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Gutters and roof drains Snow and ice free roof gutters and eaves.

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1 Gutters and roof drains Snow and ice free roof gutters and eaves

2 Gutters TXLP with spacer and fixing band TXLP Cable from drum Spacers with arc facing up, approx. 3 per meter TXLP is placed double in gutter and drain Normally laid unattached, possibly fastened at the end G-Trace self limiting heating tape G-Trace

3 Drain Detail where cable continues on both sides of the drain Drain with suspension and spacer Heating cable should be fastened in the outlet At the top, provides best protection At the bottom, prevents icing in the opening Drain with spacer. Length of drain up to 35 m Be aware of possible sharp edges inside drains

4 Heating cables on roofs Heating cable in eaves It is important that the heating cable forms a drip mould towards the roof gutter An example of fastening method: Strap to snow catcher Detached heating cables on roofs should have an linear load between 16 - 18 W/m Precautions must be taken to prevent damage on cable caused by the weight of snow The cables might form grooves in tar roofing caused by the heat of the sun in the summer. An underlay of galvanized steel might be used

5 Accessories Fixing band 10 368 45 Plastic spacer Code no. 10 368 19 Suspension bracket Code no. 10 368 25

6 Connection Connection is made under the cornice by leading the leads of the heating cable behind the gutter and towards the junction box placed on the wall or the cornice The heating cable is connected by leading the leads through nipples in the drain pipe. The junction box is then placed lower on the wall. Placing the junction box lower on the wall is often used on tall buildings where it is practical to for supply connection from the basement or ground floor Cold leads are attachet to the heating cable and led via a control system to a distribution board

7 Calculating gutter OUTPUT: Normal and maximum linear load per meter of gutter: NormalMaximumW/m Metal4050 PVC3640 Wood3036 Calculate necessary cable length: 2 x (l gutter + l drain) Select resistance value in output diagram giving desired output per meter Example: l gutter + roof drain = 14,5 m Cable length = 29 m Metal From diagram: 29 m TXLP 2,5 ohm/m 24 W/m cable = 48 W/m gutter 700 W total output Load diagram 230 V Limit for concrete floor

8 Calculating gutter Enter total lengths of gutter and roof drain Select correct material PVC Metal Wood The program will find cable and calculate outputs Report for project documentation may be printed

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