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The Appalachian Region Areas Included: Upper East Tennessee Southwest Virginia Western North Carolina.

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1 The Appalachian Region Areas Included: Upper East Tennessee Southwest Virginia Western North Carolina

2 Overview of Areas: Upper East Tennessee/Southwest Virginia –Kingsport, Bristol, Johnson City

3 Demographics of Johnson City:

4 Business Facts of Johnson City:

5 The College Town East Tennessee State University offers a variety of entertainment and business opportunities: ETSU Athletics Restaurants and Bars Night Clubs Outdoor Activities such as biking, swimming and hiking Lakes in the surrounding areas great for boats and picnics

6 ETSUs notable academic features include: James H. Quillen College of Medicine, ETSU Pharmacy School, & the College of Business and Technology (CBAT) Athletics include the Buccaneers Baseball, Softball, Tennis (Men and Women), Track (Men and Women), Cross Country (Men and Women), Basketball (Men and Women), Gold (Men and Women), and Womens Volleyball

7 The College of Business & Technology has been ranked nationally: #6 for Best Classroom Experience & #7 for Most Family-Friendly University

8 Demographics of Kingsport:

9 Business Facts about Kingsport:

10 Eastman Eastman Chemical Company in Kingsport, TN Main Employer in Kingsport

11 Bays Mountain Park This 3500 acre nature preserve features a 44 acre lake, Nature Center, Farmstead Museum, and a spectacular Planetarium Theater with a 40 foot diameter dome.

12 Demographics of Bristol, TN/VA:

13 Business Facts of Bristol, TN/VA:

14 Bristol Attractions Bristol Motor Speedway Bristol Caverns

15 Overview of Areas: Western North Carolina: –Boone (Avery County) and Banner Elk (Watauga County)

16 Demographics of Avery County:

17 Business Facts of Avery County:

18 Boone, North Carolina (Avery County) Appalachian State University

19 Beech Mountain Winter Sports: Skiing, Snowboarding, Sledding Ski resorts and cabin rentals are highly desired in the winter months as well

20 Demographics of Watauga County:

21 Business Facts of Watauga County:

22 Attractions near Watauga County: Sugar Mountain: Skiing, Snowboarding, Sledding Cabin and chalet rentals are in high demand during the winter months Winter draws the greater revenue than any other season in Watauga County

23 Entrepreneurship: Getting Started in the Appalachian Region

24 Help to start a business: Begin at the incubator: –According to the Innovation Lab located in Johnson City, Business incubators nurture the development of entrepreneurial companies, helping them survive and grow during the start-up period, when they are most vulnerable.

25 ETSU Innovation Lab The ETSU Innovation Lab is a full service incubator designed to support entrepreneurs and investors to affect the successful establishment of technology- based start-up and spin-off businesses in order to achieve technology transfer, create jobs, and enhance economic development within the region.

26 Holston Business Development Center:

27 A Success Story through the HBDC: A man and wife decided to utilize their knowledge of technology and communications and combine them to create a small chip for use in aviation equipment. They needed a place to set up shop but could not afford a brand new building, nor did they have the space at their house. They contacted the incubator service in Kingsport and set up shop in the incubator building. After years of development and time spent in the incubator service, they developed a chip to replace 3,000 pounds worth of communication equipment used in aircrafts. They have now signed contracts with Airbus and Boeing.

28 Business Opportunities in and near the Appalachian Region

29 Summary of Tri-Cities Opportunities: The Tri-Cities is known for a few particular things: Colleges, NASCAR, and Eastman. The college town provides an opportunity to present products and services that will appeal to the younger ages, 20-30. The Bristol Motor Speedway attracts thousands from all over the nation, which provides a large opportunity to expose the name of a product to a large amount of individuals. Eastman is a chemical company know worldwide. They now employ about 10,500 employees and generate about $6.7 billion in annual revenue. This provides ample opportunity to introduce new technological and chemical advances.

30 Summary of Opportunities near Avery and Watauga Counties: Boone and Banner Elk are infamous for their mountain getaways, not only in the summer but the winter as well. Beech Mountain and Sugar Mountain are attractive places to go in the winter due to the incredible ski resorts they have to offer.

31 Works Cited: City Facts: Johnson City - Kingsport - Bristol - Avery County - Watauga County - Universities and Companies: ETSU – Appalachian State – Eastman – Bays Mountain Park – Bristol Caverns – Bristol Motor Speedway – ETSU Innovation Laboratory – Holston Business Development –

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