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The Future of Digital Publishing AAMP Conference 2014 Kevin Kennedy and Shaun Mehr October 3, 2014.

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1 The Future of Digital Publishing AAMP Conference 2014 Kevin Kennedy and Shaun Mehr October 3, 2014

2  Traditionally, publications represented a one-way communication between a print publication and the reader  Evolved to include print, digital, online and mobile formats which has presented tremendous opportunities  Use of a variety of digital readers to re-create the print experience online.  Advertisers are yearning for modern integrated content marketing options A LOOK BACK The Evolution of Content Marketing

3 PRESENT Digital Content Consumption By Device

4 PRESENT Time Spent By Device

5 PRESENT Social Engagement With Content

6 PRESENT Social Engagement With Content

7 PRESENT Engagement With Content

8 Oracle Publishing Group Oracle Magazine  The largest IT publication in the world  Oracle IT Managers, DBA’s, System Administrators and Developers  550,000 (350,000 print, 200,000 digital) Profit  News and insights for Oracle C-Level customers  C-Level Executives and Line of Business VP and Managers  100,000 (60,000 print, 40,000 digital) Java Magazine  Java Platform developments and insights from the Community  Corporate and independent Developers, IT Managers, Architects  197,000 (all digital) Newsletters  News, product previews, trends, interviews, offers and event info for Oracle solutions  Niched IT audiences per newsletter  5 Million+ email

9 Oracle Publishing Group – Digital Evolution  Sprocket’s relationship with Oracle Magazine started in 1995 and at 90,000 circulation. Magazine has been published for 28 years.  Launched Profit in 1996  Launched Java Magazine in 2009 as all digital  Launched digital edition strategy in 2006  Manage all Social channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)

10 Our Recent Readership Survey  82 percent of subscribers prefer to receive the print edition  If they cannot receive the print they will accept digital edition but we experienced a 27 percent drop in renewals when only offered the digital edition  With the digital edition they want a better desktop experience  They feel app fatigue

11  History of Dell publications  What Worked and what did not work?  Why?  Current state of Dell Publications  Content Marketing strategy going forward  Lessons learned PRESENT Dell Publishing Example

12 Global Magazine Publishing $98bn Global Magazine Publishing $98bn Digital Magazine Publishing 2014 2018 $2bn 5.7bn 31.2% CAGR Digital Magazine Publishing 2014 2018 $2bn 5.7bn 31.2% CAGR Future Where Is The Digital Publishing Market Headed Source: PWC

13 Future Digital Publishing Relevance “Twenty-six percent of consumers prefer the tablet version of a magazine over its print counterpart.” “Facebook announced last October that the social network's average referral traffic to media sites increased 170 percent in 2013.” “From August 2012 to February 2013, there was a 200 percent average growth in readers of digital publishing “ “Advertisers are increasingly spending more money on digital properties” “Digital content revenue will also increase from $275 million in 2012 to $1.4 billion in 2017.” “Digital magazine Subscriptions now outsell single issues three to one.” “‘Native’ sponsorship ad spending in the U.S. is expected to grow 24 percent to $1.9 billion this year, compared to $1.54 billion last year. ” Source:

14 The Content Ecosystem

15 Create An Experience Publishers are in a unique position to foster communities powered by content that are both relevant and highly engaging Sweet Spot

16  Mobile is key – Develop a rich mobile experience for consumers then expand out to tablet and desktop  Community / Socially Activated Content – “Content is only as good as the discussion it generates” peer to peer is the new buying paradigm  Personalization – Create personalized content experiences to engage your audience  Integration of digital properties – “Cross-Screen” avoid the disjointed customer experience  Monetization – New and creative was to unobtrusively grab reader attention Keys To Leveraging the Future

17  Omni-channel / Device Strategy and Measurement – Leverage your digital and print assets holistically as part of a comprehensive strategy.  Native vs. Web Apps– leverage each where appropriate  Brandscaping – Marketers who collaborate with one or more brands to deliver a relevant content experience get noticed and get engaged with.  Multimedia -Work with the technology – Take advantage of the full interaction and reader engagement that digital can bring – rather than just recreating print Keys To Leveraging the Future

18 Digarati Overview The Custom Branded, Social, Multi-Platform Publishing Suite  Multi-Device Viewer — Your content comes alive on a highly customizable platform for seamless user experience on the web, in a flip book reader or on a smartphone or tablet without downloading an app.  Integrated Social Community — Transform static content into an engaging user experience with an internal social community of your own. Your readers can share, bookmark, comment and endorse content. Readers connect and create groups and invite friends and colleagues growing your audience virally.  Monetization Opportunities — Full suite of opportunities to target content as well as native, in stream, banner and mobile advertising with hyper-targeting fueled by your community’s “Reader DNA”.


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