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The making of Sherlock Holmes Juan L. Gascó April 2+0=1x2.

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1 The making of Sherlock Holmes Juan L. Gascó April 2+0=1x2


3 INTRO The making of Sherlock Holmes/pg.1 No one can quite explain the lasting appeal of Sherlock Holmes stories more than 125 years after his first appearance in print. Holmes adventures with Dr Watson may not be considered worthy of such an enduring admiration, and it is well known that his creator, Arthur Conan Doyle, regretted his Holmes works and even made a sincere attempt to have Holmes murdered(by Prof Moriarty at Reichenbach Falls). This paper looks for clues and black axioms mirorred in the series, which are founded on the duality and the duplicity of the Victorian motifs of the covert life of London in 1887. Conan Doyle´s braided concept of Duality & Duplicity is perfected by Holmes and Watson who have only Quixote and Sancho as rivals in the annals of imaginary friendship. This Victorian impulse(D&D) lies behind Holmes´s feats of inspired guessing: Old London vs. new London, Crime and Splendour, Depravity and Wonder, Success and Failure, Violin and Cocaine

4 RESOURCES The making of Sherlock Holmes/pg.2 Baring-Gould, William S., The Annotated Sherlock Holmes, 2 vols.(1992) Booth, Martin, The Doctor, the Detective and Arthur Conan Doyle(1997) Chabon, Michael, The Final Solution(2005) Coren, Michael, Conan Doyle(1995) Dudley Edwards, Owen, The Quest for Sherlock Holmes(1983) Higham, Charles, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes(1976) Weller, Phillip and Roden, Christopher, The Life and Times of Sherlock Holmes(1992) 56 Stories by Conan Doyle, 37 Books, 5 Movies, 1 TV Series, Untold No. of Press Articles, Unlimited Internet entries, 1 Hotel, 1 London Pub, 1 Museum

5 13 FACTS/I The making of Sherlock Holmes/pg.3 1859: Conan Doyle born at 11 Picardy Place,Edinburgh. 1876: Enters Edinburgh University to study medicine. 1886: Writes A Study in Scarlet, the 1st Sherlock Holmes story. 1887: Gold Jubilee Year of Queen Victoria. 1889: Meeting with Oscar Wilde. Later meetings with R.L. Stevenson and H.G. Wells 1891: Killings in Whitechapel by Jack the Ripper. 1893: Conan Doyle kills off Holmes @ Reichenbach Falls 1900: The Boers War 1902: The Hound of the Baskervilles, set before official resurrection. 1905: Holmes officially resurrected in The return of Sherlock Holmes. 1912: Publication of The Lost World. 1927: The last bow in The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes 1930: Doyle dies on 7 July, at home in Crowborough.

6 FACTS /II The making of Sherlock Holmes/pg.4 Doyle was Celt and Englishman, doctor and novelist,atlete and aesthete, champion of truth and inveterate concealer. He was the grandson of a caricaturist, the nephew of the designer of Punch, and the son of Charles Doyle, an architect and a painter who died in a sanatorium, and burdened his son with an eccentric way of looking at the world. A number of Holmes stories centre on the activities of sinister lodgers, madwomen with secret connections, machinating step-parents, who are ultimately reproachful ghosts of the immured Doyle´s father. Doyle dreamed up of a tale of a bohemian detective, manic- depressive genius who stalks the yellow fog of London, takes cocaine and morphine to ease the torments of living in this dreary world, and abates his addiction by scheming to peel back the surface of other people´s lives, betraying secret histories of violence and vice.

7 QUOTATIONS The making of Sherlock Holmes/pg.5 + When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth(Sherlock Holmes) + Detection is, or ought to be, an exact science, and should be treated in the same cold and unemotional way(Conan Doyle) + The Victorian culture was quintessentially that of contrast, where a street of riches could lead to an alley of despair (Robert Louis Stevenson) + Secret-sharers, deception and disguise, imposture, buried shame and repressed evil, the concealment of depravity and wonder behind the dull façade of the Victorian world. These are the embodied motifs of the Jeckill-and-Hyde impulses of the covert life of London(H.G. Wells) + We are used to seeing that man despises what he never comprehends(Goethe) + Nature, alas, made only one being out of a good man and a rogue. Individuals vary, but percentages remain the same(Schiller)

