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1 Welcome to the Business Presentation of
Welcome to YOUR future! Welcome to the Business Presentation of “I evaluate each offer, it could be the chance of my life.” Henry Ford

2 A New Ethical Way to Natural Beauty and Financial Independence!
Live Your Dreams… A New Ethical Way to Natural Beauty and Financial Independence! “An invasion of armies can be resisted, but not an idea whose time has come.” Victor Hugo The German translation of Victor Hugo was not accurate. This is the correct quote in English.

3 Become Part of a Unique System
Unique Ingredient Unique Products Unique Company Unique Concept Unique Opportunity

4 2010 Wellness and Beauty Market NA 2001 1995
The market for wellness and beauty is growing rapidly, and accelerating! Make it your business… 2010 > $1,000 billion 2001 > $200 billion 1995 > $100 billion Paul Zane Pilzer Futurologist

5 The Beauty Market in North America
4.293 3.688 1.929 1.734 1.146 0.966 1.102 1.020 Add Source at bottom. 0.321 0.651 Vitamoor focuses on the top 2 selling areas: Utility Products Every Woman Uses.

6 $16 billion! The Beauty Market in North America
- Trend toward natural skin care and wellness products! - Growing trend to pay for higher quality, at higher prices! - More and more men are discovering this market segment! Total market for cosmetics and body care in North America: $16 billion! ***add country here

7 The Beauty Market in North America
Problems with classic sales channels such as Perfume- and department stores: vast selection competition for shelf space in stores when does the sales consultant have time? does he or she know the products?

8 The Beauty Market in North America
How does the customer react? Difficult choice, what do I really need? Most often, the customer is simply overwhelmed because of a lack of professional advice!

9 Therefore, Vitamoor focuses on success through personal consulting!
Health, Beauty, and Money ... Therefore, Vitamoor focuses on success through personal consulting! on YOU! Quote - as before.

10 Signature Ingredient - MOOR
What is Moor? An organic healing earth, created by gradual transformation of plants underwater or underground, free from oxygen. Numerous moors are found in Central Europe Peat was primarily created from grass and trees, Moor primarily from herbs, plants, and flowers Clay, fango, and volcanic mud are inorganic (mineral-based) compounds

11 Signature Ingredient - MOOR
3 Types of Moors High moors – typically found in high-lying areas. Relatively young with coarse fibers and has little therapeutic value. Flat moors – usually found in basins of non-porous rock. Some therapeutic value. Deep moors – are very rare! Form because of unique geological shifts at the right stage. Intense pressure condenses and concentrates the botanical substances. Tremendous therapeutic and cosmetic value. AVAILABLE EXCLUSIVELY TO VITAMOOR!

12 Signature Ingredient - MOOR
What is Deep Moor? Geology of deep moors Clay/loam Deep moor Clay/loam

13 Signature Ingredient - MOOR
Where Does Deep Moor Originate? Czech Republic Germany Slovakia Munich Vienna * Hungary Switzerland Slovenia Italy Croatia

14 Signature Ingredient - MOOR
How Does Moor Develop? no decomposition process due to absence of oxygen under the right climatic conditions, the presence of certain bacteria transforms plant material into a homogenous, black substance this substance is enriched with all organic and inorganic matter contained in plants during this transformation or ripening process.

15 Signature Ingredient - MOOR
History of Moor Therapy The ancient Egyptian doctors, Galen and Plinius, used similar sediments from the Nile. 3,000 years ago, the Celts and Romans used moor after observing injured animals bathing in moor. In the 16th century, the alchemist and physician, Paracelsus, described moor as the “Quinta Essentia Vitae” or elixir of life.

16 Signature Ingredient - MOOR
History of Moor Therapy Later it was often used by the nobility of Europe, And the first moor clinics opened their doors. In 1950, Dr. Walter Kosmath, an Austrian balneo- therapist developed special therapeutic baths and body wraps. Modern research confirms the medical and cosmetic benefits.

