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Middle Tennessee State University

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1 Middle Tennessee State University
Tennessee’s largest public University

2 Where we are

3 State of Tennessee

4 Major Facts about the State
Tennessee was the 16th state in the USA; it became a state on June 1, 1796. State Abbreviation - TN State Capital - Nashville Largest City - Memphis Area - 42,146 square miles [Tennessee is the 36th biggest state in the USA] Population - 6,214,888 [Tennessee is the 17th most populous state in the USA] Name for Residents - Tennesseans Major Industries - mining (coal), electrical power, enriched uranium production, music, automobile manufacturing, farming (tobacco, cattle, soybeans, cotton), walking horses, tourism Major corporations with headquarters in Tennessee include FedEx Corporation; Eastman Chemical Company, based in Kingsport, the North American headquarters of Nissan, based in Franklin; and the head-quarters of Caterpillar Financial (the finance division of the well known mining company Caterpillar) based in Nashville. Tennessee is also the location of a new manufacturing facility owned by Volkswagen, based in Chattanooga.

5 Major Products From Tennessee

6 Higher Education in Tennessee
Higher Education in the State Major Public and Private Universities Educations as a Vehicle of Sustainable Economic Development in the State Major Education Initiatives in the State

7 Murfreesboro Murfreesboro is the county seat of Rutherford county
The population 102, 000 one of the fastest growing city in the country. Music, Arts, Museums and Shopping

8 Major Facts about MTSU Brief History
Founded in 1911 as one of three state normal schools for teacher training. Became State Teachers College in 1925 and Bachelor of Science degree was offered. In 1936, Bachelor of Arts was added. Became State College in Graduate school added in Advanced to university status in 1965. MTSU is a Tennessee Board of Regents Institution. Size/Location 137 permanent buildings (not including rentals, farm buildings, airport buildings, foundation buildings, farm manager home, and housing home.) 4.2 Million square feet 515 acres one mile from the geographic center of Tennessee

9 Major Facts about MTSU Nine University Colleges: Basic and Applied Sciences, Behavioral and Health Sciences, Jennings A. Jones College of Business,  Education, Honors, Liberal Arts, Mass Communication, University College and  Graduate Studies Eight Bachelor degrees offered: Arts, Business Administration, Fine Arts, Music, Science, Science in Nursing, Social Work, and University Studies with over 64 Major programs College of Graduate Studies confers Master's degrees in ten areas, the Specialist in Education degree, and the Doctor of Philosophy degree. 930 full-time faculty Enrollment (Fall 2010) 26,430 Students are from all over TN, From 46 states and over 60 countries

10 Major Facts about MTSU Some signature programs at MTSU enjoy great partnerships with various Industries MTSU was ranked in the top 100 public universities in the USA

11 Student Life at MTSU

12 Student Life at MTSU MTSU welcomes international students
and are provided additional programs to make their stay at MTSU memorable International Student Services First Friends Trips and Other events organized for international students



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