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Am I well suited for speech? What is professional attire?

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1 Am I well suited for speech? What is professional attire?

2 Our Team Mission To be a classy team of dedicated public speakers who have fun and strive for excellence!

3 What is professional attire and how does that relate to being classy? Eastview Speech has adopted a culture of classic or conservative professional dress for tournament days. We believe that a suit (or slight variation there of) helps you look and feel your professional best! You never get a second chance to make a first impression!

4 To Do Tips for the Gentlemen SUITS: Choose a conservative style, dark colors: black, dark gray, charcoal, olive or navy (Avoid flashy or showy fabrics) Make sure your suit is altered to fit properly - sleeves should break just below your wrist SHIRTS: Collars should be stiff but comfortable (too loose looks tacky; too tight, you'll feel like you're choking). TIES: Colors should work back into your suit or work well with your shirt. Patterns should not be distracting or silly. Should end at belt line - no higher, no lower SHOES: Basic black goes with everything. Make sure they are comfortable. Always make sure your shoes are polished and well maintained. BELTS, SUSPENDERS, AND SOCKS: Your belt should match your shoes. Socks should match your shoes. If you wear suspenders, don't wear a belt.

5 Mens Suits

6 To Do Tips for the Ladies JACKETS: Choose a conservative style jacket in a solid, basic color. SKIRTS: Buy the skirt that goes with the jacket, OR if possible, choose a long printed skirt that matches the jacket. Long, flowy skirts can look great for interpretation categories. No short skirts!!! Skirts should be no higher than 1" above the knees. BLOUSES: Use this as an opportunity to add a touch of color under your suit. (Remember that blouses are an inexpensive way to change the look of an outfit). Be sure the blouse is not too low cut. SHOES: Stick with a medium (2" - 2.5") heel or flats. Stay away from boots and really thick, clunky heels. Black, navy, or neutral colors for shoes. Always look for comfort when purchasing shoes. STOCKINGS: Always wear stockings, and keep lots of extras on hand. Nylons should either be bare in color or should match your suit color. (Nylons should never be darker than your hemline) JEWELRY: Keep jewelry choices conservative – it should compliment/accent your attire, not overpower it.

7 Womens Suits

8 Sears--$65 JCPennys $40

9 Personal Appearance To Dos Because our teams culture is conservative and classic we ask that personal appearance follow suit… HAIR - keep it out of your eyes Gentlemen:this may mean getting a hair cut Ladies:this means tying hair back off your face FACE – let us see your expressions Gentlemen:clean shaven Ladies:just like if you were on TV or in a play, make-up should be worn, but keep colors and amount conservative

10 What NOT To Do GENTLEMEN Distracting neck ties Light colored socks with a dark suit Un-shaven face LADIES Open-toed shoes Low-cut blouse Short skirts Bold fingernail polish BOTH Clothes that are too tight OR too loose Distracting jewelry Hair in your eyes

11 Remember our Mission… … is to be a classy team of dedicated public speakers who have fun and strive for excellence! Professional attire is just one of the ways we show others and ourselves what a classy team we are!

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