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FFA Agricultural Communications Career Development Event Department of Agricultural Education & Communications Texas Tech University.

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1 FFA Agricultural Communications Career Development Event Department of Agricultural Education & Communications Texas Tech University

2 Today Overview of the contest Contest timeline Web design Graphic design PR writing News writing Broadcasting Communications quiz Editing exercise

3 Check the Web site Write this down: This is your source for handouts and helpful information. This will be updated throughout the school year to help you prepare for the contest. This presentation is posted on the Web site.

4 Different from the rule book: Yes, we still use the rule book from the Texas FFA Web site. We will use Adobe CS4 for Web and graphic design. Broadcasters will handwrite scripts. – They will have six minutes to record.

5 Timeline 7:30 a.m. Registration 8:00 a.m. Orientation & Communications Quiz 8:30 a.m. Editing Exercise 8:50 a.m. Press Conference 9:10 a.m. Q&A with press conference presenter 9:20 a.m. Break 9:30 a.m. Move to practicum

6 Expectations of the Practicum Areas All students receive 60 minutes to complete their practicum.

7 Web Design Practicum Designers will receive a packet containing photos, dummy text, and other information. Student must create a three page Web site that promotes the topic presented in the press conference.

8 Graphic Design Practicum Designers will create a two page magazine layout suitable for an agricultural magazine complete with a headline Students will receive photos, dummy text, artwork and statistical information Designers will create a chart or graph from the statistical layout and place it in their layout Select and place appropriate photos into layout. Select one photo and write reasons Write a photo caption for the selected photo (25 words)

9 PR Writing Students will use the press packet and the information gathered in the press conference to write a 200- to 300-word press release. Write it as if it were being distributed by the expert's company or organization. Associated Press Stylebooks and dictionaries will be provided. Print the press release

10 News Writing Write a 250 word news story based on information gathered at the news conference for an ag producer audience. Follow inverted pyramid with a strong focus and lead. Answer the who, what, when, where, why and how. Write a headline for the story. Writers can ask questions at the press conference. AP Stylebooks and dictionaries provided. Print the story.

11 Inverted Pyramid Lead Most important info Supporting info Details of the story Extra Importance

12 Broadcasting Use the press packet and information from the press conference to write and record a radio broadcast Write the story Record the broadcast Two minute time limit

13 Web Design

14 A few pointers We will use Dreamweaver CS4 Keep it simple! Check the links Color Design in your head Recruit a professional to help Attend Dr. Meyers workshop

15 Graphic Design

16 A few pointers We will use Adobe InDesign CS4. Students are also allowed to use Photoshop. – We will probably work on a Mac. Recruit students from the yearbook staff. Ask the yearbook teacher to help you. Have the student practice making charts/graphs Look at magazines for ideas.

17 2009 Winner

18 PR Writing

19 A few pointers The 5 Ws and the H are imperative in PR writing. Have your students learn and understand the example from the Web site. A press release is a notice to the media to get attention. Press release writing is different from news writing. A two page press release is sufficient. Look at ag companies for examples – FFA, Monsanto, Bayer CropScience, are all good.

20 News Writing

21 A few pointers Cover the 5 Ws and the H. Follow inverted pyramid. Completely opinion-free Double check facts. Practice by covering FFA events. News writers can ask questions at the press conference. No one else can. Dictionaries and AP Stylebooks will be provided

22 Broadcasting

23 A few pointers Tell us what happened? What was the point? Write down the 5 Ws and the H and write the story around it. Just the factsno opinions! Dont be cutesy. Avoid focusing on sidebar stories. Speak conversationally – Broadcasting requires a different tone of voice from speaking contests. Practice with a TAPE recorder. Just because the time limit is two minutes does not mean they have to take it. Introduce yourself.

24 Communications Quiz

25 A few pointers Study the practice quizzes on the Web site. Study the CDE Guide Take the guide in chunks. Start in January and study a couple of sections a week. Make up 10 point practice quizzes and test your students two sections at a time.

26 Editing Exercise

27 A few pointers Take two letters from the AP Stylebook each week and quiz your students weekly. – Dont forget to study the section on punctuation! Take an article from a newspaper and mess it up. Make your students correct it. We wont ask oddball questions from the AP Stylebook. Study the common things.

28 Final Thoughts

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