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15/05/2006kickoff meeting / introduction1 SIAMOIS Sismomètre Interférentiel A Mesurer les Oscillations des Intérieurs Stellaires Seismic Interferometer.

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1 15/05/2006kickoff meeting / introduction1 SIAMOIS Sismomètre Interférentiel A Mesurer les Oscillations des Intérieurs Stellaires Seismic Interferometer to Measure Oscillations in the Interior of Stars Benoît Mosser, Michel Auvergne, Thierry Appourchaux, Annie Baglin, Caroline Barban, Claude Catala, Marc-Antoine Dupret, MarieJo Goupil, Jean-Pierre Maillard, Eric Michel, Reza Samadi, Francois-Xavier Schmider, Frédéric Thévenin, Gérard Vauclair, Denis Fappani et al. Observatoire de Paris/LESIA, IAS, UNSA/LUAN, OMP/LATT, IAP, OCA, SESO

2 15/05/2006kickoff meeting / introduction2 Summary 1.History of the project 2.Current status 3.A few questions for the meeting Why this meeting ?

3 15/05/2006kickoff meeting / introduction3 Past observations 1990 1998: asteroseismology with the FTS at CFHT: observations of Jupiter: large separation, rotation, amplitudes 1998: tentative identification of the large separation of Procyon (Mosser et al 1998, confirmed by Martic et al 1999) Necessary evolution of the concept: FTS (for classical spectrometry) Fourier tachometer (as GONG !) Talk: Jean-Pierre Maillard Doppler seismology with a Michelson interferometer

4 15/05/2006kickoff meeting / introduction4 Evolution of the project Need of a dedicated instrument: simple, robust, efficient 2000: « ACI jeune chercheur » SIAMOIS project: -Instrument principle -Performances (Mosser, Maillard and Bouchy 2003, PASP) -Preliminary design: no moving parts -Network observations 2004: growing interest for observations at Dome C in Antarctica Network single site observations at Dome C 2005: positive recommendation for asteroseismology at Dome C (PNPS) 1) dedicated asteroseismometer with a small size telescope first wintering in 2010 2) 2-m class telescope + spectropolarimeter Claude Catala: Performances FX Schmider: Dome C

5 15/05/2006kickoff meeting / introduction5 Observations in Antarctica ? Specifications for observations at Dome C integrated project dedicated small size telescope project has to be fully automatic, ~ spatial condition scientific programme - unfeasible elsewhere - ambitious - to make sense after COROT Jean-Tristan Buey, organization of the project Thierry Appourchaux spectrometry / photometry

6 15/05/2006kickoff meeting / introduction6 Institutional partners at Dome C IPEV (Institut Paul-Emile Victor) - in charge of the Concordia base; wintering since 2005 - supervises scientific projects INSU (National Institute for Astronomy)/ Antarctic group - promotes observations at Dome C - has to identify pioneering projects in astronomy PNPS (National programme for stellar physics) - promotes the rapid development of an asteroseismometer at Dome C ANR (Agence Nationale de la Recherche) : - funding

7 15/05/2006kickoff meeting / introduction7 Current status Phase A in progress for the instrument many subsystems ~ off-the-shelf Management ~space project Scientific committee Steering committee People involved (4 lab.+1 PME) Chercheurs13.8 hommes.ans Doctorant(s)6.0hommes.ans Ingénieurs 17.9 hommes.ans CDD 2.3 hommes.ans Schedule: first wintering in 2010 Waiting on ANR funding total budget = 860 kE in 4 years, 460 from ANR results: June ProjectLESIA TelescopeLUAN BonnetteLATT Instrument LESIA+IAS Interferometer SESO

8 15/05/2006kickoff meeting / introduction8 -Dome C : the only ground-based site providing a duty-cycle better than 90% –Project : key science, for the future of asteroseismology after –Scientific programme: a first class programme for many winterings, with a small collector –Schedule : a rapid development for a pioneering project preparing the development of further astronomical programmes at Dome C –Fourier tachometer: suitable concept for installation and setup at Dome C Highlights Big science at Dome C with a budget < 1 ME

9 15/05/2006kickoff meeting / introduction9 Antarctica / network SONG project (funded for phase A): 7 sites, Iodine cell spectrometer + 60 cm telescope Presentation of SONG (Song meeting, march 06) Information on GONG (Frank Hill communication at SONG meeting) - 600 k$/yr for maintenance [~ 10% of initial budget] - 7 FTE (global reduction, archiving, processing, developement) - 60 Tbytes disk space Site71 TargetsEquatorialPolar Duty cycle70% (WET) 90% Season12 months3 months Budget High x 7High + Opportunity

10 15/05/2006kickoff meeting / introduction10 Questions for this meeting Scientific programme Which science with SIAMOIS ? -Performances, possible targets -Solar-like oscillations, asteroseismology Preparatory work Complementary program Scientific technical specifications Requirements for the project … Monday afternoon talks Tuesday morning discussion Project and technics Organisation Interactions Next steps …

11 15/05/2006kickoff meeting / introduction11

12 15/05/2006kickoff meeting / introduction12 Planning et budget du projet 2006 : fin de phase A + phase B - 15 & 16 mai : atelier de travail - analyse thermo-mécanique - test du concept optique - rédaction du cahier des charges des différents sous- systèmes - design préliminaire - financement ANR ? (juin 2006) 2007 - printemps : PDR - automne : FDR - analyses détaillées et lancement des contrats 2008-2009 - validation, tests, intégration - tests sur le ciel - transfert au Dôme C 2010 : 1er hivernage au Dôme C Interféromètre SIAMOIS JP Amans, GEPI, Obs Paris Coût complet : 860 kE Dont ANR : 460 kE Déjà acquis 2006 (ACI + CSA + PNPS) : 116 kE Un projet sol à mener dans un labo spatial

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