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Exercice # 20 Conjuguez aimer/conjugate aimer (dont forget to include the subject pronouns.

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1 Exercice # 20 Conjuguez aimer/conjugate aimer (dont forget to include the subject pronouns.

2 Exercice # 20 Jaime Tu aimes Il aime Elle aime Nous aimons Vous aimez Ils aiment Elles aiment

3 Les devoirs Rough Draft Write 8 sentences of what you like to do, do a lot, Dont like to do, dont like at all USE PHOTOS, PICTURES FROM THE INTERNET OR MAGAZINES, COLORED PICTURES YOU DRAW

4 Lobjectif: Aujourdhui, les élèves vont pratiquer chosir entre tu et vous et entre les autres pronoms sujets. Today, students will practice choosing between tu and vous and the other subject pronouns.

5 Quest-ce que tu aimes faire? Quest-ce que tu naimes pas faire?



8 To watch tv







15 Parler au téléphone














29 Use the suggested degrees of liking things below. Whether true or not say thats how much you like doing that activity. ALOT

30 Jaime beaucoup écouter de la musique.

31 I like it

32 Jaime regarder la t élé.

33 I dont like it

34 Je naime pas danser.

35 I dont like it at all.

36 Je naime pas du tout étudier.

37 I love it.

38 Jadore faire du ski.

39 I like it

40 Jaime chanter.

41 I dont like it

42 Je naime pas aller au cin éma.

43 Verbs and Infinitives 1. Verbs are the action of a sentence. 2. You know that verbs agree with the subject. That is: I sing. He sings. 3. In the above, sing and sings are forms of the verb TO sing. 4. To sing is the infinitive. 5. An infinitive in English always has TO attached to it.

44 French Infinitives 1. French infinitives are one word and end in ER, IR, or RE. 2. All infinitives in this unit end in ER. They are the largest group of verbs in the language. 3. So: Aimer is an infinitive (to like) Aime is a form of that verb.

45 Other ER verbs: habiter to live enseignerto teach parlerto speak travaillerto work nagerto swim mangerto eat volerto fly montrerto show

46 PRONOUNS Subject pronouns: a. Replace proper nouns b. May be either singular or plural c. Usually come at the beginning of a sentence

47 PRONOUNS Here are singular and plural subject pronouns and their equals. SING PLUR. je ( I )nous ( we ) tu ( you )vous ( you ) il ( he ) ils ( they ) elle ( she ) elles ( they )

48 TU VOUS TU1. Is singular AND informal 2. Use when speaking to : a. a child b. a pet c. a relative ( even a grandfather ) d. a friend

49 TU VOUS VOUS1. Is plural OR formal 2. Use when speaking to a. an adult or older person, not a relative b. someone you do not call by 1 st name c. more than 1 person of any age

50 TU or VOUS? a stranger you ask for directions

51 TU or VOUS? your classmate

52 TU or VOUS? your sisters teacher

53 TU or VOUS? the clerk at the grocery store

54 TU or VOUS? your older sister

55 TU or VOUS? your cat Minet

56 TU or VOUS? your cousins Yves and Guy

57 TU or VOUS? the school librarian

58 TU or VOUS? your girlfriend

59 TU or VOUS? your moms friend

60 TU or VOUS? your bus driver

61 TU or VOUS? your cats Bernie and CC

62 TU or VOUS? your uncle Thierry

63 TU or VOUS? Your 2 best friends

64 Subject Pronouns Je/j Tu Il elle Nous Nous Vous Vous Ils Ils E lles E lles

65 Aimer (to like/love) JaimeI like/love Tu aimes You like/love Tu aimes You like/love Il aime He likes/loves Il aime He likes/loves Elle aime She likes/loves Elle aime She likes/loves

66 Aimer (to like/love) Nous aimons We like/love Vous aimez You like/love Vous aimez You like/love Ils aiment They like/love Ils aiment They like/love Elles aiment They like/love Elles aiment They like/love

67 ER VERBS Subjects that are NOT pronouns: Julien Marc If you have a subject that is a name of one person, use the same verb form as IL or ELLE. Julien aime jouer au foot. Marc aime jouer au foot.

