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From genes to ecosystems, From the laboratory into the community, From the West towards Europe… Presentation of OUEST-genopole ® December 2008.

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1 From genes to ecosystems, From the laboratory into the community, From the West towards Europe… Presentation of OUEST-genopole ® December 2008

2 Page 2OUEST-genopole ® presentation December 2008 What is OUEST-genopole ® ? History 1998 - First genopole at Evry based on an original concept: To gather, in the same place, research laboratories, biotech companies and universities 1999 - Creation of the National network genopole Objective: to coordinate genomics and post-genomics activities at a national level 8 genopoles labelled between 1999 and 2002

3 Page 3OUEST-genopole ® presentation December 2008 OUEST-genopole ® …labelled on January 1 st, 2002 Director: Michel RENARD What is OUEST-genopole ® ? The French genopoles With the support of :

4 Page 4OUEST-genopole ® presentation December 2008 GIS IBiSA Health biology and Agro infrastructures IBiSA was created in May 2007 further to the dissolution of the CNRG (regrouping the CNS, CNG and RNG) and, consequently, the National network genopole IBiSA members: Inserm, CNRS, Inra, CEA, Inria, INCa (National Cancer Institute), CPU (University presidents conference), as well as two departments dependent on the Ministry of research. 2008 labelling campaign: Open to core facilities that don't yet have the national label (RIO) Allows to apply for ANR and INCa future tenders or to benefit from privileged ITA support The respect of the core facilities charter is a necessary condition to get the label 5 OUEST-genopole core facilities labelled in October 2008 Website: http://www.ibisa.net

5 Page 5OUEST-genopole ® presentation December 2008 What is OUEST-genopole ® ? January 2002: OUEST-genopole ® is labelled Interregional programme: both Brittany and Pays de la Loire regions Associates the major research bodies (Afssa, CNRS, Ifremer, Inra, Inria, Inserm), the 5 main universities of western France, as well as university hospitals and "grandes écoles" (i.e. higher education establishments) Network of over 50 research units: 2,000 people including 800 researchers and teaching researchers Genopoles meet the following conditions: A large-scaled biology project A excellent campus for training and research A high-level bioinformatics unit A structured project for biotechnology company creation

6 Page 6OUEST-genopole ® presentation December 2008 Two regions: Brittany and Pays de la Loire What is OUEST-genopole ® ? QUIMPER PLOUFRAGAN RENNES NANTES ANGERS BREST ROSCOFF LORIENT

7 Page 7OUEST-genopole ® presentation December 2008 To support the research in genomics and post-genomics, the setting-up and creation of new biotechnology companies To mutualize the resources and the skills To participate collectively to the technological evolution To integrate the genopole network and take part in European research programs To attract young researchers What do we do at OUEST-genopole ® ? Missions and objectives Agriculture – Food processing Photo Inserm Human Health INRIA / Photo : A. Eidelman Bioinformatics Marine Biology

8 Page 8OUEST-genopole ® presentation December 2008 What is OUEST-genopole ® ? Marine Biology Agriculture Food-processing Human Health Bioinformatics 4 main fields 5 technological core facilities = 20 technical facilities

9 Page 9OUEST-genopole ® presentation December 2008 Technological core facilities Production of viral vectors (Nantes) Production of synthetic vectors (Brest - Rennes) Xenope Transgenesis (Rennes) Rat Transgenesis (Nantes) Functional imaging PRISM (Rennes) Cell biochips (Rennes) (emerging) Histopathology (Rennes) Sequencing /Genotyping Transcriptomics Proteomics Functional exploration Bioinformatics High-throughput protein identification (Rennes) Customized monoclonal antibodies (Angers) Biopolymers - Interactions - Structural biology (Nantes) Recombinant protein production (Nantes) Protein chips (Nantes) Interactome (Nantes) Transcriptomics (Nantes and Rennes) Sequencing (Roscoff, Nantes and Rennes) / Genotyping (Le Rheu) (emerging) National core facility (Rennes) In yellow: IBiSA pre-labelled core facilities * * * * * * * : core facilities labelled by IBiSA in October 2008

10 Page 10OUEST-genopole ® presentation December 2008 Technological core facilities Collective purchase of equipment Development of specific abilities Recruiting of 29 engineers Access to core facilities: 50% guaranteed

11 Page 11OUEST-genopole ® presentation December 2008 To study the structure and the functioning of genomes from marine organisms (bacteria, seaweeds and invertebrates) To identify the genetic variety of various coastal, oceanic and deep natural populations, and to understand their adaptations to the environment To look for new molecules for biotechnology or human health fields Marine biology 7 research units Marine Biology

12 Page 12OUEST-genopole ® presentation December 2008 Agriculture – Food processing 17 research units To study biological organisms of economical importance in France, especially in Western France: Field vegetable and crops, fruit trees, ornamental plants Fish, pigs, chicken Micro-organisms used in milk transformation To work on agricultural products of high quality and safety, with reduced environmental impacts Agriculture

