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FIRE Monitoring and Management in Zimbabwe

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1 FIRE Monitoring and Management in Zimbabwe
Ntandokamlimu Nondo Environmental Management Agency Zimbabwe OCTOBER 2012 GABORONE INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION CENTRE

2 Fires in Zimbabwe Veld fires threaten both forests and woodlands in most ecosystems This results in loss of both flora, fauna, human lives and property e.g., in Zimbabwe In lives were lost, hectares of land was destroyed and infrastructure worth US$ was lost In 2012 as of September a total of 12 lives and over a hectares have been lost to fires

3 Fire Trends 2001 to 2011

4 Fire and Land Use in 2011

5 Fire Monitoring Fire monitoring is based on both remote sensing and ground data. The fire data is obtained from the AMESD fire station, while satellite images are downloaded from the internet. Daily fire alerts are generated from the fire station and sent out to various stakeholders. Weekly fire reports use the AMESD fire station data for fire incidences reporting and these are compared to ground collected data.

6 Fire Communication Strategy

7 Fire Updates from Fire Station
Tollfree Line SMS Telephone 305543 Fire Reports AFIS Active Fires For the 3rd Of August 2012

8 Daily Active Fire Updates
Marondera Active Fires

9 Daily Active Fire Updates
2x Fire Danger 1.Canadian FWI 2.Low Veldt

10 Weekly Fire Reports Validation of burnt Area MODIS image
AFIS view of Active fires October MODIS image

11 Fire Risk Modelling Fire risk modelling for the country is done using vegetation condition measured using NDVI and previous season fire occurrences. Decadal ndvi data is received at the fire station. The fire risk identifies the areas at risk to fires.

12 Zimbabwe Fire Risk Model

13 Fireguard Demonstration Projects
Various initiatives are done in fire prone areas to minimise fire risks. A total of 13 fireguard demonstration projects have been done throughout the country. These have a cumulative length km The fireguard project was replicated by a total of 1124 families. These projects have helped in protecting communities from fire and reducing the hectarage lost to fires

14 Fireguard Demonstration Projects
Before Fireguard demonstration at Mangwe district in Matebeleland South After

15 Awareness Raising Road Shows National Fire Weeks

16 Research Studies Fire incidences and distance from road network study was done in 2011. A positive correlation of between 0 to 2 km in Mashonaland west. Data from fire station has also been availed to university students for their studies

17 Future Plans Provide daily fire updates on the EMA website
during the fire season. Connecting the fire station to all the provinces. Automated updates by and sms. Equipping fire fighting teams with fighting tools. Help towards meeting these goals will be most welcome.

18 Community fire fighting teams training in Zimbabwe: Gutu District

19 The END Thank You.

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