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Vasile Alecsandri National High- School

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1 Vasile Alecsandri National High- School
Galati, Romania

2 Vasile Alecsandri High- School has the biggest prestige in Galati, and one of the most important in Romania.


4 It was founded in 1867 and was at first a boy school
It was founded in 1867 and was at first a boy school. The first headmaster was Ion Cetatianu.

5 1888-1890: now begins the construction of the school;
11 nov. 1890: the school takes the name of Vasile Alecsandri, a very popular poet; , : the high-school goes through a rough period, when the number of students decreases and many of the teachers are sent to fight in the wars; 1990: the high-school is included in the UNESCO network; the “high-school week” is established, a period during which take place lots of educational projects;


7 Performances International Olimpics Exams: 8 gold awards, 2 silver awards, 3 bronze awards in maths, 3 bronze awards in chemestry and 1 bronze award in biology; Hundreds awards in Local Olimpics Exams; More than 320 students who passed the Cambridge Exams, 87 DALF Exams and 20 Goethe Exams.


9 Remarkable graduates Cuclin Dimitrie- musician, philosoph, dramatist, poet, academician; Grigorescu Eremia- general in the First World War; Ressu Camil- academician, painter; Madgearu Virgil- academician, economist, professor.


11 The High- School consists in:
37 classes; 2 Physics classes; 1 Chemestry class; 4 Informatics classes with Internet access; 2 Multimedia classes; 1 UNESCO class; 1 library with almost 30,000 volumes; 1 swimming pool; 1 gymnasium; 1 glass house; 1 medical point; 1 amfitheatre(approx. 200 people capacity).

12 GALMUN Every year, in our high- school takes place an event called GALMUN, a Model United Nations project, in which participate hundreds of students, not only from Galati, but also from the rest of Romania.




This competition is organized every year, in October and/or November, by the department of mathematics at “Vasile Alecsandri” National College, in cooperation with the County School Inspectorate of Galaţi and the Galaţi branch of the Romanian Society of Mathematical Sciences. The contest is aimed towards the elites of Romanian mathematics, is being held under the patronage of teacher Cristian S. Calude, a former student at “ Vasile Alecsandri ” National College in Galaţi, at present teaching at the Auckland University, New Zealand, and a worldwide-known personality, and represents a way of stimulating students to prepare for great results, both nationally and internationally.

The Intercounty Mathematics Contest “Cristian S. Calude” has been approved without financing by the Romanian Ministry of Education in the Extracurricular Activities Calendar. The subjects, results and prize-winners from all ten editions of the competition can be found on the official site of the contest, at

Date of the contest Number of students in the contest The 01st of November students, school class 7-12 The 24th of November students, school class 7-12 The 30th of November students, school class 6-12 The 15th of November students, school class 7-12 The 30th of Octombrie students, school class 5-12 29.10 & students, school class 5-12 28.10 & students, school class 5-12 20.10 & students, school class 5-12 25.10 & students, school class 5-12 24.10 & students, school class 5-12

19 Students during the contest Single Section

20 Students during the contest Team Section

21 Prize Award Ceremony

22 Prize Award Ceremony

23 Our school team The 01st of November 2009

24 The teachers

25 The students

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