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By: Kylie Ingram & Vaughn Mead

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1 By: Kylie Ingram & Vaughn Mead
Decades By: Kylie Ingram & Vaughn Mead

2 1900’s In 1909 Ehrlich was trying to find a cure for sleeping sickness
In 1903 the Wright brothers had a small business repairing bicycles before they got involved in flying planes In 1908 the first electric washing machine was called the “Thor” America got infected by the Bubonic Plague because a ship sailed from Hong Kong to San Francisco in the summer of In 1909 the Plague was destroyed because they killed the infected rats. In 1904 the main problem farmers had that the tractors kept sinking into the mud that lead to the Caterpillar Track to make the problem stop

3 1910’s In 1912 Ecstasy was created in Belgium and Netherland
In % of Americans were infected by influenza In 1912 the time lapse camera was to save the wild flower “Yosamite” camera craft magazine. In 1912 the “unsinkable” sank when it hit an ice burg. The ratio of people that were lost was 1,522 out of 2,200 Inhaling chlorine gas causes people to have violent sneezing issues

4 1920’s In the 1920’s add-ons occurred to the original automobile like front wheel drive and suspension The phrase “It’s better than sliced bread”, came from the Wonder bread company In 1921 the polygraph is a lie detector and the test last for two hours Using the method of evaporating ammonia it would take 90 minutes to freeze meat In 1928 Jenkins laboratories began to transmit WSXK television

5 1930’s In 1935 Nylon was meant to replace silk
In 1935 James Chadwick worked with Rutherford and won the Nobel Peace Prize for the discovery of the neutron Hubble discovered fuzzy areas in the sky were galaxies, and that the universe is not static Jumbo trucks were used quicken the process of drilling in 1930 High scalars were the people who climbed down edge of the cliffs to blast loose rocks in 1935

6 1940’s The two men that are credited for the aqualung are Emile Gagnan and Captain Jacques Cousteua In the 40’s the Manhattan project was to produce a atomic bomb In ,000 weekly calls were being made using a wireless network Napalm had effects like different types of burn and it can be hard to breath A transistor is a tiny electrical device in everything from radios to robots

7 1950’s The method that the “Kings” team used to look at DNA was using a x-ray 3D movies look fuzzy because you were seeing two images Polio is a disease, Franklin D. Rosevelt was infected with the disease. By the end of the 1950’s the largest drive in theater was in Detroit Michigan the drive in was called the Troy drive in it had 3,000 cars and 5,000 theaters. In the 50’s the MIKE for the explosion was l00 miles wide and 25 miles high

8 1960’s The source of energy in 1960 came from hot springs and geysers
The 1960 model was different from the 1968 model was that you would pay bills and get a receipt 47 pounds of lunar land was collected to be brought back for study Sony launched their first cassette tape in 1966 In 1963 the pager was called the “bellboy” it introduces a touchtone service

9 1970’s Gore-tex sold their fabric to early winter catalog in 1969
The principle behind the surveillance and containment was to identify cases of small pox Dr. Mortin made the first cell phone call in 1973 The main component of an MRI was a imaging technique based on the principle of the nuclear magnetic resonance The ATARI VCS cost 199$ with nine games

10 1980’s In the mid 80’s Yellow Stone erupted 230 miles of the mountain was removed Prozac was prescribed for depressed patients within five years of the drug being out 4.5 million people have taken this pill Starting in October 1985 Mac 128k stayed on the market for one year The difference between a camcorder and a video camera was discovered in the 80’s with a video camera you could hook the camera to the television and watch it. Kodak made the first camcorder In 1985 Bill Gates was threatened with a lawsuit because there was competition with another software company

11 1990’s There is a debate about over stem cell research because for women it kills the fetus In the 90’s there were to artist the filed legal disputes against “Napster”. Those artist were Metalica and Dr. Dre It will take 130 space flights to complete the ISS Dolly was considered “old before her time” because Dolly was a clone The everyday use of a GPS is for navigation if you have no idea where you’re going

12 Hope you enjoyed the show!
The End

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