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M USIC M AGAZINE I NDUSTRY Jill Sheridan 13G Media Studies.

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1 M USIC M AGAZINE I NDUSTRY Jill Sheridan 13G Media Studies

2 E MAP EMAP owns a variety of industries brands which all relate to Retail, Health, Construction, Architecture, Fashion and Media. Its purpose is to connect other communities and help them grow and progress. Brands such has HSJ and Retail Week. We deliver this through senior networking events; industry leading awards; online data products; social media communities; headline conferences and, of course, critical insight, news and analysis. We hear the market agenda, and create innovative solutions and better ways for our advertisers and sponsors to connect with their audience. We provide highly valued subscription services and are rewarded by a following - EMAP

3 B AUER Bauer is Europes largest privately owned publishing Group. It is a worldwide media empire offering over 300 magazines in 15 countries, as well as online, TV and radio stations. Bauer Media is UK based media Group consisting of many companies based around two main groups Magazines and Radio Our business is built on influential media brands with millions of personal relationships with engaged readers and listeners. Our strategy is to connect audiences with excellent content through our broad multi-touch point brand platforms, wherever and whenever and however they want. Our wide portfolio of influential brands gives us advantages over pure play magazine or radio competitors – Bauer.

4 IPC M EDIA IPC has over 60 media brands, IPC creates content for multiple platforms, across magazine, online, mobile, tablets and events. They engage with 26million UK adults, which around two thirds of UK women and 42% of UK men. IPC media has three publishing sectors; The first one is PC Connect, which is the market of women's division including famous women's weeklies, The men's portfolio, IPC Inspire, has a wealth of leisure brands including Country Life, Horse & Hound, Rugby World and Decanter. The third one is IPC Southbank which is the upmarket women's division and includes luxury fashion brands including Marie Claire and InStyle IPC Media is committed to working in partnership with its consumers, advertisers, business partners and employees to deliver exceptional value, service, innovation and creativity.- IPC MEDIA.

5 Q MUSIC MAGAZINE Q magazine first issue was in October 1986, published by Bauer Media, the founders of this magazine are Mark Ellen and David Hepworth. Q magazine mission statement it brings music alive. It draws together the biggest stars, the most exciting phenomena, the new artists that matter and a healthy dose of irreverence to create an unmissable widescreen picture of whats really happening in rock and roll right now. The social demographic of its audience is target at more of an older crowd and not teenagers or children.

6 Q M AGAZINE Q magazine won its very own award; they also use their very own media outlet which is their radio station Q music. This is Q rate card, from reading this card we can see it is very expensive to advertise on such a popular magazine.

7 Q M AGAZINE Q magazine Media pack! Readership Male/Female around 473,000 75%/25% Median Age Twitter followers 29 19,220 Email subscribersQ TV 18,000293,000 average weekly audience Only Q can gain you exclusive access Europes biggest Notable consumer brands music event Glastonbury.That have used Q in the last twelve months:

8 Q M AGAZINE Extra Information about the magazine! Q magazine was originally spelt Que however they did not want to be recognized with a snooker magazine.

9 K ERRANG ! M AGAZINE Kerrang! Magazine was first published on 6 June 1981; it was published by Bauer Media Group. Kerrang! Mission Statement is Kerrang! Will ensure that we are constantly appealing to our spectrum of readers. From the younger teenage readers who are more open to different genres of rock music – from emo to thrash etc, to the readers who respect Kerrang! as an authority when it comes to our scenes heritage bands. Kerrang! social demographic audience is made up for 60% men and 40% women who fall into the social class D-C. The ethnicity of the readership is mainly white British.

10 K ERRANG ! M AGAZINE Kerrang! Magazine has been holding annual awards, to reward most successful bands in the interests of the readers. They have also won PPA Specialist Mag of the year twice in the last decade and also Media Week Brand of the year. Kerrang! also use their very own media outlet which is their radio station. This is Kerrang! magazine rate card; from reading this card it tells us to advertise on a double page would cost just over £9,000 which is the cheapest compared to Empire, Mojo and Q.

11 KERRANG! Magazine KERRANG! Magazine media pack! Readership 404,000** 87% of KERRANG! Readers buy every issue KERRANG Radio: 1.3 million listeners 12,208 Facebook Fans 55,589 twitter followers 1 72,600 unique users 7.1million viewers watch KERRANG! TV Kerrang! is the official media partner with Download Festival. Notable consumer brands that have used Kerrang! in the last 12 months include:

12 K ERRANG ! M AGAZINE Extra information about the magazine! Named after the onomatopoeic word that you get from the sound made when playing a power chord on an electric guitar!


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