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Page : 1 TIC-PME 2010 - June 2008 Competitiveness and Innovation through digital TIC-PME 2010.

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1 Page : 1 TIC-PME 2010 - June 2008 Competitiveness and Innovation through digital TIC-PME 2010

2 Page : 2 TIC-PME 2010 - June 2008 TIC-PME 2010 Plan of the Direction Générale des Entreprises (MinEFI) Launch by Thierry Breton 2005, June 21 and François Loos 2005, September 27 Renforcer lusage des technologies de linformation et de la communication dans les PME par le lancement, en septembre 2005, dun "Plan daction TIC-PME 2010" qui recevra 7 millions deuros par le ministère de lEconomie, des Finances et de lIndustrie. Objectives : enhance the digitalisation of SMEs through conception of national digital integration projects of sectors which the SMEs belong to through complementarity of these national projects with regional SME ICT deployment projects Characteristics of these projects : Strong involvement of the management of the companies and sectorial associations Content focused on standards, intersectorial interoperability, SME support Cofunding by DGE of the projects consulting assistance Organisation : Launch of the call for projects in 2005, october 3 Submission of the projets in february 2006 or may 2006 DGE validationn of the projects in june 2006 or september 2006

3 Page : 3 TIC-PME 2010 - June 2008 TIC-PME 2010 Complementarity of sectorial and regional projects, mutualisation of means Stratégie e-transformation SMEs ICT Regional Projects e-transformation strategy e-business tools and services High bandwith, security, legal issues Change management Regions Sectorial digital integration projects Sectorial standards e-business projects : e-design, e-supply chain, e-sourcing... Filières Sectorial/Regional coordination Intersectorial coordination e, cross fertilisation Intersectorial Standardss, interoperability Interregional Coordination, tools (training, packages, …) Coordination Committee Boost-Industry & Services Regions Sectors Funding Sectors MinEFI Regions Articulation sectors/regionsContent of Projects

4 Page : 4 TIC-PME 2010 - June 2008 Logistics/transportationLogistics/transportation Interdependance of Industry & Services sectors necessity of interoperability between sectors (in dark, sectors involved in TIC-PME 2010) Services : customs, … TextileTextile ElectronicElectronic MecanicMecanic PlasturgyPlasturgy Sectors (customers, primes, tier 1 to tier n suppliers) Aeospace/ Defense ShibuildingShibuildingAutomotiveAutomotive RailwayRailway TourismTourism Professions (mainly SME) Sectors belonging to the same ecosystem, sharing the needs and the same suppliers AgricultureAgricultureRetailRetail Furnitures, Shoes, Toys,Textile Architecture & Construction Atom industry Petrol, chemistry Sea ressources Wood – Forests IT c& Telco

5 Page : 5 TIC-PME 2010 - June 2008 Positioning of the TIC-PME 2010 Great dynamism e-supply chain (logistics) and PLM (design) main topics Many common needs Necessity of strong coordination at the conception of the projects In order to have efficient projets In order to enable each sector to take advantage of the solution developed by other sectors Necessity of strong technical expertise : standards, interoperability, …

6 Page : 6 TIC-PME 2010 - June 2008 SME dddddd Prime contractor Tier 1 Tier 2 SME Sector A dddddd Prime contractor Tier 1 Sectors B, C,D TIC-PME 2010 Governance TIC-PME 2010 Steering Committee President : DGE Members : CGM, CGTI, ACFCI, MEDEF President of the Coordination Committee Regions Sectors Industry & Services Customers Regional Projects SME ICT deployment and support Sectorial Projects sectorial digital integration Sectorial Steering Committees Companies, partners Sectorial associations Clients Customers Regional Steering Committees Regions, companies Technical Support of the Coordination Committee AFNET, EDIFrance, GS1 Coordination Committee President : J.P. Corniou, MEDEF DGE CGM, CGTI, ACFCI, MEDEF, … Sectors, Regions

7 Page : 7 TIC-PME 2010 - June 2008 200720082006 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 TIC-PME 2010 Planning Sectorial Projects Standards e-business projects SME ICT Regional Projects Coordination Committee National Events Regional events TIC-PME 2010 launch TIC-PME 2010 PGM

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