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Révision de l’Examen Ch. 1

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1 Révision de l’Examen Ch. 1
French 1441 J. Dodd

2 Si, Si, Si! What’s the source of so many arguments? Remembering who said what, who did what, etc. E.G. “You did NOT tell her that!” -- “yes, I did!” “That wasn’t Bob!” “ uh, yah, it was. In French, this type of yes is SI. “Tu n’aimes pas les chats!” “Mais, si! Je les adore!”

3 1-1. Une Personne ou Plus? E.g. Mes cousins = une personne or plus?
You’ll hear some kid talk about his family and friends. This kid will be played by the fine voice talent of Mme Dodd. He’ll be saying stuff like, “Mes cousins sont sympas, mais leur chien est désagréable.” Based on what you hear, determine if he is talking about one person or more than one. E.g. Mes cousins = une personne or plus? Son copain = Une personne or plus? Notre oncle Listen to some more!

4 1.2 La Famille Same kid is going to describe some family members. You are going to fill out a chart in ENGLISH- 1) their relationship to him 2) how old they are 3) likes and dislikes E.G. You hear: Ma mère s’appelle Alice. Elle est sympa. Elle a cinquante-deux ans. Elle aime jouer de la guitare et travailler dans le jardin. Elle n’aime pas parler au téléphone.

5 1.3 C’est qui? Now, Vincent the Kid has drawn a little family tree. Suddenly, YOU are Vincent! Say how the other people are related to YOU. E.G. George ♥ Oreti II April ♥ Graham I ♥ Heather Beth Vincent (moi) Heather = Elle est ma soeur Charlie= Il est mon oncle Charlie Craig

6 1-4 Une Lettre Verb Time! They give you a list of verbs and you’d better know how to conjugate them! Vincent is writing a letter to his parents. Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verb! Etre, Avoir, and –Er Verbs. (préparer, régarder, parler, jouer, inviter, travailler, aimer, etc.) E.G. Je/J’_______ trois amis, Ned, Jim, et Gus. Nous ___________ au foot ensemble et puis nous ____________ nos devoirs. Jim ne __________ pas beaucoup; il est timide. Ned et Gus ___________ regarder la télé et manger des chips.

7 1.5 Une interview You are interviewing Vincent. Ask him questions about the subjects they give you: (What are the three ways to ask a yes/no question?) (Intonation, Est-ce que, n’est-ce pas) Musique Sport Week-end Famille Caractère

8 1.6 Culture and “si” (pgs. 61 -64)
What are some things we learned about the current trends in French family life? What is the PACS? What did we learn about school life/B-days? When do you use “si”? Tu n’aimes pas jouer au golf? a) Oui b) Si c)Non, j’aime jouer au golf Il aime les hamburgers? a) Oui b) Si c) Non, il aime les hamburgers

9 1.7 Mme Dodd’s Schedule! This is where I interrupt Vincent’s lame summer job application and create my own mixed up schedule that you need to fix for me! You will read about my week. It’s in very random order as far as days of the week go. You will fill out my weekly planner in ENGLISH based on what you read. E.G. You Read: “Mercredi soir je dois travailler au bureau. Samedi matin je vais parler français avec une amie. Lundi après-midi, je me prépare pour ma classe de mardi.” Under “Wednesday Evening” you put “work in the office” What about the other two days mentioned here? Other activities you might hear? (-er verbs)

10 1.8 Rédaction You get to draw a “Photo” of a friend, family member, or pet. Then tell me about him/her. E.G.(Voici Chris.) Who is s/he? Your Mom? Cousin? Friend? Bird? How old is s/he? Something about his/her personality Something they like to do or don’t like to do.

11 EXTRA CREDIT ABOUNDS!!! . Feel free to write more than is necessary. Only good things can come of this. Where ever you see some room for one more question, or one more sentence, take it! Use it! Write, write, write!

12 La fin! Bon Courage! A la prochaine!

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