic pricing, examples: Airlines Hospitality Rental Cars Shipping Electric Utilities can benefit Peak load growth continuing Regulatory and environmental impediments to build Real cost escalation of new construction Technology enablement (metering and controls)

4 EIX Vision for Clean Energy Future
Integration of Information Technology with Energy Technology Delivers Environmental Benefits Renewable & Clean Generation Connected Home Connected PHEV Smart Grid SmartConnect Energy Management& Efficiency Low Carbon Fuel Mix Dynamic Pricing Reduced Cost & Rate Pressures Meeting Customer Expectations for Value & Environment

5 Empowering Customer Choice
Rates and Rebates CPP PTR TOU Rates Smart appliances Connected Home Smart thermostats Energy information

6 Load Shaping and Following
Long-Term Opportunities through Plug-in Electric Vehicles Connected Home Customer Home Energy Storage Creates Opportunities for Increased Renewables Enable Net Metering, Discrete metering and Integrated energy management w/Solar Panel

7 Edison SmartConnect Demand Response Goals
Pilots Launch 3K K M M M Programs >531 MW > 72 MW 342 MW 78 MW 410 MW 53 MW SDP (Res) SDP (Comrcl) PCT-ZigBee Rates CPP PTR TOU Rates Incremental New DR = 883 MW

8 Rate Tier Position and Tier “Alert” Programs encourage conservation behavior
Tier Position Provides Customer with billing status via webpage: Current billing tier, cost and days left in billing period Proactive Tier “Alerts” and an In-Home Tier “Position” Display Device: Peak Rebate Available Energy Cost Display $ $ $ $ $.43

9 Next Challenges for SCE Demand Response
Customer adoption of Peak Time Rebates and Dynamic Rates Move incentive programs to Pay-for-Performance Integrate retail DR products with CAISO markets Promote enabling technologies

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