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Skills jobseekers need in the modern labour market Paul Bivand Associate Director of Analysis & Statistics Inclusion.

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1 Skills jobseekers need in the modern labour market Paul Bivand Associate Director of Analysis & Statistics Inclusion

2 What is the shape of the labour market as recession ebbs? Analysed recruitment patterns in London using Labour Force Survey Since 2011, 1.4 million people starting new jobs in London 600,000 a year – on average – 225,000 a year in Central London – 170,000 a year in the rest of Inner London – 205,000 a year in Outer London

3 The pattern by occupation

4 The pattern by skill level

5 Qualification level of the average recruit

6 Patterns of recruitment Some occupation groups for recruitment are high turnover – job growth is lower – Elementary jobs – Sales and customer service But, employers are recruiting at above entry level – More than half of recruits for elementary jobs have Level 3 (+) – Same for Caring etc, Sales & customer services in Central and Inner London

7 Employment rates by qualification

8 Qualifications of employed and workless

9 Vacancy trends ONS vacancy survey doesnt give London figures Jobcentre vacancy figures ended November 2012 Universal Jobmatch figures started straight after

10 Jobcentre vacancies to November 2012

11 Universal Jobmatch vacancies in London

12 JCP new vacancies – ratio to new JSA claims (to Nov 2012)

13 Same measure for occupations Date Elementa ry Agricultur al Occupatio ns Elementa ry Constructi on Occupatio ns Elementa ry Process Plant Occupatio ns Elementa ry Goods Storage Occupatio ns Elementa ry Administr ation Occupatio ns Elementa ry Personal Services Occupatio ns Elementa ry Cleaning Occupatio ns Elementa ry Security Occupatio ns Elementa ry Sales Occupatio ns Process Operative s Plant And Machine Operative s Assemble rs And Routine Operative s Constructi on Operative s Transport Drivers And Operative s Mobile Machine Drivers And Operative s Sales Assistants And Retail Cashiers Sales Related Occupatio ns Customer Service Occupatio ns Administr ative Occupatio ns Secretaria l and Related Occupatio ns Skilled Agricultur al Trades Skilled Metal and Electronic Trades Skilled Constructi on and Building Trades Textiles, Printing and Other Skilled Trades Caring Personal Service Occupatio ns Leisure and Other Personal Service Occupati ons Sep 200801002122053111209101111121 Oct 2008010011220421222020101111121 Nov 2008010011230321122018101111121 Dec 2008010011220221122018101121131 Jan 2009010021230221122014101121131 Feb 2009010021230211112014001111121 Mar 2009010021230111111013001111131 Apr 2009010011220111111013110111131 May 2009111011220011111010111111131 Jun 200911001122111111109111110121 Jul 200911001122121111106001110121 Aug 200911002122221111107100110121 Sep 200900002112111111106000100121 Oct 200900002112111011107000100120 Nov 200910002111111001105000100111 Dec 200910002111111001106000100011 Jan 201000001111110101106000100011 Feb 201000001111110001107000100010 Mar 201000001011111101107000100110 Apr 201010001011111101107000100110 May 201010001011111101106000100110 Jun 201010002011101101105000100120 Jul 201010102011101101101000100121 Aug 201010002011011111100000100121 Sep 201010002011011111101000110121 Oct 201011001011021111104000100111 Nov 201011002011011111106000110120 Dec 201021002011011311207000101120 Jan 201121002011011212208000111121 Feb 201121002111011212208000111121 Mar 2011110011110121122010000110121 Apr 2011110021110131123011000110110 May 2011010011110131113011000011110 Jun 2011111031110021123013000011111 Jul 2011110030110011122024000011111 Aug 2011210030110111122025000011111 Sep 2011110010110111122020000011110 Oct 201101001011011112307000011110 Nov 201101001011011112308000011110 Dec 201101001011012121309000011111 Jan 201201001011011111409000011111 Feb 201201001011012111409000011111 Mar 201201002111001121407000011111 Apr 201211002112012132407000011110 May 201212002112011132509000112110 Jun 2012120021110122315014000112110 Jul 2012110021120121225029100021121 Aug 2012110021120121224033100011121 Sep 2012110021220231224034100021121 Oct 2012010021121221223022000011121

14 And for local authorities Date Camden Hammer smith & FulhamHaringeyIslington Kensingt on & Chelsea Wandsw orth Westmin sterBarnetBrentEalingEnfieldHarrow Hillingdo n Hounslo wKingston Richmon d City of LondonHackneyLambeth Lewisha mNewham Southwa rk Tower Hamlets Barking & Dagenha mBexleyBromleyCroydon Greenwi chHaveringMerton Redbridg eSutton Waltham Forest Sep 20082211113111112122241111111111111111 Oct 20082211113111112122261111111111111111 Nov 20082211112111112122251101111111111110 Dec 20081211112111101121200101111111111011 Jan 20091111112111101111170101111111011010 Feb 20091101112111101111150001111111011010 Mar 20091101112111101011140001010110010010 Apr 20091101112110101011110001010110010010 May 20091101102101001111120000110010010010 Jun 20091101101101101111120001111011010010 Jul 20091101111101101111130001110011010100 Aug 20091101111111101111130001110010010100 Sep 20091001112110101011140001110010010100 Oct 20091101112110111111140001110010011100 Nov 20091101112111011111140001110010011110 Dec 20091101112111111111160001111010011110 Jan 20101101112111111121210001111111011110 Feb 20101101112111111111270001111111011110 Mar 20101101113101111111260001110111011110 Apr 20101101113111111111240001111111011110 May 20101101113111111111260001111111011110 Jun 20102101112111111111290001111111111110 Jul 20102101112111111111380001111111011110 Aug 20102101112111111111380001111111011110 Sep 20101101112011111111340001111111011010 Oct 20101101112111111111300001110111011110 Nov 20101101113111111111290001111111011110 Dec 20101101113111111111290001101111011110 Jan 20111101112111111111310001111111111110 Feb 20111101112101101111370001111111011110 Mar 20111101112101111111490001110111011110 Apr 20111101112101111111460001110111011110 May 20111101112101111111450001110111011110 Jun 20111101112111111111420001110111011010 Jul 20111101112111111111420001010111011010 Aug 20111101112111111121390001010111111010 Sep 20111101113111111121470101111111111110 Oct 20111101113111111121500101111111111110 Nov 20112101113111112122661101111111111111 Dec 20111101113111112121461101111111111111 Jan 20122101113111112122411101111111111111 Feb 20121101113111112122350102111111111110 Mar 20122101113111112122410102111111111111 Apr 20122101113111112122480102111111111110 May 20122101114111112121490102111111111111 Jun 20121101116111112121481112111111111111 Jul 20121101117111112122560111111111111111 Aug 20121101117111112122541101111111111111 Sep 20121101115111112122510101111111111111 Oct 20121101113111112122410101111111111111 Nov 20121101113111112122320101111111111110

15 Longer term changes Weve looked at changes in both the numbers employed and in the pay levels Reflecting employer responses to their labour market 5 years up to classification change in 2011 Occupations coloured by skill level of recruits


17 Next steps Not simply a story of employment growth only for highly skilled But occupation match to skill level confused by: – Students working in elementary and sales – Part-time jobs at similar levels – Part-timers often working below their own skill level

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