17 Signature Ingredient - MOOR
Therapeutic Properties Bio-available – organic substances in a colloidal form, inorganic substances in bivalent form Thermal effect – high heat retention, stimulates circulation Bactericidal action – natural antibiotics and beneficial micro flora Absorbent – humic acids absorb and remove toxins from the body Hormonal effect – phyto-hormones are stimulating and restore hormonal balance Anti-inflammatory Ion exchanging – positive ions out, negative ions in Nerve stimulant – fiber stimulant

18 Signature Ingredient - MOOR
The Bio-ENERGY of Moor Kirlian photography of a moor sample clearly reveals a forceful corona discharge

19 Signature Ingredient - MOOR
The Ingredients of Moor ... Humic acids Lignin Amino acids Nitrogen compounds Proteins Hemi-cellulose Pigments Antibiotics Magnesium Sodium chloride Salicylic acid Silicone Humus components Starch Balsams Vitamins Resins Cellulose Waxes Iron salts Manganese Iron Potassium Aluminum Fatty acids Sugars Essential oils Organic sulfate Pectin Bitumen Oxalic acid Sulfur Calcium Phosphoric acid Boron Bio-active substances and much more ...

20 Signature Ingredient - MOOR
Moor Herbs, Plants, and Flowers Achillea millfolium Agrostis stolonifera Agrostis tenuis Alisma plantago-aquatica Allium angulosum Allium carinatum Allium suaveolens Anthoxanthum adoratum Aguilegia atrata Aguilegia vulgaris Carex flava Carex hostania Carex panicea Centaurea jacea Cladium mariscus Dactylorhiza incarnata Dactylorhiza maculata Dactylorhiza majalis sch. Dactylorhiza majalis ssp. Danthonia decumbens Drosera intermedia Drosera rotundifolia Epipactis palustris Equisetum palustre Euphrasia rostkoviana Galium boreale Galium palustre Galium verum Gentiana Gentiana pneumonanthe Gentiana verna Gentianella germanica Gladiolus palustris Gymnadenia conopsea Gymnadenia odoratissima Herminiuin monorchis lnula salicina lris pseudacorus lris sibirica Juncus articulatus Juncus subnodulosus Laserpitium prutenicum Lemna minor Linum cartharticum Liparis loeselii Listera ovata Menyanthes trifoliota Molinea caerulea Molinea arundinacea Nuphar lutea Nymphaea olba Ophrys apifera Orchidaceae Orchis mascula Orchis militaris Orchis mario Orchis ustulata Pedicularis palustris Peucedanum cervaria Peucedanum palustre Phragmites australis Pinguicula vulgaris Platanthera bifolia Potamogeton coloratus Potentilla erectra Primula farinosa Ranunculus flammula Rhinanthus glacialis Rhynchospora alba Rhynchospora fusca Salix Sanguisorba officinalis Serratula tinctoria Silaum silaus Sparganium neglectum Succisa pratensis Thymus pulegidoides Trollius europaeus Typha Typha angustifolia Typhc latifolia Typha minima Typha shuttleworthii Vincetoxicum hirundinaria

21 Signature Ingredient - MOOR

22 Signature Ingredient - MOOR
Clinics Offering Moor Therapies (selection) Amalienbad Ambulatorium Inst. Vienna Allgemeines Hospital Vienna Altaussee Kur Clinic Altaussee West Vienna Therapy Centre Vienna Chesa Platina Kur Hotel Schruns Dornbach Physical Institute Vienna Eisenkappl Kur Clinic Eisenkappl Erika Hagmann Physiotherapy Korneuberg Institute for Physical Medicine Stockerau Institute for Physical Medicine Krems University Hospital & Research Dresden Jenner Physiotherapy Center Reichenau Institute for Physical Medicine Amstetten Moorbad Grosspertholz Bad Grosspertholz Dr Kipper Kur Hotel Bad Gams Bad Haring Kur Center Bad Haring Bad Aussee Hospital Bad Aussee Health Spa & Kur Center Bad Sauerbrunn Kreuzshwestern Sanatorium Graz Kapfenburg Hospital Kapfenburg Bad Radekersburg Kur Clinic Bad Radkersburg Kindberg Physiotherapy Center Kindberg Leopoldau Physical Institute Vienna St Radegund Sanatorium St Radegund Penzing Physiotherapy Center Vienna Brucka d. Mur Physioth. Center Brucka d. Mur Rossbad Kneipp Kur Center Krumbach Koflach Rheumatology Clinic Graz Bad Haring Rehabilitation Center Bad Haring Tobelbad Rehabilitation Center Tobelbad Windischgarsten Kur Hotel Windischgarsten Lingenau Kur Center Lingenau

