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Egg Hit and Floatation Contest

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1 Egg Hit and Floatation Contest
What materials and container design will protect an egg the best when hit by a baseball bat, AND also float if it should end up in water?

2 Day 1 What materials will you use to build your container?
Turn in: group member names and who will bring what materials. (Everyone needs to bring something!)

3 Building Rules 1) Container must hold standard sized medium egg.
2) Container must be made ENTIRELY in the classroom. 3) All materials must be able to be cut by regular scissors. 4) Egg must easily fit into and come out of container -- a five second count will be given -- last group to pull egg out if count is up will lose 10 points. 5) Egg container must be smaller than 30 cm for all dimensions. 6) No wood or metal components. 7) Container must easily balance on standard-sized construction pylon.

4 Round 1 Does it float? Each team’s container will be tested to see if it will float in water, with the egg and all protective materials included. If it floats, you have earned 100 pts. If not, zero points.

5 Round 2 Take a hit. Each team member takes a swing at the egg container with the egg inside. A swing and a miss = -10 points, A swing and 0 cm - 4 cm = 0 points, 5 cm - 10 cm = 10 points, cm = 20 points, etc. 1 meter = 100 points, 2 meters = 200 points If you are a team of 3, someone will need to hit twice.

6 Round 3 The Pitch. Each team member hits the egg container again, but this time, the egg container must be pitched. Same scoring applies. A swing and a miss = -10 points, 0 cm - 4 cm = 0 points, 5 cm - 10 cm = 10 points, etc. etc.

7 Round 4 Mr. G. gets a turn. Mr. Glidden will hit your container as hard or as soft as he wants off of a construction pylon. If your egg survives, you earn 50 points, and a chance at round 5. If not, you are done.

8 Round 5 The Overhead Smash. If you make it to round five, you have done something right. Now, lets see what your container is really made of. Mr. G. will pick someone to take their best hit at your precious egg container. Your container will be laying on the ground, and the hitter can take their best single hit at your container. If it survives, you earn 100 points.

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