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When E-mail Loses Its Charm Team Collaboration Without Clogging Your Inbox Annette Marquis Gini Courter.

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1 When E-mail Loses Its Charm Team Collaboration Without Clogging Your Inbox Annette Marquis Gini Courter


3 Problems with E-mail Clogs mailboxes Documents are hard to find Poor communication tool Creates misunderstandings Virus-prone

4 The new alternative to email!! Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) Team Sites

5 In this session Brief explanation of WSS Tour a Windows SharePoint Services site See how to use and customize a site Demonstrate WSS and Office Integration Review Top 10 Reasons Businesses Use WSS Provide shared hosting resources Answer your questions

6 Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) Full-featured collaboration Web site Sites can be created and administered by users Free with Windows Server 2003 (so many businesses already own it), no client licenses required

7 WSS Team Sites Post announcements Schedule events Share documents Create hyperlinks Survey members Hold discussions Assign tasks Share contacts What can you do on a WSS team Site? Post photosMonitor site usage Collaborate !

8 Site Tour Announcements Events Lists Links Libraries (Documents and Forms) Photos Discussions Surveys Presence

9 Customizing SharePoint Themes Web parts Online Gallery Virtual Server Gallery

10 Managing SharePoint Users Permissions Subsites Meeting Workspaces Document Workspaces

11 Office/WSS Integration FeaturePrograms Open and Save from File menuExcel, FrontPage, InfoPath, Microsoft Project, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher, Visio, Word Shared Workspace task paneExcel, Microsoft Project, OneNote, PowerPoint, Visio, Word Create shared attachmentOutlook Synchronize calendar and contact list sites Outlook Document updates for shared attachments Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, Word Automatically collect metadataWord, Excel, PowerPoint Check-in / check-outWord, Excel, PowerPoint Version TrackingWord, Excel, PowerPoint Store inline discussions on the serverWord, Excel, PowerPoint Import SharePoint list as dataExcel, Access Export data as SharePoint listExcel, Access Source: Microsoft

12 Demo - Sharing Documents Saving and opening shared documents from the file menu Using the Shared Workspace task pane Creating a shared attachment in Outlook

13 Demo – Synching with Outlook Importing contacts from Outlook Linking to a SharePoint address book Exporting events to your calendar Creating a Meeting Workspace

14 Demo – Working with Lists Publishing an Excel list to SharePoint

15 Top 10 Reasons to Use WSS Single source of truth. Takes file sharing to a new level: document storage and retrieval with check-in/check-out and version history. Smart Places for sharing info. Store event calendars, contacts, Web links, discussions, issues lists, announcements. User administered. Users can create sites, control site membership, monitor site usage, and moderate content submissions. Source: Microsoft and TRIAD Consulting

16 Top 10 Reasons to Use WSS User Driven. Users set alerts to be notified of changes in specific folders or documents. Scales Up. Support tens of thousands of sites and hundreds of thousands of users. If you want to start small, Windows SharePoint Services runs on a single computer. Source: Microsoft and TRIAD Consulting

17 Top 10 Reasons to Use WSS Scales Down. Runs well on deployments for small business, departmental, or pilot environments. Customizable. Site owners and users can add Web Parts to their site, adding new features to the sites they already use. Full Featured Out of the Box. Manage and configure Windows SharePoint Services right out of the box using a Web browser. Source: Microsoft and TRIAD Consulting

18 Top 10 Reasons to Use WSS Office Integration. Programs in the Microsoft Office use information in SharePoint sites natively. Integration with SharePoint Portal Server. SPS adds site organization and navigation, content topics, targeted news, personalized sites, content search, organization-wide alerts, enterprise application integration, and more to a Windows SharePoint Services deployment. Source: Microsoft and TRIAD Consulting

19 How Do You Get WSS? Included with Windows Server W2K3 (2003) and can be installed by your IT department Subscribe to a shared hosting environment such as: Apptix ( – free 30 day, 5 user trial 1&1 ( Verio (

20 Questions? Workshop materials will be available on

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