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Interesting Events of the 20 th Century By Joey Wilson And Whitney Tatarek.

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1 Interesting Events of the 20 th Century By Joey Wilson And Whitney Tatarek

2 1900s The war on rats was used to stop the bubonic plague, millions of rats were killed. Marconi invented wireless telegraph systems. Cars only cost $850, NEW!!! (Model T) The first electric washing machine was invented, named Thor. Geiger counter was invented to detect radiation. Caterpillar Tracks are invented and equipment stops sinking in mud.

3 . The drug Ecstasy was mad in Germany by a company called Pharmaceutical Company Only 750 people were saved from the ship The Titanic. ^^^ ecstasy ^^^ By inhaling Chlorine Gas In 1918 about 25% it would destroy your the of United States was repository organs. infected with influenza. The time lapse camera is a film captured at a rate slower than it will play back. It was invented by Pillsbury.

4 1920s The electric starter was invented. Wonder Bread became sliced. Disney Synchronizes sound and picture in Steamboat Willie. Radio Movies are broadcasted for the first time. Radio stations begin to broadcast. Ammonia is used to freeze foods fast, preserving their taste.

5 .. The Hubble discovered that there are different galaxies and the universe is getting bigger. Double Decker buses were known as Jumbo Trucks in the 1930s. Amelia Earhart traveled 2,408 from Hawaii to California. High Scalars blast and remove lose and weakened rocks in Black Canyon where Hoover Dam would meet. The Phoenicians and the Egyptians were the only ancient cultures that had access to fiberglass before it was patented and put into vehicles.

6 1940s The atomic bomb was created. A transistor (amplifier) was created. The aqualung improves diving greatly. The sound barrier was broken for the first time. A microwave was created on accident. Velcro was invented by a Swiss inventor.

7 . The first company to allow credit cards in the USA was the Diners Club. Mikes test was to measure how far Lithium Deuteride would explode it was 100 miles and 25 miles high. The Kings team took an experimental approach to look and learn about DNA. The first type of snowmobile was called the Aerosan and it was made for World War II. The first blank commercial reel made by 3M in 1957 cost $307.00

8 1960s The first step on the moon was taken. Kevlar was discovered as a bulletproof material. Sony makes their first cassette tape. The bellboy was invented, it pages you when somebody calls. The laser was invented. Geothermal energy is first used in the US.

9 . The first email system was just a mailbox first used in Massachusetts. The ATARI VCS game system cost $200.00 and came with nine games. The first cell phone call was in 1973 by Martin Cooper and called to brag. In 1976 Gore-Tex sold their fabric to Early Winter catalog. Sony hired people who walk with signs in Ginza the signs held up Walkman Walkman is a company who sells electronic devices in Ginza.

10 1980s Mt. Saint Helens explodes. The ipod was created. Prozac, an antidepressant, is used by 4.5 million in 5 years. Fingerprints are used for the first time in solving a crime. Challenger explodes due to cold making the seals brittle. Bill Gates was threatened with a lawsuit.

11 Dolly was a cloned sheep though she was not the first cloned animal she was considered old because her DNA was shorter than it should have been. The Avian Flu can cause people to get a fever, coughing, runny nose, aches, chills, and fatigue. Often known as the Bird Flu. The Hubble Telescope can see both ultraviolet to infrared lighting. k At one point the GPS was only used for the Military now it is seen almost everywhere it can measure the exact longitude and longitude of your location, and even the altitude. Four the ISS will take four flights for it to be completed.

12 Conclusion Many things happened in the Christian or Common Era. Barriers were broken and diseases spread. The ipod was created and many game stations invented. Cities were destroyed and raised. The technology advanced and the impossible made possible. The twentieth century was an important century for the world.

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