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ER verbs.

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1 ER verbs

2 Are more common than irregular verbs
La Monde des verbes Irregular Verbs Regular verbs être -er verbs Regular Verbs Follow a pattern Are more common than irregular verbs

3 Vocabulary Mme Boyd will use:
Infinitive – a verb in its dictionary form. A verb that has NOT been conjugated. Examples: parler, regarder, écouter, jouer These example verbs all still have their –er ending and are in INFINITIVE form. Conjugate – adding endings to a verb to make it fit grammatically with the subject of the sentence. We do this in English all the time: I talk, You talk, John talks (notice, we add an s to talk to make it grammatically correct for the subject JOHN)

4 How to conjugate an –er verb
Infinitive: Parler – to talk Drop the ending: Parl (-er dropped) Add endings based on the subject: Je parle Nous parlons Tu parles Vous parlez Il/Elle/On parle Ils/Elles parlent

5 English Equivalent Je parle (I talk/I’m talking) Nous parlons (We talk/We are talking Tu parles (you talk/You’re talking) Vous parlez (Y’all talk/You all are talking) Il parle (he talks/he is talking) Ils parlent (they talk/they are talking Elle parle (she talks/she is talking) Elles parlent (they talk/they are talking)

6 New Pronoun On You should have noticed a new pronoun in the conjugation frame of PARLER. On – means people, they, or we. It is a very general term. Such as when we say something like, “They say it’s going to be windy tomorrow.” On parle français en France. – People speak french in France. It takes the same verb form as Il/Elle singular.

7 Try one on your own Regarder – Je Nous Tu Vous Il/Elle/On Ils/Elles

8 -er verbs that start with a vowel
Aimer – to like J’aime Nous aimons Tu aimes Vous aimez Il/Elle/on aime Ils/Elles aiment Notice – we drop the “e” from the je form if the verb starts with a vowel. What other verbs on your list this chapter begin with vowels?

9 Practiquez!! Replace the italicized words with each of the suggested subject pronouns. Be sure to give the correct form of the verb. Il travaille avec Marc. (Tu, Vous, Nous, Elle, Je, Ils, On) Tu habites en France. (Nous, Il, Elles, Je, On, Vous)

10 Practiquez! Make a complete sentence with each of the following groups of words.
Je / aimer / l’université Claire / étudier / le français Nous / habiter / à New York Les enfants / regarder / la télé Tu / aimer / la musique

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