23 Signature Ingredient - MOOR
Cosmetic Benefits of Moor Rich in nutrients and bio-available: Natural fatty acids, lipids, and essential oils Restores the pH-balance Restores bacteriological balance Detoxifies and tones the skin Regenerates cell tissue

24 Signature Ingredient - MOOR
Cosmetic Benefits of Moor Regulates moisture in all skin types Excellent for treatment of acne, eczema, psoriasis, burns, stretch marks Reduces cellulite – swellings, fluid retention, poor blood circulation Inner cleansing for outer beauty

25 Some of North America’s Finest Spas Offering Moor Treatments
Elizabeth Arden Red Door Salons & Spas, USA & Canada Las Ventanas El Paraiso, Mexico Vail Mountain Lodge, Colorado Grand Spa International, Texas Franz Klammer Lodge, Colorado Absolute Spa Group, British Columbia Grail Springs Resort, Ontario The Soho Sanctuary, New York Regent Beverly Wilshire, California The Scottsdale Princess, Arizona Harrison Hot Springs Resort, Canada Mystic Marriott Resort, Connecticut Majestic Hotel & Spa, Arkansas

26 Some of the World’s Finest Spas Offering Moor Treatments
Vasumi Spa Group, Poland Horn Spas, Germany Melia Spas, Spain The Spa Group, Philippines Spa Botanica, Singapore Oriental Retreat, Taiwan Spa Botanica Sentosa Island, Singapore Las Ventanas el Paraiso, Mexico City First, Baltic States Amritsa Spas, India Gocciani AB, Sweden

27 Who is Vitamoor International?
In 1995, Michael Beresford founded Moor Spa in Canada as a company specializing in moor-based natural skin-care products. Moor Spa today is the world market leader in the professional all natural skin care market and the fastest growing natural skin care manufacturer in the world.

28 Who is Vitamoor International?
In 2004, Moor Spa introduced the new Vitamoor product line to serve the consumer market. These products were first sold in retail outlets such as finer health food stores. In 2005, Vitamoor Europe was founded and soon established a Network / Direct Sales System in Germany. Today it is the fastest growing skin care Network in Europe.

29 Who is Vitamoor International?
In 2008, Vitamoor Europe and Moor Spa founded a new joint daughter company, Vancouver based Vitamoor International, Inc., uniting the strength of a world class manufacturer and a top-notch sales system.

30 Who Runs Vitamoor International?
Vitamoor International is run by 3 highly professional, highly experienced entrepreneurs: - Michael Beresford - Guido Karcher Michael Maus “An army is only as good as its Generals” - Napoleon

31 Who Runs Vitamoor International?
Michael Beresford, 50 Michael Beresford is the President and Founder of Moor Spa Inc. based in Vancouver, Canada. Based on the healing properties of the Austrian Deep Moor, Moor Spa products are now distributed in over 31 countries and used at hundreds of the world’s top spas. Michael has lectured extensively on Moor therapy at spa industry events around the world. He has a BSc degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Reading in England and he is one of the world’s foremost experts in natural cosmetics manufacturing. Chief Operating Officer

32 Who Runs Vitamoor International?
Guido Karcher, 46 Developed Germany’s largest chain of funeral homes. Built his first funeral home in 1986 and sold his majority-share stake in a chain of more than 280 funeral homes in “Collects” real estate and houses. Knows how to operate and run a rapidly growing company successfully. Co-founder and major shareholder of Vitamoor Europe. Chief Financial Officer

