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Decades By Zac Owen & Shane Bush. The 1900s The very first washing machine that was ever made was named Thor. All the farmers, farming vehicles began.

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1 Decades By Zac Owen & Shane Bush

2 The 1900s The very first washing machine that was ever made was named Thor. All the farmers, farming vehicles began to sink into the mud, thus the caterpillar track was invented Crayola started off giving tires their black coating, then they began making products in schools and their first was chalk and pencils. In the 1900s they found out that ekgs measure heart rate. One of the first radios made by Marconi could travel 1,700 miles from 18 miles

3 1910s The drug, ecstasy was originally invented at Pennsylvania university. When the titanic sunk, only 1517 people died and only 716 people lived When you inhaled chlorine gas you would die When influenza hit 28% of Americans were infected. 40 million people had it. There was no shot for it. Mr. Whitcomb introduced the world to the clasp lock, then later it was named the zipper

4 1920s The radio was very handy item to have back in the 1920s because it was cheap and informational The polygraph was a lie detector. It measured blood pressure, breathing rate, pulse and perspiration. The test would take 2 hours. In the 1920s balloon tires and safety glass windshields were added to the original automobile. In the 1920s people used to evaporate ammonia and it would take 90 minutes to freeze a package of meat Atwater Kent manufactured the breadboard radio and I was constructed on a wooden planks.

5 1930s In the 1930s when nylon was made it was intended to replace silk. From 1939 to 1951 18,000 lobotomies were performed. In the 1930s Amelia Earnhart was the first woman to fly and she got 200-300 feet off the ground. The Phoenicians and the Egyptians were the first to have access to fiberglass. They made glass into fibers. Jumbo trucks had layers of platforms and they backed into the face of canyon walls.

6 1940s The Manhattan Project was devoted to research and product, it later made the A- bomb available. When you had the ENIAC perform calculations for you, it would be 1440 times faster than doing math by hand The idea of Velcro came around when George De Mestral was hunting and a lot of burdocks were getting stuck to his clothes. The first food melted by the first microwave was the candybar Napalm was jellied gas. It was also a bomb and when people got hit by the bomb they had 1 st degree burns and some died of the burns.

7 1950s The first type of snowmobile was a snow buggie and it was used for racing. The MIKE test was a test of the first H bomb and the explosion was 25 miles high and 100 miles wide. The first hard drive weighed 1 ton and it was created by IBM. The first reel of commercial blank tape cost $50,000 dollars. Charles Ginsburg invented. The first sold was in 1956. Polio was a crippling virus that a crippling virus that attacked your nervous system. It came in to the U.S state, Vermont in 1894. it wasnt until 1955 when the vaccine was safe and effective.

8 1960s The DRAW disc was a disk recorder and DRAW stood for direct read after write. In the 1960s 47 pounds of moon rock was brought back to the U.S SONY launched their first cassette tape on 1966. The first pager (bellboy) was invented in the 1960s Kevlar was first invented in the 1960s and it was made in fireproof mattresses, ropes, cables gloves and bullet proof vests.

9 1970s The first e-mail system was a mailbox and it was used in Massachusetts. The first cell phone call was made by Dr. Martian Cooper invented and created the first cell phone. The first game console was the ATARI VCS cost $199 and the came that came with it was Pong. In 1969 is when Gortyex sold their fabrics to the early winter catalogs. The WALKMAN was the first portable cassette player and it cost $1000 dollars.

10 1980s When Mt. St. Helens erupted it blew the top of the mountain off and resulted and 60,000 acres of trees burnt. The Mac 128k was on the market was on the market for just a little over a year. Bill Gates was threatened with a lawsuit from Apple in 1985 when he used their copyrights and patents. Microsoft had some of Apples features. Kodak invented the first camcorder and when you wanted to watch it, it could hook up to you T.V. Prozac was prescribed for anti-depressants, and in 5 year 4.5 million patients had taken it.

11 1990s In the 1990s the made a clone of a sheep and it died at 7 years old. The first projects of GPS applications were invented in the 1990s The Hubble Telescope spectral range was 2.4 meters. Some of the symptoms of Avian Flu were coughing, sore throat, fever, runny, stuffy nose, headaches, body aches chills and fatigue. It would take 100 international space flights for the ISS to be completed.

12 Conclusion In all the information we have searched we have found out mostly that the people in the past 100 years were very intelligent. With the inventions of the A- bomb, airplanes, computers, cloned sheep, snowmobiles, and many other things that distinguish our country today.

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