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Benny® FSA Enrollment Presentation

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1 Benny® FSA Enrollment Presentation
This document is confidential to Evolution Benefits, Inc. and may not be used, copied or disclosed except with express prior written consent of Evolution Benefits, Inc.  Copyright Evolution Benefits, Inc – All rights reserved. Revised 9/14/06. EC-087B

2 Benny® says: the more you save!
The more you know about Flexible Spending Accounts, the more you save!

3 What is a Flexible Spending Account (FSA)?
A Flexible Spending Account (FSA) is a benefit program that enables pre-tax dollars to be used to pay for eligible health care expenses like: Covered prescription copayments & deductibles Coinsurance Doctor and emergency room copayments Orthodontics Health plan deductibles Lasik surgery & eyeglasses Out-of-pocket dentist or other provider fees Over-the-counter eligible products

4 Here’s an example of how you can save:
The average family of four in the U.S. can expect to pay close to $1,600 on expenses like office visits, prescription copays, dental work and new glasses – or an unexpected hospital stay. If that $1,600 were put into an FSA pre-tax, the family could have saved over $400.

5 Benny® makes them EASY to use!
FSAs are a smart move Benny® makes them EASY to use! Introducing the Benny® Prepaid Visa Card for all your qualified FSA expenses

6 And, accessing your account is...
Benny’s your buddy! With Benny®, you don’t have to pay cash up front, file claims, and wait for reimbursement. And, accessing your account is... Easy – a simple swipe of the Card makes it hassle free! Automatic – funds are immediately transferred from your FSA at the time you incur the expense. Convenient – there are no manual claim forms to submit. Simple to track – your current balance is available 24/7 at the web site listed on the back of your Card.

7 At the time of payment for prescription or office visit…
How does it work? At the time of payment for prescription or office visit… Simply present Benny®. The Card gets SWIPED... And, payment is automatically deducted from your FSA. Then, SAVE your receipts in an envelope. It’s that EASY!

8 Benny® also works: For mail order or online pharmacy purchases
Write your Benny® ID number on the order form. When the provider sends you a bill instead of charging at the time of service Simply write your Benny® ID number on the statement and send it back to the provider.

9 SIGN UP TODAY! You’ll receive TWO Cards in the mail, along with important information on using the Cards. ACTIVATE and SIGN your Cards. Each eligible user signs his or her own name. To activate call the number or go to the web site listed on the sticker on the Card. Please wait 2 business days to use the Card so we can set you up in the system. Now you’re ready to pay for qualified expenses directly from your FSA.

10 Here are some Benny® Basics to remember…
In the pharmacy, use the Card ONLY for prescriptions. Submit a manual claim: If the provider doesn’t accept MasterCard prepaid cards or for over-the-counter items. REMEMBER...SAVE, SAVE, SAVE all itemized receipts. Your Plan Administrator may contact you to submit a receipt to verify an expense. For balance information or questions: Contact your Plan Administrator by calling the number or visiting the web site on the back of your Card.

11 Automatic, Fast, Easy to Track.
No need to pay cash at the pharmacy or doctor's office. Reduced manual claims. What are YOU waiting for? Sign up NOW and let YOUR savings begin! The Benny® Prepaid MasterCard Card is issued by BankFirst, Sioux Falls, SD; Member FDIC.

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