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-Dates -Attire -Judging and Scoring -Announcing.

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3 -Dates -Attire -Judging and Scoring -Announcing

4 Tryout Process Students will attend a tryout clinic to learn and prepare all tryout material in the Escort Gym, located at South Campus. Monday, March 19 4:30-6:00 PM Tuesday, March 20 4:30-6:00 PM Wednesday, March 21 4:30-6:00 PM Thursday, March 22 4:30-6:00 PM (Mock Tryouts) Friday, March 23 5:00 PM-? (Tryouts)

5 Attire Tryout Clinic and Tryouts Black Tank top or Leotard Black Sports Bra Black Booty Shorts, Bikers, or Soffe Shorts Black or Tan Tights may be worn (no feet) No Colors, this includes bra straps Hair in a ponytail, no bangs or wispies. White Bow or Ribbon in hair secured tightly Jazz Shoes or Foot paws Dark performance make-up for tryouts 4 Safety Pins for pinning your tryout number to your clothing

6 Selection Process No set amount There will be 4 judges: Ms. Blanchard, Mrs. Schaaf, Mrs. Boren and an outside judge. Results will be posted online for everyone, Saturday March 24, 2011 @ 10:00 AM The cut-off will be where the natural break in scores occurs. The decision of the Directors will be final! There will be an Expectations test they will complete on the day of Tryouts. Prospective members are selected on the basis of (10 points each): - Expectation Test - Attitude and Sportsmanship during clinic and tryouts - Showmanship and Projection - Rhythm and Timing - Kicks - Flexibility - Leaps - Turns - Memory - Proper Technique


8 Expectations Daily attendance is essential for any precision performance by a drill team Absences from any dance/drill team activity are unexcused except for the following: -Extreme illness or accident -Wedding in the immediate family -Funeral or death in the family -Special school activities with PRIOR (AT LEAST 4 WEEKS) permission from director Drill Team members are School Representatives and must follow DPISD Code of Conduct and the Escort Expectations Physical Exam EACH school year. This must be completed by the end of May

9 Performance Expectations Drill Team is a YEAR-ROUND activity Summer Line Camp (August) Football Season (August – November) Contest Season (December – March) Spring Show (March – April/May) Attend ALL Varsity football games and ALL contests!! Some basketball games Spring Show Each member will tryout for each dance -Making the team does not mean that your child will dance in all dances or performances. Our team performs a WIDE variety of dance styles. -Some members may be stronger at some types of dance than others. (Example: High Kick) Therefore, your child may not make every dance while on drill team.

10 Practice Expectations The Deer Escorts practice Monday through Friday every morning through 1 st Period (9:00) Roll Call times for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday morning are 6:58 AM Thursday practices are held after school from 4:00-5:30 There are occasional weekend rehearsals There will be evening Spring Show rehearsals, that are mandatory. Please plan accordingly (night classes).

11 Time Commitment Drill team is a TEAM activity, so each member must be present for all rehearsals and performances. If an absence occurs with a performance that week, regardless of the circumstance, the performer may be pulled from the performance.

12 Eligibility Each girl must be PASSING all classes at the end of the 6 weeks in order to maintain eligibility. State Law according to UIL side-by-side. 1 F = Probation, 2 Fs = Removal

13 -Supplies -Camp Fees -Choreography/Clinicians - Annual Escort Fee

14 Initial Cost and Supplies (These items are based on last year) Poms: $40 Tote Bag: $45 Warm-Up Jacket: $65 Warm-Up Pant: $65 Field Hat: $50 Field Boots: $75 Tan Jazz Shoes: $30 Black Jazz Shoes: $30 Foot Paws: $30 Garment Bag: $20 Team Make-Up: $80 Black Tights: $20 Tan Tights: $20 Sports Bra: $20 Booty Shorts: $22 Clear Back Bra: $28.00 Friday Jersey: $40 Jazz Pants: $40 Monday Practice Top: $35 Tuesday Practice Top: $35 Wednesday Practice Top: $35 Friday Practice Top: $35 T-Shirts: $80 Summer Camp: $325 Approximate Cost: $1250 There will be a fundraiser that can cover this fee!