13 Page 13OUEST-genopole ® presentation December 2008 Human health 25 research units To characterize specific genetic diseases in Western France, e.g. iron-metabolism disorders, cardiovascular and hematological diseases, cystic fibrosis To confirm an internationally-recognized, scientific expertise in cancerology, reproductive biology and development, immunotherapy, transplantation, autoimmunity, muscle diseases, and gene therapy To play a major role in the Cancéropôle Grand Ouest national programme: Cellular therapy Valorisation of sea products Pharmacogenomics and pharmacogenetics Tumoral vectorisation Human health

14 Page 14OUEST-genopole ® presentation December 2008 Bioinformatics 5 research units To search and extract signatures for identification and prediction To construct specialised databases and development of data banks devoted to transcriptome analysis, powerful structures for knowledge and data management To study gene and protein functions (classification, modelling of interactions in cellular and molecular systems) Bioinformatics © INRIA / IRISA

15 Page 15OUEST-genopole ® presentation December 2008 From Western France to Europe… …OUEST-genopole ® takes part in many projects European projects Aquafirst NoE "Marine Genomics Europe" NoE "MED-VET-NET" NoE NanoToLife RISET (Immune Tolerance) TOXDROP "INTERREG" project (in progress) National projects Agenae (Analyse du GENome des Animaux d'Elevage) Cancéropôle Grand Ouest GenoGRID Génoplante GIS Génomique Marine… Competitiveness clusters Atlantic Biotherapies (Nantes / Angers) Pôle Mer Bretagne (Brest / Roscoff) Végépolys (Angers) Valorial, l'aliment de demain (Brittany)

16 Page 16OUEST-genopole ® presentation December 2008 Crossroads between life qciences, ecology, environment, bioinformatics and high technologies within a multicultural European network. Devoted to the development and spreading of high-throughput approaches for the investigation of the biology of marine organisms. Aimed at promoting, developing, and spreading throughout the European Union a better understanding of the functioning of marine ecosystems and the biology of marine organisms. Involves about 450 scientists from 44 institutions of 16 countries (within and outside Europe). Coordinated by Dr Catherine Boyen, Station Biologique de Roscoff, CNRS, France, and funded under the framework programme FP6 by the European commission. Network of Excellence Marine Genomics Europe (MGE)

17 Page 17OUEST-genopole ® presentation December 2008 Education and valorisation OUEST-genopole ® promotes the creation and development of new training programmes in all fields of life sciences OUEST-genopole ® helps academic laboratories and researchers to respond to entrepreneurial opportunities and facilitates the emergence of start-up companies in collaboration with our regional incubators and venture capitalists OUEST-genopole ® plays a vital role in the dynamism of Western France and thus contributes to the economic development of our bio-region

18 Page 18OUEST-genopole ® presentation December 2008 Valorisation Company creation (stemming from research activities of core facilities): Innova Proteomics (High-throughput protein identification facility) ProtNeteomix (Protein chips facility) Korilog (Bioinformatics facility) Cimna (Transcriptomics facility) Cytune Pharma (Interactome facility) … Technological and/or commercial partnerships: Production of clinical vectors in the field of gene therapy (with the French Blood Establishment) Transcriptomics facility: clinical transfer of activities to Nantes and Rennes university hospitals Production of viral vectors facility and CleanCells Xenope Transgenesis facility and Biopredic International Rat Transgenesis facility and Genoway Functional imaging PRISM facility and Spin Safety Other partnerships:

19 Page 19OUEST-genopole ® presentation December 2008 OUEST-genopole ® assets Genomics and post-genomics targeted on major economical sectors: Marine Biology – Agriculture – Human Health – Bioinformatics Keys to success: to capitalise on complementarities within a network culture Keys to success: to capitalise on complementarities within a network culture Multisite and multiactivity Will for sharing and competing for scientific excellence

20 Page 20OUEST-genopole ® presentation December 2008 The annual meeting of Western France researchers and biotech companies to: Present the advancement of scientific projects led within OUEST-genopole ® as well as the future prospects Accelerate development projects while discovering the services proposed by the research units and technological core facilities Better know innovative companies linked to OUEST-genopole ® fields Meet future partners and prospective customers Gen2Bio 2008 The annual Biotech symposium organised by OUEST-genopole ®

21 Page 21OUEST-genopole ® presentation December 2008 Christelle Hays – Internal and external communications 02 23 23 45 85 – Jocelyne Le Seyec – Scientific coordination and technological core facilities 02 23 23 45 81 – Eric Mathieu – Valorisation and education 02 41 72 86 17 – Céline Quéron – Chef de projet européen 02 23 23 33 42 – Marilène Vallois – Personal assistant 02 23 48 51 21 – Quality assurance (to be hired) More information…

22 Page 22OUEST-genopole ® presentation December 2008 Thank you for your attention!

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