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March, 2010 OVERVIEW April, 2010. Scrap / Recycling Steel Mills Downstream Gerdau Ameristeel | Efficient vertical integration.

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1 March, 2010 OVERVIEW April, 2010

2 Scrap / Recycling Steel Mills Downstream Gerdau Ameristeel | Efficient vertical integration

3 Gerdau Group | Products

4 *Data from GNA Merchants 26 % Structural 28 % Rebar 19 % Fabricated 13 % Flat Rolled 8 % Wire Rod 7 % Rebar 32 % MerchantsRebarFabricated Flat Rolled Wire Rod Structural Gerdau Ameristeel | Diverse product mix

5 Gerdau is the most internationalized company in Brazil Source: Dom Cabral Foundation Internationalization Gerdau Group | Growth

6 The Gerdau Group around the world

7 Physical presence in 29 of 50 states and 2 of 10 Canadian provinces Gerdau Ameristeel | Locations

8 Gerdau Group | Profile Capital Market: Bovespa NYSE Latibex Brazil USA Spain TorontoCanada 109 years of history Steel for the civil construction, industrial, and agribusiness sectors Leader in long steel production in the Americas One of the largest suppliers of specialty long steels in the world It has industrial plants in 14 countries, with operations in the Americas, Europe and Asia Total installed capacity of more than 20 million tons of steel yearly

9 Leading mini-mill steel producer Second largest recycler in North America Total installed capacity of 12 million tons of steel yearly EBITDA margin in top quartile of peers Broad geographic reach Diverse product mix Gerdau Ameristeel | Profile

10 Environmental impacts minimized Steel recycles more by weight than all other recycling combined Repeatedly Recyclable Greenhouse gas emissions are reduced Natural resources are conserved Gerdau Ameristeel | Sustainability

11 The need for a Monitoring & Targeting system Large industrial establishment with multi production lines Centralized computer system to read energy consumption and production data The ability to do bench marking The ability to identify quickly saving opportunities Real time production & energy view with reporting capabilities

12 Project Partners

13 Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME) is Canadas leading trade and industry association and the voice of manufacturing and global business in Canada. The association directly represents more than 10,000 leading companies nationwide. More than 85% of CMEs members are small and medium-sized enterprises. As Canadas leading business network, CME, through various initiatives including the establishment of the Canadian Manufacturing Coalition, touches more than 100,000 companies from coast to coast, engaged in manufacturing, global business and service-related industries. CMEs membership network accounts for an estimated 82% of total manufacturing production and 90% of Canadas exports. Thanks to funding provided by the Government of Ontario, Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME) has created the SMART Program to help small and medium-sized manufacturers in Ontario improve their productivity so they can compete more effectively in the global economy.

14 Can-Technologies Can-Technologies is an engineering services company specialized in Information Technology, Automation, Control, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Solutions. Can-Technologies is a leader in the development of Green and Sustainable Energy solutions from Data Centres and Critical Infrastructure through to Manufacturing Facilities across many Industries. Can-Technologies Metering and Targeting Solution (M&T) is an innovative solution that employs state of the art techniques using information technology coupled with industry knowledge to provide Key Energy Indicators (KEI) that allow cost control and the identification of future energy reduction opportunities.



17 For illustration purpose only, Not based on real data!


19 Sensing the magnitude and volume Our plant electricity consumption are equivalent of 34,000 homes or a town with over 136,000 population. Our plant natural gas consumption is equivalent of consumption of 15,000 homes or a town with over 60,000 population. By using Green ICT and smart production scheduling up to 5% energy saving is achievable. It translates to more than 16,000 Tons of CO 2 emission reduction.

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