15 Choreography and Clinician Fee This fee will be applied to all outside choreographers and critiques. The amount is $100 per person

16 Annual Escort Fee Annual Fee is $500 ½ Due in September and ½ Due in December ____________________________________________________ Dance Officers + $200 Due in November ____________________________________________________ Kick and Lyrical Company +$150 Due in October ____________________________________________________ Social Officer + $100 Due in November Escort Managers pay a total of $150

17 Booster Club Fee/Buy Out There will be a Booster Fee/Buy Out option if you do not want to participate in Booster Club Fundraisers. All Fees are obtained through Fundraising opportunities given to each Escort. If you choose to not participate in any fundraising events for the Booster Club, you can opt to buy out your portion. The price will be decided with the 2012 – 2013 Deer Escort Booster Club Officers.

18 Trip Fee Every other year we attend an In-State Trip Approx. $425.00 On the opposite years we attend an Out-of-State Trip Approx. $800.00-$1,000.00

19 And 2-a-days

20 Summer Camps and 2-a-days will begin on Monday, August 6, 2012 -These practices will be mandatory for all participating Escorts -Bonding Camp: TBA -Practice Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 11:00 AM 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM Lunch 12:00 PM – 4:00 PM

21 -Dads Club/Security

22 Dads Club: Dads, Uncles, Grandfathers and guardians are welcome and encouraged to be a part of this wonderful Club within the organization. They provide water, security to and from restrooms, and escort the team on and off the football field. Booster Club: We have a very active Booster Club as well. The Booster Club meets every 2 nd Tuesday (new) of the month. There is a $20 Membership Due per family.

23 Ad Sales Football Ad Sales, are a vital asset to our program. To keep the cost of Escorts as low as possible, we ask that each Escort sells a minimum of 2 ads.

24 Fundraising Examples: -Cookie Dough -Mule Drawing -Trip Voucher Drawing -Golf Tournament -Popcorn Sales -Bullritos -Kicks for Tips at Papa Johns

25 Every Thursday, Every Week, from 4:00 PM – 5:30 PM; Mandatory Practice!! Tutorials and company rehearsals are held on Thursday mornings. ALL tutorials need to be completed at this time or after school on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Friday. Grades are very important, if you need extra tutorials, you will not be performing. You will be expected to concentrate on your studies.

26 Football Dances -Not every performing member is guaranteed a position for the halftime performance -They are expected to still attend the games, however they may not dance during halftime

27 -Contest -Dreamscape Kick and Lyrical

28 Competition Season -Escorts compete in 3 – 5 Contests per year -Every other year we compete in state or out of state (This can change year to year) -An Escort may be placed in 1 – 5 dances, depending on additional tryouts


30 Spring Show Variety Show hosted by the Escorts to showcase the dances performed during contest, with additional dances added Currently takes place around April or May. This years date is April 20 th and 21 st and New Members will perform a dance.

31 Spring Show Program Spring Show Ad Sales, begin in February or March. Again, this helps to offset the expense of Escorts. We ask that each Escort sell a minimum of 2 ads.

32 -Woohoo for fun!!

33 Social Events Bob and Sue Picnic Mother / Daughter Tea Holiday Parties Banquet Senior Recognition Tea


35 As Follows: If your daughter makes the team for the 2012 – 2013 school year, there is a MANDATORY MEETING Monday, April 9 at 7:00 in the Teaching Theater Spring Show practices TBA for New Girls Spring Show Friday and Saturday, April 20-21; 7:00 PM Booster Club Meeting and Supply Order Tuesday, May, 15 (50 % Camp and 50% Supply Fee Due)


37 Drill team is a means of transforming children into young adults by means of competitive dancing on a team. They learn to develop tools that will help them become successful in many different facets of life. They learn to work towards a common goal no matter the number of obstacles they may face. Drill team teaches responsibility, self control, respect, and kindness. The Deer Park High School Deer Escorts is an exemplary organization with the highest of standards.


39 Twitter, Facebook, and ALL Social Media These accounts will be checked frequently by the directors and officers. Foul language, sexual words or pictures, explicit words or pictures, drug or alcohol references and bullying will NOT be tolerated. We will be on a NO Refusal policy when it comes to Social Media. Discipline for these actions will handled with a 3 week disciplinary probation. If they continue, they will be removed from the team. Re-tweeting a curse word or explicit/sexual comment is the same as saying it yourself and the Escort will still receive the same consequence. You may allow this type of behavior or profanity in your home, however there are certain rules that each girl must follow. Drill Team is a privilege not a right, so we must abide by the rules.

40 Any Questions?? Good Luck to everyone trying out Please direct any further questions to

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