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People to People Online Health Form

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1 People to People Online Health Form
Introduction, Instructions, and Screen Shots for Leaders

2 Purpose The purpose of this PowerPoint is to provide our People to People leaders a visual overview of the Online Health Form that we are rolling out for our 2013 delegates. If your delegates need assistance completing the form, use these slides to assist them. TIP: If you have delegates without internet access at home, you may want to see about setting up some laptops during an Orientation Meeting so that those parents can complete the online requirements before or after a scheduled OM.

3 Logging into OnBoard The Health Form can only be accessed through the PARENT OnBoard account. The next few slides will show you how to create a parent login. You will need the delegate’s last name and Delegate ID in order to create the account.

4 Creating a Parent Account
OnBoard is accessed through this web address: If you have already created a parent login, please log in using your user name and password. If you have not yet created an account, click the “Create An Account” box.

5 To Create a Parent Account…
Enter the Delegate last name and ID number, then select “Parent” from the drop-down menu. Click “Next.” Note: You can find the Delegate ID number on any billing statement. If you need assistance obtaining the Delegate ID, please call the program office at

6 Choose a User name and Password
This is the final step before entering your OnBoard account!

7 Welcome to OnBoard!

8 To Complete the Health Form…
Click on “Documents & Forms” Click on “Online Forms” Click on “Health Form” 1 3 2

9 Instructions Page Parents should read the full instructions, then click “Continue”.

10 Delegate Information This information should auto-fill from information collected from the delegate application. However, if a family needs to make changes, they can be made here. Please note: All fields marked with a red * are required in order to move on to the next section.

11 Emergency Contact Two emergency contacts are required. These should be adults other than the parents or guardians. In case of an emergency, we would try to reach the parents first, then try these emergency contacts if parents cannot be reached.

12 Physician & Insurance Info
All fields are required except the Rx group number.

13 Medical Conditions If any condition is marked “yes”, an explanation or further details should be provided in the text box.

14 Medications To add additional medications, use the blue “Add” button.
If you make a mistake, the blue X will delete the line.

15 Allergies Please list each allergy separately. Use the blue “Add” button to add additional allergies.

16 Dietary Requests The Dietary request drop-down menu is for airline-related requests. Only one option can be chosen, per airline requirements. Any additional dietary requests should be listed in the text box. We cannot guarantee all meal requests, but will do our best to accommodate.

17 Disclosure Agreement Parent name should be entered in the first text box. Child’s name will auto-fill. Please read the disclosure statement carefully. At the bottom of the statement, enter parent address (where Health Form copy will be sent), check the Agree box, and sign with full parent name to indicate consent. Click “Submit.”

18 Thank You! Please check your email for your Health Form copy.
Two copies should be printed for your Delegation Leader. Please save a copy for your own records.

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