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Testing Mobile Applications

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1 Testing Mobile Applications
July 03, 2010

2 There has been an exponential growth of the mobile phone market.
Metric: Amount of time to reach 1 billion users. This has opened up avenues for revenue generation and has become the entry point for a number of startup developers and companies. Mobile applications are one of them.

3 The Poor Consumer Power Consumption Pause and Resume
Incoming communications- voice, SMS, MMS, Bluetooth, Infrared, Charging, Video call, Shutdown, External interruption (alarm) Network Unavailability/Delay Inconsistent UI main menu - exit, help, about Bad translation/spelling errors Responsiveness and Speed Unexpected user behavior/Crash Data deletion - Do not destroy without permissions Malicious Hidden features/Password handling Launch problems

4 Fragmentation Fragmentation
Consumers, network operators and mobile app stores need a way to separate quality applications from the rest. Mobile application testing is the solution Why not test after developing the mobile application? The greater problem Fragmentation

5 Fragmentation Device Fragmentation Device Fragmentation
Installation Modes Fragmentation Manufacturer OTA Model USB Data Cable Physical Dimensions Bluetooth Firmware Input Mechanisms Application Support Size

6 Unification Network Operators Platform Providers Device Manufacturers

7 Certification Independent Testing Trust The Logo Application Shops
Connectivity to Developer Programs & Networking

8 Sample Certification Process


10 Our Business Knowledge,
Thank You Our Business Knowledge, Your Winning Edge. SMSC/07/10/009

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