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APAN23 / TIP2007 (Techs in Paradise) Proposal from David Lassner University of Hawaii.

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1 APAN23 / TIP2007 (Techs in Paradise) Proposal from David Lassner University of Hawaii

2 3 rd in series TIP2001 TIP2004 TIP2007 co-locate the APAN meeting with the Internet2/ESCC Joint Techs Workshop a number of other meetings, workshops and seminars bring together the technical communities from North America and the Asia Pacific regions

3 Venue Information

4 Site name: Hawaii Imin International Conference Center East-West Center Address: University of Hawaii campus Type of facility (university, hotel, etc): Education & Research Facility Description of Venue (accessibility, conference venue, hotels, transportation) - fully accessible, dedicated conference facilities (see Appendix), some low-cost sleeping rooms on-site, dorm rooms available for fellows, wide range of hotels nearby in Waikiki, public transportation and taxis readily available, parking available on-site for a fee. Facility (Internet access, video and teleconference equipment, # of meeting rooms, food): Dedicated fiber access to Hawaii Gigapop with direct high-speed R&E links to Australia, Japan and US. Polycom videoconferencing available as needed, Multicast capability as needed, IPV6 available as needed, video production capability available as needed, telephones/fax available on-site. On-site food & beverage service available, campus dining facilities within easy walking distance, many restaurants nearby

5 Schedule Sunday, 21 January 2007 through Friday, 26 January Work with Joint Techs and APAN to arrange back-to-back schedule This will be the week immediately after the Pacific Telecommunications Conference (PTC) in 2007

6 Co-organizers Internet2 & ESCC Joint Techs Workshop TransPAC

7 Expected Participants ~250 expected to register for APAN meeting

8 Budget Issues Fund from Main Organizer Main organizer will assume all financial risk for the success of the meeting and is prepared to fully underwrite the cost of meeting room rental if necessary (~$10,000). Fund from Co-Organizer Internet2 will provide support for meeting planning, logistics, registration services, technical assistance and other substantial in-kind services. APAN Financial Contribution We would ask APAN and/or APAN sponsors to be prepared to fund the travel expenses for APAN fellows and APAN staff, and other internal APAN secretariat expenses such as pre-printed proceedings and other materials APAN might determine are required.

9 Budget Issues, contd Registration Fee ESTIMATE: $250 regular / $125 student Sponsorship Fee TBD. Organizer will seek sponsorship for the APAN reception and other food, beverage, amenities, on-site fellowship support and meeting expenses. Total Income - $60,000 Total Expenses - $60,000 Expected Surplus/Loss None expected, but host will assume full responsibility for any loss and host will share 20% of any surplus with APAN.

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