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Web-based Recall App Internal CC email Notifications.

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1 Web-based Recall App Internal CC email Notifications


3 Internal company CC Orientation Managers, Customer Support, & internal functional areas receive outbound CC emails: View Administrative Reports with details of the recall or withdrawal (Internal or External to Customers) Customer Support & Helps (208) 890-9169 RecallSupport@RecallInfoLink.Com QuickTip Sheets & video InfoClips Initial Important Actions Other Aspects Admin Screens

4 Orientation - continued Recall InfoLink Support & Helps (208) 890-9169 RecallSupport@RecallInfoLink.Com QuickTip Sheets, Instructions, & video InfoClips available to your customers Important Initial Preparation Actions all Users (including you) should add these contacts to their email Address Book: o Recall Alert, and also o RecallSupport the Client & Responder company IT Departments should white list the for both web Browsing access, and also Email Servers This will enable you & your Customers to receive all of the Recall Notifications, and not have them go to SPAM or the Junk folder. Other Aspects the Customer Welcome & Instructions Letter the Recall Responder Wizard & Amounts Updates Reports Admin Screen Customer Contact Info Update

5 Recall Overview a Recall is launched by your company. Internal functional areas will receiveCC email notifications: Your Customers: 1.Receive Notification 2.Act upon the online recall info and instructions 3.Respond online Your customers may call your Customer Support, or Recall InfoLink for assistance Internal Functions: view Administrative Reports (through the Admin menu) with all of the details of the event that was sent to Internal responders & to External Customers.

6 the Recall Notification process Email is used for internal CC contacts Managers & CC contacts Receive notice & then View Administrative Reports

7 the CC Notification E-mail auto-login link directly into the Homepage

8 Click Admin to view Administrative Reports (of Internal or External recalls)

9 Admin screen selections Click View Company Recalls

10 Manager & CC: notifications View Reports of the selected Event


12 Compliance Reports Starter & Continuer Compliance Report - satisfying Agency requirements, plus Customer Returns & other Reports (see next page) Compliance Report - satisfying Agency requirements

13 Administrative Reports - the recall event overview report Compliance Report - satisfying Agency requirements Withdrawal of Widgets, 09/02/11


15 Admin & CC: notifications: Users, CC Contacts, Managers Permissions & Selections CC: notification email Manager Review Your Customers have the same Admin capability at no cost

16 Starter to Continuers to Recipients … and back again Recall Launched Email Notification Recall Admin Reports Responders with Amounts Continuing the Recall Tracking Progress Regulatory Compliance Summary

17 the Right Information to the Right People at the Right Time to do the Right Thing

18 Reminder: Customer Support & Helps QuickTip Sheets & video InfoClips, Orientations RecallSupport@RecallInfoLink.Com (208) 890-9169 User Setup White Listing for Internet access & company Email Servers (IT Dept) User Address Book contacts should add:Recall Alert, and also Recall Support. VERY IMPORTANT: Customer Contact Info Updates please go to: www.RecallInfoLink.Com/Support/Contact-Info-Update

19 This Instructional document contains proprietary information meant for the use of Recall InfoLink Clients & Customers only, and is not to be distributed outside of Client companies. A Clients Customers may be sent some materials provided for Responders.

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