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2 A brief history Theoretical High School Lupeni was established in 1953, named as Middle Mixt School Lupeni. It was one of the first theoretical educational establishments for high school in Jiu Valley. During the 56 years of existence, our high school has faced numerous changes: it has successively been a theoretical high school, then an industrial one, and starting with 1990 it has returned to the theoretical (science) profile. it has functioned in three different locations.

3 The current building of our high school, situated in
Lupeni, 20 Viitorului Street, was ushered in 1971 and renovated in 2002.

4 Students There are 660 students, in 24 classes, of which:
Gymnasium ( forms 5- 8 ): 4 classes where English is intensively taught ( 96 students ); High school, daytime classes, theoretical profile ( forms 9-12 ): 20 classes ( 564 students ), of which: 16 classes with real profile: 4 classes specialized in Mathematics – Informatics; 4 classes specialized in Mathematics – Informatics where English is intensively taught; 8 classes specialized in Natural Science; 4 classes with humane profile, specialized in Social Science.

5 Teachers The total number of teaching staff is 40, of which:
31 tenured teachers; 5 substitute teachers; 4 teachers who are paid for additional classes in our high school.

6 Facilities Classrooms;
Laboratories for Informatics (2), Multimedia (2), Physics, Biology, Chemistry, History, Geography, Mathematics, Romanian, Foreign languages. Sports hall.

7 Computer lab History room

8 Biology lab French room Library Phonetic lab

9 Our high school has obtained remarkable results at scool exams and contests:
Very good grades at National Tests and National Term Papers which have been taken by middle school students; Maximum promovability at baccalaureate which has been taken by high school students; Remarcable results at national science contests

10 Outstanding results at school contests:
Student Paljanos Annamaria participated to the International Biology Olympiad from Riga (2002)

11 The team of rugby for 7 in our high school was a national champion in 2006 and 2007;
Student Velicu Diana is currently a national champion at skiing;

12 the Diploma for Excelence
The educational activity in our high school is appreciated to the highest level: in 2003 we were granted the Diploma for Excelence by the Education, Research and Inovation Ministry of Romania.

13 Environment protection represents a constant concern for both students and teachers in our school:
We have put into practice many ecological activities in our town, Lupeni; We have developed numerous actions in partnership with New Horizons Foundation: „Viața” Programme in Straja, a mountain resort near Lupeni; an ecological march on 15 May 2009;

14 Closer to nature, closer to normality
We have organized 4 national symposiums on the theme “Closer to nature, closer to normality”. The most recent edition took place in February We had participants from all over the country: students, teachers, guests. It was divided into 6 sections: high school pupils middle school pupils students teachers posters on ecological themes on-line contest. This symposium was organized through a partnership with School Inspectorate of Hunedoara County, Lupeni Townhall, Lupeni City Council, Petrosani University.

15 Closer to nature, closer to normality

16 Closer to nature, closer to normality
Customs and traditions are very important for us. By dance, songs and traditional costumes we celebrate life. Many folklore songs speak about forests, trees, nature and importance of them for man. We want to help our children to share them with other children from other countries.

17 Students Isache Claudia Mihaela and Riti Raul Ionut presented an ecological project, “Retezat, a bit of Heaven”, for the National Contest of Ecological Projects at Muncel Camp, July 2009.

18 Students Riti Raul Ionut, Oprea Andreea and Isache Claudia Mihaela, coordinated by teachers Chelaru Corina-Ștefania and Tănase Dan-Daniel organized a drawing competition entitled “Fresher air for my town” during “Mobility week”, September 2009.

19 Valentine’s Day Our students study english language and culture.
They celebrate Valentine’s Day with songs and dance.

20 Publications Website:
School magazine : “Biorevista” - magazine:


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