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All purpose professional emergency lighting. Ceiling mounting. Beghelli Formula 65 is equipped with a symmetric reflector which makes it suitable for.

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1 All purpose professional emergency lighting

2 Ceiling mounting. Beghelli Formula 65 is equipped with a symmetric reflector which makes it suitable for ceiling installation. Its optic with a double parabolic reflector grants an extremely wide light distribution.

3 Wall mounting. The shape of the light beam guarantees excellent results also in wall mounted installations. The wideness of the light distribution makes Beghelli Formula 65 suitable for different kind of applications following UNI EN 1838 regulation. Five cable entries: left, right, up, down and back side. This last solution allows to hide the wiring using the 503 box, even where other lighting systems are already installed.

4 Recessed mounting. Beghelli Formula 65 can be installed in false ceilings or wherever a special elegant effect is required. Fitting can be equipped with specific cable covers to help installation and obtain a great aesthetic effect. Recessed box is suitable for all version of Beghelli Formula 65: 6, 8, 11 and 24 watt.

5 Flag mounting. Beghelli Formula 65 is extremely flexible. Thanks to its flag accessory the fitting can be installed in the ceiling illuminating the area below having an anti-panic function, but also the emergency sign pictogram (down, left or right) to locate the escape way.

6 Suitable for all kind of installation Recessed, ceiling, wall and suspended mounting Complete line for all requirements 6 SE-8-11-24 watt, SE-SA, 1h-3h Standard and self test system 65 IP Protection Longer installation interaxis High efficiency Symmetric optics Self-test version: Easy maintenance Self restart testing system High energy saving Electronic control of battery charge

7 Modern and elegant design. Beghelli Formula 65 is a versatile emergency light fitting The technical style gives a great aesthetic impact. The large screen with its high transparency enhances the high level optics combined with the white body. Its simple and modern design makes it suitable for any application: offices, public buildings and valuable buildings as theatres, museums, but also industrial buildings thanks to its IP protection degree.

8 Rapid installation of the screen. Both body and screen are made of shock-absorbing polycarbonate. Thanks to the rapid lock-off system the screen can be disassembled without touching the energy voltage, with the use of only one hand. Additional cable covers. Reduced dimensions and additional cable covers improve the elegant aesthetic impact and mounting flexibility of the luminaire.

9 High efficiency symmetrical reflector. The reflector shape was designed to offer an homogeneous and wide light beam, suitable for different installations and and to achieve an excellent performance in every use.

10 Self-test system for automation of UNI 11222 procedures. One of the main aspects set by environment and job safety rules is emergency system maintenance. In this sense 626 AUTOTEST appliances acquire a very high importance. They are provided with a patented self-diagnostic system which performs regular tests on functioning and battery life. This system execute testing operations that must be carried out by the person in charge of environment and job safety.

11 A general test is performed every 26 weeks, to control autonomy of all luminaire functions during the period required by law. Furthermore a function test is scheduled every 28 days on the lamp, battery and PCB. The test report is shown on the multicolor LED panel. This system grants a precise monitoring of the fitting and allows cost saving for those functions that otherwise would require the employment of human resources

12 Self-test system. Electronic control of battery charge for energy saving and longer lasting battery. Energy waste caused by continue battery charge is often ignored. Always sensitive to environmental matters, Beghelli has created a new charging system. Once the 12 hours cycle is completed, the battery automatically maintains the charge reducing energy consumption to less than 1 Watt. This solution reduces energy waste and thermal heap that causes battery stress. Consequently, the battery will last longer.

13 Self-test system. Self restart for prompt maintenance. Beghelli Formula 65 AT version, is provided with a function which allows to speed up the replacement of the fluorescent tube. As soon as a new tube is installed, the electronic ballast activate the self restart procedure: the tube is switched on during a test time of 5 seconds. After this period the tube automatically switch off ready to turn on in case of black-out or new testing.

14 Inhibit remote control. It is possible to inhibit a complete Beghelli Formula 65 system, both standard and AT version, from a single control device. The system is equipped with two low voltage secure output and an auxiliary socket to connect an external battery. Up to 50 fittings can be connected to each output with two dedicated cables. Emergency inhibition can be controlled by pushing the ON/OFF button and mode is shown on the LED display.


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