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Welcome. Miziwe Biik Welcomes You Background The need to provide employment and training services and programs to Aboriginal people in the Greater Toronto.

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1 Welcome

2 Miziwe Biik Welcomes You

3 Background The need to provide employment and training services and programs to Aboriginal people in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) is widely recognized by Federal, Provincial and Municipal Governments, community organizations and the community in general.

4 Background Miziwe Biik Aboriginal Employment and Training is responsible for administrating Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC) funding, for the purposes of providing employment training programs for Aboriginal people in the GTA.

5 Background Population of Aboriginal people in the GTA is estimated at 65,000 Aboriginal population of Canada is growing at over 3 times the rate of the non-Aboriginal population 45% of the Aboriginal population live in urban areas By 2016 the urban Aboriginal population will number 455,000

6 Background The RCAP Report indicates that Aboriginal people come to urban areas to seek new opportunities in employment Unemployment rate of Aboriginal people is 2 ½ times greater than other Canadians Income levels of Aboriginal people is 36% lower than non-Aboriginals in the same circumstances 4% of Aboriginal people hold a university degree

7 Background Poverty incidence is high – in many urban centres 60% of Aboriginal households are under the poverty line The Aboriginal Youth unemployment rate is over 30% Aboriginal homeless account for 15% of homelessness in the GTA

8 Background The RCAP Report attributes these concerns to a lack of a co- ordinated approach to address the problems.

9 A Record of Success Miziwe Biik offers comprehensive services to address Aboriginal employment and training needs including: Employment Counselling On the Job Training Skills Training Job Referrals Academic Upgrading Employment Preparation Small Business Development

10 A Record of Success Miziwe Biik has developed close ties to over 50 Aboriginal organizations in the GTA Miziwe Biik is centrally located in the GTA for easy accessibility Miziwe Biik provides more than 6000 interventions each year

11 A Record of Success Miziwe Biik provides a unique environment for successful job seeking including: Employment Counselling Assistance with cover letter and resume writing Computer and Internet Access Mail out, photo copy and fax services Information about living in Toronto, referrals to social services, health and other Aboriginal agencies Information about training, education and wage subsidies

12 A Record of Success Miziwe Biik is unparalleled in its success! 40% of registered clients found jobs Over 3000 walk-in clients serviced each year 379 people put into training intervention programs in 2001 Developed network of over 50 organizations and 100 employers to service clients and the community Has performed consistently for over a decade

13 A Record of Success Miziwe Biik is also the delivery mechanism for a number of programs including: Temporary Employment Employment Placement and Skills Development for Ontario Works Partnership Development Advisor for the Ontario Native Affairs Secretariat Special Initiatives on Homelessness for HRDC

14 Servicing the Greater Community Miziwe Biiks success leads to self sufficiency: Every person that is trained and assisted in finding employment eases pressure on Social Assistance and Employment Insurance Every 100 people put into a job reduces Welfare costs by 1.4 Million each year Training Programs open up new possibilities in the labour market Miziwe Biiks formula for success is repeatable in urban areas across Canada

15 Growing Responsibilities Miziwe Biik is committed to ensuring that urban Aboriginal people have access to employment and training programs The urban Aboriginal community is growing quickly while job pressures increase for all Canadians Technology is becoming a larger part of the employment mix requiring new strategies and resources

16 Growing Responsibilities Miziwe Biik listens to the community. Results from our 2002 community consultation brought together the voices of 166 members of the community and 17 Aboriginal agencies. Conclusions of this consultation called for: Training that leads to stable employment Longer training programs Accredited Training Programs Six month follow-up after training

17 Growing Responsibilities In addition to training recommendations, the community had a number of points of feedback on current employment issues: Need for more counsellors and more time spent one-on-one Increased matching services to put the right candidate in the right job Proactive recruitment of employers Specific career counselling Need to assist entrepreneurs to start and grow Aboriginal small business

18 Challenges Ahead Funding of 6 million dollars under HRDCs Pathways to Success program was based on a geographical model. Current funding based on Band Membership. Current funding ignores the challenges of urban Aboriginals to the detriment of all The absence of long term funding has prevented Miziwe Biik in achieving its full potential Miziwe Biik is unable to meet the growing need or to even service the current numbers

19 Challenges Ahead Failure to secure adequate funding has: Forced closure of several training programs including the Paralegal Program at Aboriginal Legal Services Toronto Resulted in the loss of specialized employment counsellors Reduced the number of opportunities for clients Threatened the existence of the only Toronto-based organization that has demonstrated success in helping Aboriginal people find and keep jobs

20 Securing the Future It is clear that the needs fulfilled by Miziwe Biik to the Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal community are intensifying. With a budget of 3 Million In 2002 Miziwe Biik received requests for training totalling 7 million To meet these needs funding allocation needs to be returned to the 6 million previously available under Pathways to Success In addition to direct funding Aboriginal employment strategies need Tax benefits to corporations that hire or partner with Aboriginal people

21 Securing the Future With an increased allocation Miziwe Biik will be able to provide adequately for: Alter-Abled Clients Training Allowances Childcare and other employment supports Self Employment Assistance

22 Thank You Thank you for your continuing support

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