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OfficeTrack Mobile Employees and Fleet Management System.

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1 OfficeTrack Mobile Employees and Fleet Management System

2 OfficeTrack An end-to-end solution for management of field employees, tasks, attendance reports, fleet, organizational information and emergency calls

3 The OfficeTrack service enables the manager to effectively manage and track the field employees’ activity and provides him with tools for prompt and accurate decision making: Locating the company’s employees and presenting their real-time and historical location on the map Transmitting information to the field employee and receiving from him in return task status information Definition and presentation of points of interest with reference to information layers on the map Real-time alerts regarding employees’ entry to and exit from points of interest An advanced reports engine enabling measurement of the employee’s effectiveness OfficeTrack – System Advantages

4 Office Track – Mobile Workforce Management Services Mobile Handset Location (GPS, Cellular) Task and Order Management Attendance Reporting Emergency Call Button Fleet Management OfficeTrack – Mobile Employees and Fleet Management Services

5 OfficeTrack Attendance Reports Module

6 The attendance reports service enables the employee to report attendance with regard to:  Entry at the start of the work day and exit at its end  Entry to and exit from project related activity, with entering a client code Manager/team leader can report on his employees’ attendance from his own mobile phone The management system collects the attendance reports and enables extracting a variety of reports presenting the report’s date, time and place (address or client site), as well as missing reports OfficeTrack – Reporting Attendance from the Field

7 A sample report: OfficeTrack – Collecting Attendance Reports from the Field

8 Personal Attendance Report OfficeTrack – Reporting Attendance from the Mobile Application Multiple Attendance Report

9 Eliminates manual data collection and typing, thus saving in human resources Eliminates erroneously typed data Saves the time associated with confirming irregular attendance reports with employees The manager can exercise efficient management, knowing which of his employees is in and “on duty”, and who’s left Substantial savings in salary related expenses Facilitated identification of irregular reports (reporting attendance from home, from the way, etc) - the manager can handle irregular cases in a focused manner OfficeTrack – Cellular Based Attendance Reports – Advantages

10 OfficeTrack Task Management Module

11 Using OfficeTrack you can transmit tasks to the employees out in the field, and receive their update on the status of the task performance Using OfficeTrack you can enter employee tasks in the system in a streamlined manner, and easily interface with your organizational information systems (ERP, CRM and so on) The task is transmitted online to the employee’s mobile with an optional simultaneous alerting SMS The employee can send updates on his task progress, including: confirm task receipt, starting task, completing task, etc. The employee’s updates include the location from which they are sent (GPS or cellular based) The system receives the employee’s updates and can transfer them on to the information system OfficeTrack – Task Management

12 OfficeTrack – Managing Tasks from the Mobile Application Task Information ScreenTasks List Screen

13 OfficeTrack – Managing Tasks from the Mobile Application Client Signature ScreenTask Report - Close Screen Note: The Task Report – Close screen can be customized according to client’s needs

14 OfficeTrack – The Manager’s Task Management Interface The manager can manage the tasks of his field employees through a dynamic interface, allowing him to track the task performance status by various criteria such as: employee, client, task status, and so on

15 OfficeTrack Fleet Management Module

16 The system presents the real-time location of the vehicle on the map The system allows to receive a variety of information regarding the vehicle such as the driver’s identity, speed, kilometerage, and so on Using the OfficeTrack Fleet Management service, the organization can make managerial and operational decisions in a quick and effective manner OfficeTrack – Fleet Management The OfficeTrack Fleet Management service provides the organization with full control and real-time, around-the-clock information over the vehicles’ location, activity and usage

17 Display of the vehicle’s location on the map at an accuracy of a few meters Display of the driver’s name (based on the driver’s code entered in the vehicle) Display of the vehicle status – engine turned off, vehicle started, vehicle started but immobile OfficeTrack Fleet Management application for mobile phone - to display and manage the fleet from the mobile phone device Tracking and display of vehicle usage types - private or business related OfficeTrack – Fleet Management Main features of the service:

18 Speedometer – track of average speeds, alerts on irregular speeds and more Information on excess fuel consumption Direct connection with the vehicle sensors: temperature, wheel pressure, battery voltage Tracking and control for periodical vehicle maintenance OfficeTrack – Fleet Management Main features of the service (continued): Vehicle parked (engine off) Indicates driving speed Name of vehicle’s driver Immobile vehicle with engine started

19 Cellular operators Software integrators oriented to cellular based solutions SME and above end users OfficeCore Systems – Main Distribution Channels OfficeCore, bringing a diverse variety of solutions, offers its partners a number of distribution channels corresponding to the potential clients:

20 We are at your service and will be happy to assist Additional information regarding the new services at your convenience on our website

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