8 USEFUL LANGUAGE TIPS The making of Sherlock Holmes /pg. 6 The Glossary Basics of the Methods of Deduction: - The game is clearly worth its candle. - The emotional qualities are antagonistic to clear reasoning. - Exceptions hardly rise above the common herd (general public) - It is better to face the facts than to attempt to brighten it by mere will-o´-the-wisps of imagination (wishful thinking) - Crime is always some hocus-pocus (incredible, tricky) - One can´t ever exult over any mare´s –nest (dire situation) - Not all is patent and above-board (honest,legal) - There are no criminals so troublesome as those with some wit(clever) - It is too much to be balked by so petty an obstacle, when all else had been overcome. But that´s how the land lies( that´s the way it´s) - The true theory must be equally outré and startling ( weird/breathtaking)

9 USEFUL LANGUAGE TIPS The making of Sherlock Holmes/pg.7 Holmes most preferred expressions : - I shall be as limp as a rag for a week(extremely weary) - There are in me the makings of a very fine loafer, and also of a pretty spry of fellow(lazy and superactive) - A fitting wind-up for an interesting case !(end) - All day he would wander about as black as thunder(not amiable) - It´s all fair and above-board !(not deceitful) - I have learned not to cry over spilled milk (no complaints allowed) - He made a clean breast of it (tell the truth about sth. done illegally) - You will be none the worse(not damaged or harmed by sth.) - I think we have had a close shave ourselves of being arrested for the crime(a narrow escape) - What the deuce is with the dog ? (what the hell is going on ?) - Elementary, my dear Watson, it fits in the sequel (logical) - Nor did Prof Moriarty come up smelling of roses here (damaged & unsuccessful)

10 USEFUL LANGUAGE TIPS The making of Sherlock Holmes/pg.8 Criminal Selected Tips:Bad taste leads to crime( Beyle) - Sleuth: Detective - Twisting effects and palpable clues(unexpected turn) - Ominous expression of his face, ill-omened looks and venomous demeanours(menacing) - There ain´t naught amiss with her(unfortunate) - A nip and tuck affair(inconclusive) - A faulty reasoning(defective) - No mere haphazard burglary(in disorder) - Police have made a blunder in a good many cases(serious mistake) - He slipped out of my clutches(escaped) - Lest I bias my judgement(to prevent any possibility)

11 OLD VICTORIAN SLANG SAMPLES The making of Sherlock Holmes/pg.9 Four – wheeler/Hansom: cab drawn by one horse, also known as clarence or a growler/ Two wheeled covered cab. Bobbies or Peelers: London police created by Sir Robert Peel. Oyez !: Mid – nineteen century town crier(from Middle Ages) Vamoos !: Let´s go(from Spanish) Palace Clock: Big Ben Bull´s eye: Lantern As far as Gravesend: Port on Thames accepted as boundary bet. the river and the estuary. Whisky-pegs: whisky w/soda(each drink another peg in the coffin - popular warning). As well be hanged for a sheep as a lamb(1678 proverb): In for a penny. Queen´s shilling: soldiers daily pay. A bob and a tanner: a shilling and a half Chokey: prison.

12 OLD VICTORIAN LONDON PLACES The making of Sherlock Holmes/pg.10 Langham Hotel : Luxurious hotel off Oxford Circus where lunch between Doyle and Wilde took place. Stevenson, Wells and Freud were frequent guests too. Lyceum Theatre : By the Strand, built in 1771 by Edgar Allan Po.e´s great- grandfather. Rebuilt in 1834 on present site. Vincent Square : ½ mile south-east of Victoria Station where William Somerset Maugham took rooms. Bishopsgate : Street to the east of the City named after original medieval gate, where bishops received one stick from every cart of wood passing through. Pinchin Lane: Subliminally thinking of Pinchin St. in the East End, where in Sept 1889 the body of an unknown woman with missing legs was found - a year after a series of murders by Jack the Ripper took place. Millbank Penitentiary: Demolished in 1893 and the Tate Gallery built. The Pool: name given to the Thames bet. London Bridge and the Isle of Dogs. The Tower : Capital´s oldest surviving building, begun in 1066 by William The Conqueror The Sherlock Homes Pub and Gallery : 10-11 Northumberland Ave. off Trafalgar Sq.

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