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BGAN M2M SERVICE + HUGHES 9502 BGAN TERMINAL First BGAN Terminal for Fixed Site Deployment Eric Talman – Technical Manager Whenever Communications, LLC.

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1 BGAN M2M SERVICE + HUGHES 9502 BGAN TERMINAL First BGAN Terminal for Fixed Site Deployment Eric Talman – Technical Manager Whenever Communications, LLC

2 BGAN Machine to Machine (M2M) Overview BGAN M2M is an evolution of the existing BGAN Hardware service offering to provide a new generation of services specific for low data rate market opportunities that currently are too expensive for existing BGAN services. Inmarsat’s existing land portfolio of services is structured around the following groups: –Voice –Machine to machine –Broadband BGAN M2M uses proven BGAN technology

3 The Whenever SCADA Portfolio A complete range of SCADA services to meet any customer requirement ranging –low data rate solution to high data rate solution –Extremely Low Power efficient DC –Cost effective and flexible plans (pooled and broadcast price plans) –Only Global 24/7 SCADA Support Center –Advanced network security and network features for remote management

4 BGAN 9502 Overview First BGAN terminal made specifically for fixed site, remote SCADA applications BGAN 9502 Class 2 terminal comprises of an Indoor Unit (IDU), an external passive antenna (outdoor unit – ODU) and a 10-meter RF cable. Main Features : BGAN Class 2 data service – up to 464kbps. IP packet data transfer via the BGAN satellite network Remote Web UI interface AT Command Control Remote SMS IP Watchdog Remote firmware upgrade Easy to install!

5 BGAN 9502 Features Other Features: Relay Mode LED Off (stealth mode) Auto Power ON when power is applied Automatic PDP Context Activation (Static or DHCP) Dedicated M2M webUI Security Ethernet MAC Filtering Administration password SMS Control password White List for SMS control AT Command password lock

6 BGAN 9502 Interfaces Interfaces : Ethernet connection (RJ45) USB 1.1 connection (USB Type-B) for PC to configuration terminal TNC (RF) connector on IDU and N-type connector on external antenna Integrated GPS receiver and antenna RS232 serial interface (DB9) to external NMEA 0183 based GNSS device (e.g. GLONASS receiver) 3 LED status display and a single button control interface 3.5 mm audio jack for audio tone or voltage level to assist in antenna pointing USIM card slot behind SIM door

7 BGAN 9502 Certifications Terminal Certifications FCC CE CSA RoHS EWRA

8 BGAN 9502 Power Requirements Power Consumption: The Hughes 9502 will consume <1W when in idle mode on the network. Idle mode is defined as having an active PDP context but the UE has already transitioned back to the regional beam due to 90 seconds of data inactivity. In idle mode the UE is still accessible by IP traffic from the network. There are two ways to put the UE into an “Off” state for even more power savings: The RTU can apply >2.2V @ 1 MΩ to the discrete input Pin#9 on the DB-9 connector to turn the UE Off (Pin#9 is positive and Pin#5 is ground). When the RTU removes the 2.2V, the UE will start back up. Via a local AT command, a remote SMS command or a configurable timeout from inactivity on the LAN connection, you can turn the UE “Off”, but the Ethernet connection will maintain the active pulses and wake up when any LAN packet is sent to the UE. The power consumption for either of these two options will be <50mW.

9 BGAN 9502 Kit Contents Hughes 9502 Kit contents: 9502 Indoor Unit (IDU) Class 2 antenna – 15” x 15” (ODU) 10M RF cable with TNC connector for IDU and N-type connector for external antenna

10 BGAN 9502 Accessories Optional items: IDU strap Basic Fix Mount Kit AC/DC adapter Azimuth elevation bracket Spare 10M RF cable Note: Other cable lengths may be used – must be 1.8dB +/-.5dB loss from end to end

