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SantaCeciliaSchool. WHO ARE WE?  Our school (situated in the heart of Cáceres) has a long- lived educational tradition (since 1890)  It belongs to the.

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1 SantaCeciliaSchool

2 WHO ARE WE?  Our school (situated in the heart of Cáceres) has a long- lived educational tradition (since 1890)  It belongs to the Spanish Federation of Religious Education-Holders of Catholic Centres  It has 969 pupils (from 3 to 18 years old)  It´s subsidized in all educational levels from 3 to 16 (post-compulsory secondary education is not subsidized)

3 Our EDUCATIONAL OFFERING We aim to obtain an integral formation of the student.  The proposition of values: self-confidence responsibility autonomy tolerance peace solidarity…  together with the pursuit and personal attention to each student, are key elements of our educational offering.

4 EDUCATION IN SPAIN  From 3 to 5 years old – PRE-PRIMARY SCHOOL State Education in Spain is free and compulsory from 6 to 16. Our school includes these levels:

5 From 6 to 11 years old – PRIMARY SCHOOL Structure: Three cycles of two years each one  First Cycle (6-7 years old)  Second Cycle (8-9 years old)  Third Cycle (10-11 years old)

6 From 12 to 16 years old– COMPULSORY SECONDARY SCHOOL Structure: two cycles of two academic years each (total 4 years): First Cycle (12 -14 years old) Second Cycle (14-16 years old)

7 When finishing COMPULSORY SECONDARY SCHOOL the student has the following options : COMPULSORY SECONDARY SCHOOL VOCATIONAL TRAINING (1º technical college) Not included in our school HIGHER EDUCATION POST-SECONDARY SCHOOL (BACCALAUREATE) Included in our school HIGHER EDUCATION (University or 2º Technical College) Join the world of WORK You have to be at least 16 to get a job

8 QUALIFICATIONS  The Certificate of Secondary Education is awarded at the end of the compulsory secondary education  Then, a student can study one of the different types of Spanish Baccalaureate: Arts and Letters Natural and Health Sciences Technology Social Sciences Arts  Studies leading to the title of Baccalaureate take another two years.  To enter university, they must take the entrance examination (selectividad).

9 TEACHERS  The teaching staff is co- responsible for the definition and development of the educational action of our centre.  Their great motivation and professionalism, together with teamwork and permanent training, are the factors which largely favour the quality of our teaching.  We have 15 departments: Mathematics Spanish Language and Literature French English Physics, Chemistry and Biology History, Geography and Art Philosophy Economy Thecnology Plastic and Visual Music Religion Information Tech. Physical Education and Sport Counselling

10 The Parents' Association Contributions by the Parents' Association include: Supporting to activities for students outside the classroom (Music, Sports, Theatre, Modern Languages, Information Tech.…) Arranging informal meetings which provide parents with the opportunity to meet others at the school, discuss educational issues and make friends Paticipation in the organization of the school activities and cooperation with teachers and pupils.

11 OUR FAVOURITE ACTIVITIES  In February, our school holds its successful CULTURAL WEEK In 2006: Extremadura, our region In 2007: Environmental Conservation In 2008: A Europe for everyone  The intensive programme includes lectures, exhibitions, films, performances, culinary events and celebrations.


13 OUR FAVOURITE ACTIVITIES PEACE DAY On January 30 th we commemorate the dead of Gandhi. When we talk about peace: sharing, positive communication, tolerance, diversity, caring for all living things, freedom… come into play. Learning to live in peace is an ongoing process of education.

14 OUR FAVOURITE ACTIVITIES School Festival On May 22 nd we enjoy our greatest day Dances Music Games Sports Laughs…

15 CULTURAL TRIPS! Every year our students visit a Spanish city because no one can doubt the value of school trips to the education and personal development of young people. They learn Spain is a country with incredible art, amazing history, geographical beauty and exquisite food… And it´s much more exciting than studying in a classroom.

16 SPANISH-ENGLISH EXCHANGE  In the last three years we have organized an exchange programme with Tiffin Boys School, in London.  It’s a wonderful way of meeting different people, and appreciate their culture, history, education system…, in a friendly atmosphere.  Furthermore,this experience improves their language skills, facilitates studying and travelling across Europe and allows true intercultural communication.

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