33 Who Runs Vitamoor International?
Michael Maus, 46 Also a full-blooded entrepreneur. Founded his first company at the age of 17. Studied business at Mannheim Business School (top-ranked business school in Germany); Doctoral Program at Wharton Business School, University of Pennsylvania. Founded mail order publishing and media business – sold with high profit in Operated and owned one of the most successful Direct-Marketing companies in Germany. Co-founder and major shareholder of Vitamoor Europe and of Vitamoor International. Chief Executive Officer

34 Moor Products Product Lines Facial Care Body and Skin Care
Hair and Scalp Care Wellness and Relaxation Special Treatment of Cellulite Anti-Aging Products All NEW Men’s series

35 Moor Products Products’ Unique Selling Proposition
- Scientifically proven efficacy - Pure natural sources No animal testing No artificial preservatives Signature Ingredient – Austrian Deep Moor Non-replicable products Unique “Not Before You’re Satisfied” payment terms

36 Moor Products Facial Care Facial Masks Cleansing Gels Gentle Toners
Facial Exfoliants Moisturizing Creams Clarifying Cream Smoothing Cream Rescue Cream

37 Moor Products Body Care Lotion Body Scrub Shower Gel
Anti-bacterial Foot Cream Revitalizing Massage Balm

38 Moor Products Hair and Scalp Care Shampoo Conditioner Scalp Tonic

39 Moor Products Wellness and Relaxation Detoxifying Bath Essence
Joint Cream Muscle Tonic Aroma Therapy Sunblock, After Sun

40 Moor Products Special Anti-Cellulite Treatments Anti-Cellulite Cream
Body Masque Bio-Shorts

41 Moor Products Anti-Aging Products Eye Cream Anti-Aging Serum and Cream
Anti-Aging Night Cream

42 Moor Products Men’s Products Shaving Cream Aftershave Balm

43 Cosmetic Applications of Vitamoor Products
Skin and facial care Body care Baths Massages Hair and scalp care Hand and foot care Detoxification program

44 Health, Beauty, and Money ...
Vitamoor offers an easy to understand clear fair no risk and no strings attached solution for your financial freedom and independence: Our easy to follow, step-by-step program … Your financial Independence

45 The New Independence Build a second source of income in just a few hours per week! Risk free business for everyone, no investment required Work independently from your home, manage your own time No employees, no inventory, no office rent No regional restrictions = unlimited potential! Create immediate income!

46 What is Network Marketing?
Fastest growing sales concept on earth: today: $100 billion in sales, 40 million people Estimate for 2010: approx. 200 million people Simple & easy to duplicate: Show the product, explain the business Can be conducted full- or part-time: Basic Concept: Bypass the costly retail chain. Pay the saved money to independent distributors - to YOU - instead!!

47 5 The Vitamoor Career Plan Direct sales by recommendation/party Steps
to Personal Success Direct sales by recommendation/party 1. Profit margin approx. 30% markup 2. Sales bonus up to 10% immediate income Organizational development 3. Commission for your frontline up to 10% 4. Commission for 7 Organizational generations Bonus Pool of 2% worldwide + incentives + vehicle bonus passive income I’m not familiar with “Orga 7” – please explain.

48 The Vitamoor Career Plan
1. The foundation = direct sales: your personal sales through home parties, group, or one-on-one sales and recommendations “Money is earned whenever product is sold” M. Thomas Maus 2. Further development! = organization development Who do you know, who also would like to have a little extra income? in your town? from college? vocational training? job? fitness studio? “I would rather earn 1% off a 100 people's efforts than 100% of my own efforts.” J. Paul Getty, Billionaire

49 How to Make Money in Network Marketing
Become Successful by Helping Others Succeed! 10 cust. 50 250 1,250 6,250 31,250 x 30% x 5% x 8% x 3% 90 75 600 1,875 15,000 28,125 YOU Your 1. level Your 2. level Your 3. level Your 4. level Your 5. level Total: 5 25 125 625 3,125 Assuming $30 sales (purchase price) per customer/month approx. $45,000

50 How to Make Money with a Home Party Business
Comprehensive, easy to implement party concept ... Use our party system for fast and simple invitations, to have fun, to earn money .... With our instructions your job becomes easy!

