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Basic Operations Irizar Bodies

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1 Basic Operations Irizar Bodies
DATE: 00/00/000



4 DASH BOARD Features Ergonomic: Fulfil with international rules of accessibility; Fibber Glass Made combined with Plastic panelling simulating Titanium surface; Electric Switches only. Non pneumatic components fitted in; Surfaces are all NON REFLEXIVE avoid external lights reflexing; Chassis components in the centre and Bodies components on sides.

5 DASH BOARD Irizar Components LHS Panel RHS Panel

6 DASH BOARD Chassis Components Centre panel

7 DASH BOARD RHS Panel - Switches Rear and front fog lights.
Lock and light for luggage bins. Rear view mirrors demister.

8 DASH BOARD RHS Panel - Switches Front and rear Fridges.
Driver’s stop warning blocking. Rear View mirrors control.

9 DASH BOARD RHS Panel - Switches
Door open and close switch. Only works with hand brake actioned!!! Driver’s power driven windows. Neve drive with open window!!! Air Vents for driver and guide – Works only with the A/C turned on!!!

10 DASH BOARD RHS Panel - Switches Desto Feeding.
Buzzer (horn) selection. Pneumatic or Electric.

11 RHS Panel – Switches (Internal Lighting)
DASH BOARD RHS Panel – Switches (Internal Lighting) Guide and Driver’s lighting (LED).

12 RHS Panel – Switches (Internal Lighting)
DASH BOARD RHS Panel – Switches (Internal Lighting) Salon Lighting – 2 positions switch: Shadow-lights and Boarding lights. Boarding lights Shadow-lights

13 RHS Panel – Switches (Internal Lighting)
DASH BOARD RHS Panel – Switches (Internal Lighting) Reading lights – 2 positions switch: enable passenger control or turn on all the lights.

14 RHS Panel – Switches (Internal Lighting)
DASH BOARD RHS Panel – Switches (Internal Lighting) Seats numbering: only works with the head lights turned on.

15 DASH BOARD LHS Panel Indication of open door.
Indication of Unlocked luggage bins. Auxiliary alternator charging. Applied only when chassis suppling is not enough for vehicle demanding.

16 DASH BOARD LHS Panel Parcel Racks microphones spots enabling.


18 Procedures Luggage Bins OPENING
Unlock the luggage flaps through the shown switch. Once covers are unlocked, lights will be turned on. Open the flaps manually, through the external handle.

19 X Procedures Luggage Bins CLOSING
Push down the flap, avoiding its shock against the body. Once the cover touched the locks, press the covers corners until heard the second “click”. Activate the pneumatic locks. X

20 Procedures (ATTENTION)
OPENING and CLOSING luggage bins flaps It is possible to lock the flaps from the dash board once the covers were locked mechanically through the keys. Luggage flaps wrongly closed, without the second “click”, generates water and dust leakages in the bins. Only luggage bins are possible to be locked from the dash. The remaining compartments, only through the keys. In case of low pressure in the pneumatic system, luggage bins can be unlocked through the keys.

White tank must receive clean water only. No additives or detergents can be applied.

22 Procedures (ATTENTION)
TOILET TANK FILLING UP Before fill up the white tank, ensure that the blue tank (waste water) is empty. Not necessary to apply perfumes of solving products, once these product damage the flush valve sealing rubbers. The toilet must be filled up with clean water, drinking water if possible.

Open the cabinet over the toilet sink. The soap and paper dispenser will be available for refilling.

Spare wheels are located in front overhang with access through the front bumper. Pull the red handle placed down under the driver’s position Loosen the spare wheel brace. Pull the Spare wheel, sliding over the roller frames. NEVER DRIVE WITH THE DAMAGE WHEEL LOOSENED, WITHOUT THE SPARE WHEEL BRACE.

25 Procedures 1 2 3 4 SPARE WHEEL ACCESS (Short Overhang Vehicles)
For Vehicles with short overhang, the spare wheel is located over the front axle as shown. Open the LHS overwheel flap; Remove the Locking Pin (Red); Slide out the spare wheel Support; Use the lever to drop down the spare wheel as shown. 1 2 3 4

Opening and closing should be accomplished through the keys or remote control, if available. Pulse on lock for close and open are for the same sense. INTERNALLY Internal Opening or Closing is accomplished through the switch on the dash board.

27 Procedures (ATTENTION)
DOOR’S OPENING and CLOSING Open or close the door is only possible if the hand brake is activated. If some flap or door compartment immediately beside of front door is opened, door will not open and the pilot “STOP” will be remain turned on. Drive with the door opened generates deeply damages on door’s system.

28 Procedures (ATTENTION)
DOOR’S SAFETY LOCK Objective: Avoid the door opening in case of low pressure on vehicle’s pneumatic system. Close the door externally. Open the compartment immediately beside of the door and press the green switch shown. THE SAFETY LOCK OPENS AUTOMATICALLY WHEN THE DOOR’S OPENING IS REQUIRED.

29 Procedures (ATTENTION)
EXTERNAL SAFETY LOCK OPENING In case of low pressure in the pneumatic system, the door can be opened, externally, using the key.

30 Procedures (ATTENTION)
EMERGENCY DOOR OPENING Press the emergency valve knob. Push the door to outside, manually.

31 Procedures (ATTENTION)
DOOR’S SYSTEM ANOMALIES Rattles while bus is running; Do not close accordingly allowing water and dust leakages, sealing problems; Show difficulties to close and open; Delays excessively to open and close; Open or close with external help only. ADVISE IMEDITALLY THE MAINTENANCE RESPONSIBLE IF SOME OF ABOVE ISSUES APPEARS.

32 Procedures TOWING The vehicle must be towed through towing plug, placed inside of the front bonnet. The Towing Hook, that accompanies the vehicle in the tool box, must be applied accordingly.

33 Procedures (ATTENTION)
TOWING Never tow the vehicle lifting by its front undarned. X

34 Procedures (ATTENTION)

35 Climate Control Climate Control Panel 1 8 2 3 4 5 6 7
ON / OFF and automatic mode Evaporators Blowers speed Air recycling ECO – Switch off the compressor Check the external and internal temperatures Dehumidification of side screens Reduces the temperature of climate System control Increases the temperature of climate system control

36 Climate Control Frequent Asked Question on A/C System
What is the comfort temperature for passengers salon? 22ºC or 23ºC Is necessary to switch off the A/C before turn off the engine? NO, Clutch is electronically controlled. When is necessary to use the air recycling? In case of smoke and uncomfortable scents in the passengers salon

37 Demister Demister Panel Demisting temperature increasing
Demisting temperature decreasing Blower speed Air flow direction Driver’s air recycling Demisting temperature level indicator LED – Indicates the blowers speed LED – Indicates the air flow direction LED – Indicates the air recycling mode. 6 7 3 1 4 8 2 9 5

38 Special Features Engine Turn on protection

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