68 ER VERBS Subjects that are NOT pronouns: Julien Marc If you have a subject that is two names, use the same form as you would for ILS and ELLES Julien et Marc aiment jouer au foot.

69 ER VERBS But if the verb begins with a vowel, make a linking or LIAISON sound with the pronoun and the verb. Nous aimons le rap. Elles aiment le rock. And dont forget to contract with Je. Jaime la musiqe classique.

70 Bavarderfaire du vélo chanterfaire une promenade Dessinerjouer du violonnager utiliser lordinateurchatter Travaillerjouer aux jeux vidéos passer du tempsregarder une avec les amis émission Parler au portablejouer au foot jouer au footétudier américainfaire du shopping


72 Can you say ????? they swim

73 Can you say ????? ils nagent

74 Can you say ????? he talks on the phone

75 Can you say ????? il téléphone

76 Can you say ????? Pierre studies

77 Can you say ????? Pierre étudie

78 Can you say ????? They ( all girls ) play soccer.

79 Can you say ????? Elles jouent au foot.

80 Can you say ????? You ski ( to Joseph et Yves )

81 Can you say ????? Vous skiez.

82 Can you say ????? You ( your cat Fifi ) watch tv.

83 Can you say ????? Tu regardes la télé.

84 Can you say ????? I listen to music.

85 Can you say ????? Jécoute de la musique.

86 Can you say ????? Jécoute de la musique.

87 Can you say ????? We like Johnny Depp.

88 Can you say ????? Nous aimons Johnny Depp.

89 Objective Orale A fter interviewing your partner, tell two things you learned about him/her. One should be a like and one should be a dislike. Follow the model. Mon partenaire sappelle Philippe. Il aime beaucoup jouer au tennis. Il naime pas regarder NASCAR à la télé.

90 Who likes to go out? SECTION C Patterns

91 Qui aime sortir? SECTION C Patterns

92 Who likes to eat pizza? SECTION C Patterns

93 Qui aime manger de la pizza? SECTION C Patterns

94 I eat pizza. SECTION C Patterns

95 Je mange de la pizza. SECTION C Patterns

96 Well then, I am inviting Luc to my house. SECTION C Patterns

97 Bon, ben jinvite Luc chez moi. SECTION C Patterns

98 But I dont like to dance. SECTION C Patterns

99 Mais je naime pas danser. SECTION C Patterns

100 Everybody likes to sleep. SECTION C Patterns

101 Tout le monde aime dormir. SECTION C Patterns

102 Everybody likes to play video games. SECTION C Patterns

103 Tout le monde aime jouer aux jeux-video. SECTION C Patterns

104 Everybody plays tennis. SECTION C Patterns

105 Tout le monde joue au tennis. SECTION C Patterns

106 Do you play volleyball? SECTION C Patterns

107 Tu joues au volley? SECTION C Patterns

108 What do you like to read? SECTION C Patterns

109 Quest-ce que tu aimes lire? SECTION C Patterns

110 I dont like going to clubs. SECTION C Patterns

111 Je naime pas aller en bo îtes. SECTION C Patterns

112 Who doesnt like to shop? SECTION C Patterns

113 Qui naime pas faire du shopping? SECTION C Patterns

114 I prefer listening to my ipod. SECTION C Patterns

115 Je pr éfère écouter mon baladeur MP3. SECTION C Patterns

116 ne + verb + pas 1. Pick out the verb. 2. Put ne in front of it. 3. Put pas after it. Negative sentences

117 Eric pr éfère le chocolat. Eric ne pr éfère pas le chocolat. Negative sentences

118 If the verb begins with a vowel, use n instead of ne. Eric naime pas la glace. Negative sentences

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