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SILECRED: A Winch Control System for the 21st Century.

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1 SILECRED: A Winch Control System for the 21st Century

2 Trawl Control for Fishing Maneuvering Control for Tugs SILECRED: Winch Control System

3 Intuitive and Visual Management Attractive design Touch Interface Drop Down Controls SILECRED: Basic Features

4 Wires length Winches speed Wires Tension Other Winch Parameters SILECRED: Monitoring Parameters

5 Lenght Control: Maintains constant rotation speed during maneuvers Keeps the cable within margins after attaining a fixed distance Tension Control Tension remains constant during the maneuvers Avoid snags and breaks thanks to its dynamic performance Optimizes trawling by allowing set-point changes during maneuvers Geometry Control Through a Trawl Monitoring System maintains a constant geometry during maneuvers Makes real time winch corrections to maintain the desired set-point angles Draft Control: Allows rotation maneuvers without picking up the trawl Since the rotation depends on many parameters, you can set the mode, type of rotation, and tension ranges on each winch. SILECRED: Types of Control Towing Mode: Any of the above control modes can be combined with the Towing Mode Maintains tension on winches within working parameters Regulates winch rotation speeds optimize fish catch

6 SILECRED: Fishing Efficiency = Savings + Profits! SAFETY: The Automatic Control reduces the risks inherent with manual operations PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT: Use of the system reduces the number of crew required to do the job DAMAGE REDUCTION: Constant tension control avoids over-tension and consequent breakage or snagging. EFFICIENT MANAGEMENT: Parameters Monitoring controls winch speeds and the length and tension of cables. Plus automatic controls of the Trawl Monitoring Systems make for more efficient and optimal trawling VALUABLE INFORMATION: Provides valuable information to study the behavior of trawl and thereby make improvements to increase efficiency

7 SILECRED: Data Logging Local data storage. Data in CSV (Excel) to memory card Data can be extracted through a USB storage device Data can be shown as graphs Graph menus can display information for local and on-site study PLUS REMOTE DELIVERY with FCMs links to GSM-GPRS, WiFi or other satellite connections, so that detailed studies can be made from a land base and allows for remote management of maneuvers RESULT: Real time information and maneuvers to archieve OPTIMAL RESULTS and OPTIMAL PROFITS! FCM provides consultation for on-site and remote management

8 Purse seine/TUNA: Automatic control of heave maneuvers at constant speed, or at constant tension, or combining speed and tension, or by controlling the trawl depth into the water via a Trawl Monitoring System SILECRED: Applications

9 TOWING: Control of shoot and heave maneuvers. Towing control without load towing at constant length constant tension or any combination of the above (SCORT mode)

10 SILECRED Purse seine (Itsas Lagunak): Control of Heave Maneuvers Constant Speed Control Constant Tension Control Closed Circuit Television System (CCTV) SILECRED: Marine References

11 SILECRED TUG (Clara G, Eliseo Vazquez, Willie T): Shoot and Heave Control Towing Control at Constant Tension Scort Control Mode Pumps Start and Stop Emergency Lowering Maneuver Calculation of Hours of Operation Regime of each motor SILECRED: Marine References

12 SILECRED TOWING (Algerian Oceanographic Institution Belkacem Grine): Constant Speed and Length Control Constant Tension Control Geometry Control using Monitoring Trawl System Draft Control Maneuver Control of Operating Tension ranges in Towing Mode

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