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First International Union of Geological Sciences Symposium

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1 First International Union of Geological Sciences Symposium
Resourcing Future Generations 2018

2 A short history May, 2010: CFES Council approves bid for IGC2020
Fall, 2010: contract with NRC – Conference Services March, 2011: Selection of Vancouver as hosting city 2011: strong bid committee, endorsement from governments, associations Endorsement from USA organisations Jan-April, 2012: Preparation of bid document and video; industry sponsors on board August, 2012: Presentation of bid in Brisbane, Australia India wins the bid process Sept 2012 on: two competing concepts Rebid for 2024 Bring to IUGS concept of focused meeting between IGCs

3 Structure of the Bid President: Marc D’Iorio
Chair of Committee: Bill Mercer Committee: 24 people representing most council members, including professors, industry, convention managers, association professionals Letters of support: the Prime Minister, Premier of BC, NRC, NRCAN, The BC Assembly of First Nations Endorsements: Various international bodies (USGS, Servicio Geológico Mexicano, AAAS, AAPG, AGI, AGU, AASG, GSA) Numerous founding industry sponsors (ALS Minerals, CGF, HDI, Stantec, Talisman, Teck, Tetra Tech, Vale)

4 Rebid for 2024 Vancouver and the Convention Centre were on board
NRC was on board But….there would be no guarantee

5 Outcome of IGC 2020 bid Downside
Clarification of the politics of the process Huge number of member countries Only 25 congresses every 100 years Upside We were told that “yours is the most professional bid for an International Congress I have ever seen”: a voting delegate (But the “most professional bid did not win!)

6 Concept A conference in 2018 “between IGCs”
Already endorsed by IUGS, and theme suggested by IUGS of “Resourcing Future Generations” Canada’s would be the first of many conferences like this, with focused themes, between IGCs We would be setting the bar for others

7 The IUGS Theme

8 Resourcing Future Generations the concept of IUGS
Main Themes Subthemes Minerals Energy Water Supply and demand Studying the subsurface Where are the resources Building support and capacity in developing world IUGS Executive Committee want to have their January 2015 Meeting in Vancouver as part of this preparation

9 Resourcing Future Generations An ideal symposium theme for Canada
Canada is a resource rich country: we have a lot to “show off” Canada is host to more mineral exploration companies that any other country globally Canada has among the top petroleum resources in the world Our geoscientists in industry and academia are recognised as second to none in resource exploration and development

10 Resourcing Future Generations An ideal symposium theme for Canada
The resource theme can encompass a wide range of disciplines Igneous, sedimentary, metamorphic geology Structural geology Quaternary geology (exploration, geotechnical, infrastructure development Northern themes (climate change, permafrost) Mineral and petroleum exploration geology and methods Professional geology

11 Resourcing Future Generations Endorsement
The Canadian government would likely be a partner for a resource focused meeting Industry would be interested We have no reason to not expect similar endorsement as before from non-members (AGI, GSA, AAPG, etc) Mexico and Greenland Associations such as SEG may come on board

12 Resourcing Future Generations Critical Support
The City of Vancouver and the Vancouver Convention Centre are on board, and have space for August 2018 National Research Council Convention Services would work with us: critical for financial security

13 Resourcing Future Generations How to do it
CFES approves proceeding Appoint chair based in Vancouver Form committees Now: Executive committee (5? based in Vancouver) Later: Conference committee (national, perhaps the previous one reformed)

14 Resourcing Future Generations Vancouver Executive Committee Responsibilities
Immediately: Prepare action plan Select date and notify IUGS Start negotiation with NRC-convention services Start negotiation with Vancouver City and Convention Centre Meet with key organisations (NRCAN-GSC, AMEBC, etc) Seek minor endorsement funding from industry to fund initial work Within 3 months Start formation of National Conference Committee

15 Vancouver 15

16 Congress Venue 16

17 Sponsors 17

18 Field Trips Pre- and post Congress field trips Arctic Shield
Cordillera Prairies St. Lawrence Lowlands Appalachians Offshore Canada USA, Mexico and Greenland 18

19 Congress Social / Family Trips
Pre- and post Congress field trips Arctic Shield Cordillera Prairies St. Lawrence Lowlands Appalachians Offshore Canada USA, Mexico and Greenland 19

20 GeoHost and Legacy 20

21 Benefits for CFES Will give a focus to CFES being the umbrella organisation in Canada – bringing together minerals, petroleum, academia, industry, government Has promise of potential revenue that could be base of a foundation for CFES Enhance the profile of CFES in Canada among geoscientists, government, public

22 RECOMMENDATION At this meeting:
CFES council should vote to head the conference in 2018 “Resourcing Future Generations” and convey this conclusion to IUGS All council associations should commit to provide on national committee member

23 Geology and Canada Oldest rocks in Canada date back 4.01 billion years
Physiography ranges from coasts, high mountains and glaciers to prairies, deserts and Arctic tundra regions Hundreds of national and provincial parks, including 11 World Heritage Sites, and North America’s only GeoPark Canada is a leading exporter of natural resources and related technologies and knowledge Over 60 metals and minerals are mined in Canada (~25% of GDP) Canada exports 60% of the energy it produces (10% GDP, 25% exports) Canada has the 3rd largest oil reserves in the world 23

24 Congress Venue Stunning downtown waterfront location with breathtaking sea to sky views Twice awarded ‘World’s Best Conference Centre’ and 2010 Spacious and functional capable of hosting +20,000 people 72 meeting rooms (111,000 m2) GeoExpo space for 500 booths Green Environmental and Energy Efficient Design: LEED Platinum 24

25 Air Access Vancouver is conveniently located half way between Europe and Asia Airport is serviced by all major airlines 20 minutes by train ($8.75) or taxi to downtown Vancouver 25

26 Vancouver Air Access North American airport with most flights to Asia flights a week 67 flights a week to Europe 78 direct flights a day to U.S. destinations Canada’s second busiest airport 17 million passengers per year 26

27 GeoHost Support for Young Earth Scientists (YES)
WW Hutchinson Foundation Vancouver Convention Development Fund has already committed funds Support for scientists or government officials from developing countries Funding support is anticipated from: Industry and matching fund program Geoscience and Engineering associations Government 27

28 Legacy Indigenous and Corporate Social Responsibility Legacies
Developing the concept of scholarships for sponsorship of young indigenous earth scientists from around the world IGEO Legacy: committed to provide funds for less advantaged earth scientists to attend International Geoscience Education Organization meetings Student mentorship programs Expand program operated by Quebec Universities with Universite de Nancy – bringing young geoscientists to Canada to work with mineral companies for field season IUGS Legacy for developing countries Use portion of proceeds from Congress to pay IUGS fees for the ten poorest countries. 28

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