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Universal Electronic Aquastat® L7224U1002 Training Module

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1 Universal Electronic Aquastat® L7224U1002 Training Module
Includes Honeywell’s AquaReset® Outdoor Reset Solution

2 What you will learn L7224U Product Overview Key Features Installation
Set Up Troubleshooting Product Cross Reference L7224U Advantages

3 L7224U Universal Electronic Aquastat®
What is the L7224U1002? Universal electronic Aquastat that provides circulator, burner and boiler temperature control with electronic temperature sensing in an oil fired hydronic heating appliance. Provides status and diagnostic information through an LED display to enhance the diagnostic process. One part number: L7224U1002

4 Aquastat® Key Features
Electronic Aquastat® L7224U1002 Triple Aquastat (High, Low, Circulator Control) Outdoor reset ready EnviraCOM™ communications enabled Electronic configuration Diagnostic updates through LED Display Provides multizone control Horizontal or vertical flange mounting

5 L7224U Universal Electronic Aquastat
Why choose the Honeywell L7224U1002? Universal Compatibility Replaces over 40 existing Honeywell controls Easy Installation Redesigned to simplify wiring Direct or remote mount Superior Performance and Accuracy +/- 2 degree accuracy Multi-Function LED Display Speeds installation and troubleshooting Push button product set up & configuration Get set point, temperature and diagnostic info EnviraCOMTM communications enabled Easily add outdoor reset with 3 wires Remote diagnostics OnWatch Diagnotic compatible

6 Additional L7224U features
Remote 48” sensors available One Amp slow-blow fuse Improved terminal layout and multiple knockouts Vertical, Horizontal, and Flush-Mounting - configurable for single-function use Low Limit can be disabled (cold start boiler applications) Outdoor reset functionality enabled when combined with W8735S1000 AquaReset® kit

7 L7224U Features Enviracom™ Terminals Flush Mounting Tabs (2) Push
Buttons – Configuration & Access Diagnostic Information Thermostat Terminals EnviraCOM Data port Digital Display Line Voltage Terminals Keyed Sensor Connector Capacitor Multiple Sensor Holes Transformer Fuse Relays

8 Ranges and Ratings Setting Ranges +/-2 Degree Accuracy
High Limit: – 240°F High Limit Differential (new feature): – 20°F Low Limit: – 220°F Low Limit Differential: – 25°F Electrical Ratings Voltage: VAC 60 HZ Burner: Amps Circulator: Amps Zone Controller (ZC): 7.4 Amps Environmental Ratings Temperature: °F to 150 °F Humidity: 0 to 95% relative humidity

9 Installation

10 Keyed sensor connector plugs into circuit board
Wiring of the L7224U Well mounting PN in. Included in the box Flush mounting PN in. Keyed sensor connector plugs into circuit board

11 Wiring of the L7224U -- Thermostat
Terminals 3 2 1 T Enviracom™ Connect AquaReset® and other Enviracom devices

12 Wiring of the L7224U – Line Voltage
Terminals ZR Power from zone relay to burner L1 Power hot L2 Power neutral C2 Circulator common B2 Burner common C1 Circulator hot B1 Burner hot ZC Power to zone circulator relay

13 Connecting AquaReset®
Thermostat Terminals 3 2 1 T Enviracom™ Wire 1,2,3 terminals on Aquastat to 1,2,3 terminals to the Outdoor Reset Module

14 Connecting AquaReset®
Enviracom™ Terminals Wire 1,2,3 terminals on Aquastat to 1,2,3 terminals to the Outdoor Reset Module. Mount outdoor sensor Outside and connect wires to the OT terminals Outdoor Sensor Terminals 1 2 3 OT OT

15 Set Up

16 I Set Up of the L7224U To adjust the settings
Press the UP, DOWN, and I buttons simultaneously for three seconds Press the I button until the desired feature is displayed Then press UP and/or DOWN to move the set points to desired values After 60 seconds without any buttons pressed, the control automatically goes back to READ mode Display In RUN mode the Aquastat will flash boiler temp (bt) followed by the temperature To read settings press the I key to scroll thought the functions I Increase value of setting Decrease value Cycles through Settings & conditions

17 I Set Point Adjustments Increase value of setting Decrease value
Cycles through Settings & conditions

18 L7224U Electronic Aquastats® (LED LIGHTS)
EnviraCOM Network Active Thermostat Calling Burner Energized Power to Zone Circulator Interrupted Circulator Powered

