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iMobMedia Ltd “Proximity Mobile Advertising” during

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2 iMobMedia Ltd “Proximity Mobile Advertising” during

3 Mobile Media & Permission Marketing …are at the heart of O2 Media setup, launch and innovation …white label platform provider to O2 Media, best in class operations and innovation leader in location marketing …Enterprise Ireland high potential client company

4 Connect Sponsors to Attendees @ DWS 100m geofence at RDS hall

5 Dublin Web Summit Use Case Geofence @ RDS Hall Potential participating brands Attendee Receives Brand SMS within Hall Managed Cloud Service Define Brand Campaign Message & timeslot Customer engages with brand and redeems offer

6 iMobMedia platform - Full Advertising Spectrum Location Based Marketing (LBM) Location Based Marketing (LBM) Retention & Loyalty Retention & Loyalty Privacy, Permission, Preferences

7 User Profile & Location = $$$

8 Digital Ads – Location Based Marketing The RIGHT person Age /gender/spend In the RIGHT place Home Work With the RIGHT message Device type At the RIGHT time Location, time of day

9 We cover the full spectrum of Mobile Advertising Brands Agencies Ad Network SME Self serve Media Sales House UI Operator Sales House UI Ad Operations UI Booking Engine Campaign Mgmt Inventory Mgmt Analytics Engine Location Server Ad Server Proximity Marketing Media Campaign Loyalty /Churn Operator Churn Retention Campaign Operator Loyalty Campaign Text Picture Banners Rich Media /Video SMS MMS In App Missed call SMS Mobile Web Video MMS Feature Phones Smart Phones Tablets Basic Phones Push Notification Opt in Opt out Web SMS Permission Operations Demand Campaign Sales Qubed Qubed Ad Channel Operator Type Operations Services Products Format Supply Direct Marketing Campaign Redemption Operations Retail IT or NFC SMS & tinyurl SMS

10 “Location targeting is the key that we, as advisers on behalf of our clients, are looking for…” — Sir Martin Sorrell CEO of WPP

11 c

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