11 BGAN 9502 Technical Specifications PHYSICAL Size (L x W x H) 385mm x 385mm x 33mm (Antenna/ODU) 200mm x 150mm x 45mm (IDU) Mass 1.5kg (IDU), 1.9Kg (Antenna/ODU) ENVIRONMENTAL Operating Temp -40°C to +70°C Dust & Water Ingress IP65 (ODU) IP40 (IDU) Thermal Shock MIL-STD (883 / 202F) / EIA JEDEC Wind (Antenna) Up to 100km/hr (with optional mount) ELECTRICAL Input Voltage +12 VDC or +24 VDC Power Consumption (Typical @ 12VDC, 22oC) Idle: <1W Transmit: 22W Idle: <50mW SATELLITE COMMUNICATIONS Service IP Latency 800ms CERTIFICATIONS/COMPLIANCE Satellite Inmarsat Class 2 Type Approved Regulatory FCC, RoHS, CE, CSA EXTERNAL INTERFACES Serial 1 x RS232 (for GNNS only) Inputs/Outputs Ethernet, USB

12 Inmarsat I4 Satellite coverage

13 BGAN I4 EIRP Elevation – Alaska RED Lines = 10 Degree elevation = minimum recommended for BGAN PINK Lines = Regional Beams of APAC and AMER satellites = Should Work BLUE Lines = Narrow Beams = Hard to reach This map depicts Inmarsat’s expectations of coverage, but does not represent a guarantee of service. The availability of service at the edge of coverage areas fluctuates depending on various conditions.

14 BGAN 9502 Indoor Unit

15 Indoor Unit with Back View with Strap 2.5 mm Thick Aluminum Bracket 3.8 mm deep channel to hold the bracket

16 IDU Top View with Mounting Bracket 150 mm M6 or 6-32 size bolt 200 mm

17 Antenna & Mounting Dimensions

18 Hughes 9502 WebUI New look and feel for the 9502 WebUI Gives the installer all the information required for pointing and getting the terminal connected to the network Security enhancements lock configuration settings/pages

19 Network Options – Public or Private IP Inmarsat PoP I-4 Satellite Inmarsat SAS Inmarsat ATM or MPLS Inmarsat Dashboard Internet ISDN Dial On Demand Inmarsat Trench Customer Network Americas Customer Network Customer Network AsiaPac Customer Network Europe Standard Internet BusinessAccess - IPSec VPN to Customer Site BusinessAccess or GuaranteedAccess - Private Line Direct from Whenever PoP via Inmarsat Network GuaranteedAccess - ISDN On Demand Dialling (IP Delivered via ISDN) 1 2 3 4

20 BGAN M2M Monthly Service Rate Plans

21 Inmarsat Dashboard – Control your BGAN Remotely Set thresholds by $$ used or by volume of traffic Quick and easy on-line provisioning Cost control and credit management A free service from Inmarsat! Near real-time traffic management Extensive downloadable report options Different access level to suit all needs Integrated Inmarsat Trench Firewall Rule Sets

22 Inmarsat Trench – Free Service from Inmarsat for BGAN Inmarsat Trench is a firewall that sits between the satellite network and the Internet It allows terminals to access the Internet while at the same time ensuring that incoming malicious traffic is blocked Since Internet traffic is blocked before it goes over the satellite path you will not be charged for it Charges are levied only for IP traffic that passes over the satellite link in both directions Using only the firewall on your computer blocks traffic only after it has already come over the satellite path and hit your invoice, therefore Inmarsat Trench brings you additional cost savings

23 Hughes 9502 Summary First and only BGAN unit designed for stand-alone, remote site deployment Only BGAN unit to offer SCADA pricing plans and no minimum session charges Easy to install Very low power Global coverage Nothing else like this product and service is available!

24 What is the Whenever Advantage for the BGAN M2M Service? Only 24/7/365 Dedicated SCADA Support Center (w/Inmarsat) Tier One Support from ST John’s POP Tier Two and Three SCADA Support from Denver Colorado Enhance SCADA Security Service (from Q2 2012) Network security Unified threat management system Intrusion Protection System and Intrusion Prevention System Advanced Firewall Closed secure network connection over Inmarsat Nexus SCADA Customer Portal (from Q2 2012) Automated Activation / Provisioning SCADA Data usage reports Value added server customer care Terminal statistics

25 Questions, Comments or Quotes? Eric Talman Technical Solutions Manager Whenever Communications, LLC 1945 17 th Street Sarasota, FL 34234 USA Office: 1-941-955-1020 Ext. 902 Cell: 1-941-234-3775

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