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EAP, INC Employee Assistance Program

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1 EAP, INC Employee Assistance Program 530-891-1513

2 EAP, INC. OUR MISSION: To assist the behavioral and emotional well being of individuals, families, organizations, and communities by connecting people with solution focused assessment, brief therapy, and referral.

EAP staff are masters level professionals from the field of psychology, marriage and family therapy, social work, and employee assistance, committed to ethical and quality education, organizational development, prevention, assessment, brief counseling, referral, and case management.

4 No Matter What The Business, EAP Helps…
Resolve the personal or family concerns that could potentially impair job performance, increase costs, and interfere with your organization’s business operations. EAP is customized to match your organization’s needs. Professional 24 hour access Critical Incident Management response

5 Facts Regarding Behavioral Health
10 to 15% of employees have severe personal problems (Mental Health Assoc.) If 5% of your employees used EAP,Inc., the potential $ savings would be 3.45% of payroll for reduced absenteeism and improved productivity from problem employees.

6 Facts… The average cost of absenteeism climbed to a high of $789 on average per employee in 2002 which means a cost of $60,000 annually for small companies with larger employers paying more than $3.6 million. Unscheduled absences not due to illness accounted for 67% of total.

7 Facts… (other unscheduled absences)
Family Issues = 24 percent Personal Needs = 21 percent Stress = 12 percent Entitlement Mentality = 10 percent (CCH Unscheduled Absence Survey, 2002)

8 The Productive Employee
Studies on changing work force indicate 87% of employees have some family responsibility that could potentially impair or interfere with job performance. The easy access of EAP, Inc. in dealing with family care matters enables employees to focus on work while at work.

9 Benefits Of EAP, Inc. EAP, Inc behavioral health clients surveys show that having EAP, Inc. work/life services available contributes to: JOB SATISFACTION IMPROVED WORK PERFORMANCE SAVED HOURS OF TIME COMPANY LOYALTY JOB RECRUITMENT AND RETENSION

10 WHAT IS EAP, INC. ? Everyone has problems or challenges
Pressures at home and at work Stress Conflicts with co-workers and family Relationship conflicts Need for legal or financial advice

We benefit from professional help to resolve personal and work-related problems before they affect health, family or ability to work. Regardless of where they start, unresolved problems quickly spread to affect all areas of our lives. EAP, Inc provides early, easy access to problem solving. The sooner problems are solved the better! Confidential, professional, and cost effective

12 EAP, Inc. Services Psychological and Social Counseling
Financial Consultation Legal Consultation Informational Resource Information Management Consultation (RTW strategies, performance-related referrals) CISD response Training and Mediation Services

13 EAP, Inc. Provides: Toll free 800 24/7 hotline
Telephonic and face to face professional and confidential help Consumer education and information Brochures, posters, quarterly newsletter Verified referrals within 48 business hours CISD, SAP, Staff Development, RTD…

14 What EAP, Inc Will Cost Depends Upon:
The size of employee population The specific services you choose Generally EAP, Inc. services will cost your organization less than the cost of a good cup of coffee provided to each employee each month! Investing in your most valued asset, human capital, with EAP, Inc. just makes good business sense.

EAP, Inc. works with your Human Resource and Risk Management Departments and does not interfere with your organization’s discipline process. Call EAP, Inc. today to discuss a working partnership with EAP, Inc. for a healthy, productive workplace ( SAFE)

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