19 Digital Readout of System Conditions
Run mode – display shows boiler temperature Display Text Description Shows bt Boiler Temperature HL High Limit LL Low Limit Hdf High Limit Differential Ldf Low Limit Differential tt Local Thermostat Status tte Enviracom Thermostat Status brn Burner Status cir Circulator Status Zc Zone Control Zr Zone Request err Error Code °f Degrees Fahrenheit °c Degrees Celsius LED display Push “I” button to see other values

20 Digital Readout of System Outdoor Reset Functions
The following messages are only available when connected to a W8735S1000 outdoor reset kit and/or W8735S1008 domestic hot water priority kit Display Text Description Shows duu ZR configured as Domestic Hot Water Request ASC Anti Short-Cycle timeout bSP Boiler Setpoint dhc DHW module connected ot Outdoor temperature otL Outdoor temperature low otH Outdoor temperature high btL Boiler temperature low bP Boost Period bS Boost step UUS Warm weather shutdown temperature LED display Push “I” button to see other values

21 L7224U Electronic Aquastats® (Digital Readout of System Conditions)
Run mode – display shows boiler temperature LED display Technicians Quick Reference Guide # Push “I” button to see other values

22 Troubleshooting

23 Troubleshooting: L7224U Electronic Aquastats® (Error Codes)
Is there an error code on the display? Error Code Cause/Action Err 1 Sensor fault; check sensor Err 2 ECOM fault; check EnviraCOM™ wiring Err 3 Hardware fault; replace control Err 4 B1 fault; check B1 wiring/voltage Err 5 Low line voltage; check L1-L2 110 Vac Err 6 Fuse; check ECOM wires, replace fuse Err 7 EEPROM, HL, LL, Hdf, Ldf; Reset to default values. Restore desired settings. Err 8 Repeated B1 fault (voltage present at B1 when output is turned off); check B1 wiring/voltage

24 Troubleshooting: L7224U Electronic Aquastats® (AquaReset Error codes)
Is there an error code on the display? Error Code Cause/Action Err 9 Outdoor reset system failure, check wiring Err 10 Boost Failure, check outdoor reset curve settings Err 11 Domestic Hot Water module failure, check wiring Error codes 9, 10 and 11 only apply when AquaReset and/or Domestic Hot Water priority modules connected to Aquastat

25 Troubleshooting: L7224U Electronic Aquastats®
On Watch QuickLookTM 72 For Honeywell EnviraCOM™ enabled equipment Read EnviraCOM™ Error Codes Line Voltage Aquastat Well Temperature The QuickLookTM 72 is available through

26 Product Cross Reference

27 Product Cross Reference
Where do I find Honeywell universal electronic aquastat cross reference information? Honeywell Application Selection and Cross Reference Guide – Form Honeywell Laminated Truck Visor – Form O Honeywell Residential Technical Support: O

28 Aquastat® Cross Reference Table
This chart can be found in the Residential Combustion Application Guide: Form #

29 See Cross Reference Search box in right column.

30 L7224U Advantages When promoting the Honeywell L7224U1002 keep these advantages in mind: This Universal control replaces over 40 existing Honeywell controls. Save time searching for the exact replacement parts Stock less parts on the shelf and in the truck Installation is easy with this redesigned control. Wiring has been simplified Mounting choices - control can be direct or remote mount Performance and accuracy are superior to past controls. +/- 2 degree accuracy The multi-function LED display means less time spent on installation and troubleshooting. Push button product set up & configuration EnviraCOMTM communications enabled is an added advantage providing remote diagnostic capabilities.

31 L7224U Universal Electronic Aquastat Knowledge Test
Now that you completed this training module, take the short quiz to test your knowledge.

32 Test The L7224U provides temperature control of circulators, burners and boilers with electronic temperature sensing? T of F The L7224U is considered a single function aquastat which provides high limit and low limit control? T or F The L7224U is accurate within +/- 2 degrees? T or F A 48” sensor is available to accommodate application requirements? T or F Setpoints are easily adjusted with the up and down push buttons? T or F

33 Test The “I” button cycles through settings and conditions? T or F Error codes can be read only through the LED display? T or F The low limit can be disabled for a cold start boiler application? T or F Honeywell provides cross reference information for replacing over 40 existing controls? T or F The L7224U has a LED light that shows whether the burner is energized? T or F

34 Answer Key T F

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