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Professional Dress Guidelines

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1 Professional Dress Guidelines
The Do’s and Don'ts of Business Attire

2 Different jobs have a varying definition of what appropriate attire may be.
For this assignment, we will assume that we are applying for a typical business position in an office setting.

3 Dress to impress Nothing makes an impression like a FIRST IMPRESSION!
This could make or break your opportunity at a company

4 Basic Guidelines Clothes should be conservative: Either a solid color, a subtle pattern, or stripe. Your clothes should be clean, neat, and ironed.

5 Basic Guidelines NEVER WEAR: Jeans, shorts, tennis shoes, or casual sandals! Also, cover or remove outward expressions of individuality: tattoos, piercings, hair coloring or styles Remember: Not hiring, or firing, someone for refusing to adhere to company dress code policies IS NOT DISCRIMINATION.

6 Men’s Professional Dress
Men should wear: -Button down shirt *TUCKED IN* -Tie -Slacks -Dress shoes -Belt

7 Men’s Professional Dress
It is also acceptable to wear: -Suits -Jackets -Sweaters -Vests

8 Men’s Professional Dress
Outside of school, where facial hair is permitted, it needs to be well groomed. Here in school, you need to have a clean shave. Cologne is appropriate if you do not go overboard.

9 Men’s Professional Dress
Hair should be neat, and clean. You should wear dress shoes or boots.

10 Women’s Professional Dress
Women should wear: Pant Suits Dress Suits Dresses Nice Blouses Skirts Nice Slacks

11 Women’s Professional Dress
Clothes should fit correctly but not be tight fitting. Skirts and dresses should be slightly above the knee or longer.

12 Do not show cleavage or undergarments.
We are not going to the club. Sleeveless shirts should be covered with a jacket or sweater. No spaghetti straps.

13 Women’s Professional Dress
Hair color and style should be conservative and neat. Make up should look natural and never overdone.

14 Women’s Professional Dress
Jewelry should be minimal. Scarves and simple jewelry are OK. Shoes and sandals should be dressy. Heels should not exceed 2.5-3”.

15 Please, do not wear something that is going to get you an office referral.

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