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Professional Services Overview

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1 Professional Services Overview
Centers of Excellence Services SOX Compliance Services Strategic Outsourcing/Offshore Services Information Technology Services Presentation Advances Automatically Mute sound if necessary (sound icon)

2 Corporate Overview T3 Consortium is a broad based LLC enterprise interlinking key business services that demonstrate innovative business capabilities, best-of-breed entrepreneurial spirit, and an unparalleled dedication to client satisfaction. Uncommon Logic - Impacting Results Incorporated in February 2005, the T3 Consortium will never stand still, never grow old, and never forget where they come from. Service, quality, innovation, client satisfaction, and value is our rallying cry for our customers.

3 Centers of Excellence Services (Quality)
Information Technology Services

4 Information Technology Services
Center of Excellence The mission of the Enterprise Quality CoE Service: Provide centralized functional testing solutions that can be used across Line of Business projects and Enterprise level programs. Providing consulting services and support for the Lines of Business conducting test script automation efforts. The goal is to minimize the costs of running multiple testing solutions across the Enterprise Implement a solution that is complementary to Enterprise and LOB QA standards and guidelines. Provide tools and services to support a central point of management for functional testing assets and resources. Centralize test processes and services from a central point of management. Create a global Virtual Testing Capability Maximize the delivery of QA Processes and Services, QA Management, and software tool management Project A Project B Project C Project D

5 Major Considerations Product Reputation Return On Investment
Information Technology Services Center of Excellence CMM Modeling and Virtual Testing Capabilities are two ways T3 Consortium improves Product reputation while improving Return on QA investments Major Considerations Product Reputation Return On Investment Global Virtual Testing Capabilities

6 Why Center of Excellence?
Information Technology Services Why Center of Excellence? Organizes people, processes and technology in the organization. Increase testing coverage and reduce infrastructure cost Eliminate duplication efforts Provide technology as a service to other project teams Leverages best practices throughout the organization Provides a mechanism for breaking technical silos Maps IT structures to external consumers Setup Quality Gate before each phase of the SDLC Gartner 2004 Global Virtual Testing Capabilities In addition to what the analysts are saying, we are seeing many of our customers embracing the concept of a center of excellence model. We have worked with the likes of AOL, Citigroup, Merrill Lynch, Cingular, Nissan, MetLife and Wachovia. Many are either in the planning stages or at the beginning stages of implementing such a model. META 2004

7 Sarbanes Oxley Compliance Services
Information Technology Services

8 SOX Center of Excellence
Information Technology Services Quality Technology Workflow Digitization Information Digitization Virtual collaborative environment Automate digital content Test deep and often Center of Excellence Integrating Quality Control Concepts Can assist Sarbanes Oxley Compliance and Governance. Governance The Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) of 2002 is considered to be the most significant change to federal securities laws in the United States since the New Deal.

9 SOX Compliance Modeling
Information Technology Services SOX Compliance Modeling Evaluate Control Design Plan and Scope Risk Assessment Identify Controls Document Controls Evaluate Operational Effectiveness Remediate Deficiencies Link IT and Business Office Process Digitization Coverage Mapping Automation Scripting Virtual Execution Automated Reporting Basic Modeling Advanced Modeling Sarbanes Oxley Compliance Business Value Optimization

10 SOX Process Digitization
Information Technology Services SOX Process Digitization vs SDLC Processes Link your Processes IT Governance (ITIL) SOX Compliance Process Digitization optimizes the later testing phases of quarterly Sarbanes Oxley Compliance

11 Strategic Outsourcing & Offshore Services (Quality)
Information Technology Services

12 Strategic Outsourcing
Information Technology Services Strategic Outsourcing T3 Consortium has an extensive network of globally profiled vendor solution integrators for outsourcing and offshore services. While we specialize in Quality Assurance and Independent Validation Services, all aspects of software development, delivery, and management are possible. When are you ready to strategically outsource, or offshore your IT Quality Assurance Programs, T3C can get you there. To the left is a short list of integration companies where we've worked directly providing software quality assurance integration programs.

13 Information Technology Services
Case Study – CoE’s Read more online about the 8 tips before you dive deep into building a Center of Excellence.

14 Global Virtual Testing Capabilities
Visit Us Online Global Virtual Testing Capabilities For additional information please contact:

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