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Connect to a Controller & Update the OS

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1 Connect to a Controller & Update the OS

2 Component Check RS232 Cable -Supplied
MJ10-22-CS25 (RJ11 to DB9 converter) -Supplied MJ10-22-CS35 (USB to Serial converter) -Additional

3 Check physical connections
Serial cable plugged into Port 1 on PLC Jumpers are set for RS232 communication Check part numbers -Serial cable MJ10-22-CS25 -USB adapter MJ10-22-CS35 Port 1

4 USB programming cable Some of our units can be programmed through a Mini-USB programming port (If equipped, IE- V1210/V1040/V570) No other hardware is required for USB connection Note that COM port 1 function is suspended when the USB port is physically connected to the PC.

5 USB Driver USB port supports only OS and project download.
If requested to use Windows Update--do not accept this option; "Skip obtaining driver software from Windows Update". Install only the driver provided by VisiLogic. The USB cable must be disconnected during the installation.

6 Driver Check

7 Check software settings
Baud rate - Standard baud - Enhanced baud Check Device Manager to ensure -Port has no errors or warnings (PC port is confirmed here) Select “Get OPLC Info” button to check/confirm PLC

8 Check for O/S updates Updates automatically if required.
Requires connection to internet.

9 Has a new O/S been released?
You will receive one of 2 messages. -Up to date. -Updating files

10 Check & perform an O/S update

11 Updating an OS The System Upgrade Wizard will guide you through the update of the OS

12 O/S Updating A Progress Bar will show you the operations and current steps in progress

13 Finish Update of O/S Successful OS Update

14 O/S Update Not Required


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