51 Sales approx. $600.– Income approx. $ 200.-
How to Make Money with a Home Party Business Sample calculation for a “Home Party” business (hypothetical example) Beauty party with 6-8 guests ....Time incl. preparation approx. 4 hours Approx. 3-4 products per participant Sales approx. $600.– Income approx. $ 200.- plus follow-up business without any effort ....!!!!

52 Incentives and Recognition!
in preparation, see sep. info Diverse Incentives (travel, training etc.) Board Members (consulting circle ..) Stars-Club Vehicle Bonus

53 Make your Career in Network Marketing…
Consultant Sales Manager Director Leaf in matt silver Leaf in white gold Leaf in gold Senior Director Vice President Executive Vice President President The German stated “Double” again. Gold leaf with 1 large diamond Gold leaf with 2 large diamonds Gold leaf with 3 large diamonds Platinum leaf with diamond solitaire

54 …or become a Sales Rep (Direct Sales Agent)
- Increased Margin up to 45% No Network Building => Easy Start => Perfect for part time work Possibility to switch to Network System The German stated “Double” again.

55 Convenient and Safe Shopping
No hassle shipping, order taking and payment processing No risk: Payment terms 21 days, Direct delivery service No need to sell to friends and family: Cutting-Edge Sales Concept

56 What All This Can Mean for You ...
Great additional income or new career Fun and new social contacts Recognition Higher quality of life Medium to long-term passive income Greater freedom and independence Live YOUR dreams

57 How to get started Your Perfect Start! It's really simple:
Sign Application, Distributorship Agreement Place No-risk initial order (check it out, try it, and pay after 21 days) 3. Get together with your sponsor and be shown how to: Develop a customer base, and If you wish, Develop your network (franchise your business)

58 Your Perfect Start ... Our Starter Packages!
Order without obligation, try it, start the business and then pay ... “Home Party” Package Product selection valued at $260 for $189 “Entrepreneur” Package Product selection valued at $545 for $299 “Business Booster” Package Product selection valued at $764 for $499 or 3 payments of $179 each Earn money, before spending it!!!!!!! * See separate order form for content description of starter packages

59 Your Perfect Start ... There is absolutely NO OBLIGATION to purchase anything to get started, but we highly recommend a starter package for the following reasons: Save $$$ - Starter packages are highly subsidized Recommend based on personal experience Demonstration (let others try ...) Sales (direct sales)

60 Your Perfect Start… Start professionally ... Follow the system …
Challenge your sponsor … Participate in our Free Educational Programs

61 Your Perfect Start… We don‘t want you to go it alone!
Professional seminars Training for products and business Support (telephone/personal) Regional Team Meetings Professional sales aids and, and, and

62 10 Reasons to Start Your Business with Vitamoor NOW!
Absolutely risk-free start in the booming natural beauty and wellness market Proven products that are used in the world‘s best spas You’re with us from Day One: “The Early Bird Gets the Worm!” A perfect compensation plan that rewards activity Career opportunities customized for you – The only system that allows you to choose between Network Marketing and Direct Sales

63 10 Reasons to Start Your Business with Vitamoor NOW!
Unique, non-replicable, 100% natural source products No need to sell or promote to family and friends – Cutting Edge Sales Program Intensive, in-depth training provided, completely free of charge 100% No nonsense, No Strings Attached company policies Proven Success Record – Fastest growing natural skin care company in the world!

64 Your Perfect Start… And right at the Start, a thrilling incentive!
Start with Vitamoor and earn as many points/sales as possible with recommendations, sales and the development of a sales organization. By the end of this year (2008), the top 2 performers in personal sales and organization building will be invited to a free 5-day trip for two: to our Manufacturing Plant in Vancouver, and an add-on vacation to either ski Whistler or relax on the beach in Hawaii!

65 “The Longest Journey Begins
With a Single Step” Lao Tsu Sign Up NOW!

66 Congratulations! Welcome to the TEAM!!!
You’ve just taken your first step to a prosperous future! Welcome to the TEAM!!! I could not find the original Henry Ford quote; this is a translation.

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