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Vehicle tracking system

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1 Vehicle tracking system
Know and control your fleet!

2 The basic question about your fleet
Is it costing you money, or is it making you money?

3 2 informations we need for start
Where are my vehicles now and what they do? Where were my vehicles at particular time and what they did?

4 Problems related to vehicle fleet
Extra maintenance costs caused by unregular vehicles use (rough driving, speeding) Unautorized use of vehicles Oversized costs of fuel and tires Spending more time driving than onsite after assigning tasks to distant vehicles instead of those closer to location Productivity fall caused by unnecessary or private drives and time loss Unsatisfied customers because of delays in delivery Unnecessary overtime pay Loss of profit because of unallowed cargo unload

5 Start having tighter control
Remotely control the activity of your vehicles through a set of tools such as maps, satellite pictures, graphs, reports and alarms Powerful fleet management tool providing you with the information you need at your fingertips

6 Instant preview of fleet state
Is it moving or standing still? Is the vehicle turned on or off?

7 All informations on a mouse click
Accurate vehicle address is available at any time

8 All informations on a mouse click
Every information in the system is presented in a graphical form to provide effective and friendly feeling of working with system.

9 All informations on a mouse click
Location and driving direction are recorded for every vehicle

10 All informations on a mouse click
A brief vehicle description can help navigating through fleet

11 All informations on a mouse click
Real-time weather info for vehicle location

12 Sensors It is possible to integrate various in-vehicle sensors

13 Monitor mixer truck activities
The system supports many types of specialized vehicle informations Cargo unloads can be detected, recorded and accessed through report system

14 Drivers management Easily assign drivers to vehicles and track who was responsible for the vehicle at any time

15 Driving history Drive history can be simply presented on the city map
Simple commands enable animated drive replay Drive history can be simply presented on the city map Detailed information are available for every point in a drive

16 Geographical alerts Draw geoarea on a map to control vehicle entrances or exits Every geofence violation is recorded to reports. Possible immediate SMS or notification

17 Custom points of interest
Create your POI on the map and the system will provide you detailed statistics reports about any vehicle visit to the location

18 Reports System provides large palette of different reports that cover all aspects of fleet activities Drives, Stops, Engine idling, Geofence alarms, Overspeed alarms, POI visits, Out-of-work-hours drives, and more…

19 Drive report shows time and location for every start and stop
It is easy to get distance, speed and responsible driver information for any drive

20 Graphics and charts Every report is additionaly visualized with helpful charts

21 Graphics and charts Graphical view on data helps getting clearer understanding of its meaning

22 Arabic language support
The system provides full support for arabic language and right-to-left screen layout

23 Benefits: Driver behavior
Drivers tend to take much more care of their driving habbits when aware that there is a 24/7 monitoring active

24 Benefits: Driver behavior
Improve driver behavior Reduced unauthorized vehicle usage Reduced fradulent overtime claims Reduced speeding, rough and dangerous driving Reduced after hour or weekend use Reduced distance travelled Reduced accidents Reduced maintenance on vehicles Reduced wear & tear on tyres and brakes Increase vehicle life span Lower fuel consumption

25 Benefits: Driver behavior
Reduce costs Get better understanding of who your best and worst performing drivers are

26 Benefits: Security Protect your property
Early warning when leaving allowed driving zone Increase possibility of stolen vehicle recovery Detect unauthorized unloading of cargo

27 Benefits: Improved quality
Make better Time of Arrival estimates Improve arrival to destination accuracy Increase the quality of service to your customers Proof of service done through GPS data collection

28 Benefits: Productivity
Stronger business planning with use of detailed and objective data Improved decision making when knowing exact vehicle locations Identify and fix your operation unefficiencies Increased number of jobs/loads completed

29 Why us? Proven and tested solution
Experienced engineering team at your service User-friendly and easy-to-use tools No advanced training or specialist expertise required Professional and ‘always there’ customer support

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