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Agrifood City of Tudela Ready to compete. Welcome.

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1 Agrifood City of Tudela Ready to compete

2 Welcome.

3 Agrifood City is a national and international benchmark for improving the competitiveness of the sector and promoting the latest agrifood products and processes … A unique project in the world. Source: INFOPOWER.

4 The Agrifood City of Tudela (CAT) is a pioneering business park,... a project in which a total of 120 million euros will be invested. 1,200,000 m 2 where infrastructures and services will be shared in a stainable manner with the aim of promoting the competitiveness of the companies located there. Solid

5 Pioneering

6 This is an innovative project on a world scale, consisting of the centralized production and supply of energy to companies that set up operations in the modern business park. The Common Infrastructures Unit (CIC), is the 'energy heart' of the CAT. Pioneering

7 From the CIC a 2-kilometre-long OVERHEAD METALLIC RACK is deployed throughout the complex for the distribution of energy services.. Pioneering

8 The objective of the CIC is to avoid companies having to make their own investments in this area. Thanks to this innovative system savings of up to 15% on energy costs can be achieved. Synergies are sought in all the processes and services, meaning that energy efficiency is above 80%. Pioneering

9 TRIGENERATION ( Steam, refrigeration, electricity) Production of: Steam at 12 bar and 200ºC. Hot water at 80ºC. Cold water at 5.5ºC, through a process of absorption of BrLi. Electricity. Pioneering

10 CONVENTIONAL PRODUCTION OF HEAT 2 dual boilers (gas oil/natural gas) produce 12,000 kg/hour of steam at 12 bar. Hot water at 80ºC. Pioneering

11 CONVENTIONAL PRODUCTION OF INDUSTRIAL REFRIGERATION. An ammonia-CO2 cascade refrigeration cycle means that refrigeration fluid can be produced at different temperatures. - 10ºC for refrigerated chambers - 33ºC for freezer chambers - 45ºC for freezing tunnels Cold water at 5.5ºC for air conditioning Pioneering

12 OTROS SERVICES IN THE CAT Integrated waste and discharge management Water for fire fighting Surveillance and telecommunications network Process water Natural gas Sanitation of rainwater Pioneering

13 Solid

14 The entire value chain concentrated in one place: Producers Ancillary companies Logistics Infrastructures Services and institutions to support the sector Solid

15 The Agrifood City strengthens the sector through 3 basic axes: 01. Sustainable infrastructures 02. Training and innovation 03. Logistics. Solid

16 The CAT is promoted by the Government of Navarra and is part of an ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT PLAN that brings together investments in specific infrastructures for the agrifood industry. Canal de Navarra Modernization of irrigation systems Extension of the surface area dedicated to crops Logistics area Improved communications Solid

17 NAVARRA A strong agrifood sector with a long-standing tradition: Invests 9.2% of private expenditure in R&D+i More than 28,000 jobs More than 1,270 companies The agrifood sector overall represents 23% of industrial NPV It is the second industrial sector in Navarra after the automotive industry Revenues of more than 3,300 M High proportion of exports A pioneer in the development of future sectors such as renewable energy sources or biomedicine Source: Cluster. DG for Rural Development. Government of Navarra. 17 Dec 2008. Solid

18 TUDELA The national sector leaders are located in the Ebro valley, producing vegetables/salads from the 1 st to 5 th ranges Solid

19 3 1 4 6 1 Tudela Urzante Group AN Fridela Uprena Uvesa 3 Autol Cidacos Ayecue Eurochamp 2 Milagro Celorrio Vegamayor Gelagri 4 Buñuel Alinaco 5 5 Ribaforada Aspil 6 Carcastillo Bajamar 2 Concentration of the agrifood cluster in the Ebro valley 7 7 Villafranca Grupo IAN Gutarra 8 8 Arguedas Floristan CN 9 9 Cadreita Angel Ria 10 Marcilla Ardo Dantza 11 Corella BSC Cocinados 11 12 Lodosa Mahn Mac 13 Azagra Iberfruta Virto 13 14 San Adrián El Navarrico El escolar Juan Ayensa Ebron 15 Valtierra Planasa 16 Alfaro Heinz 14 15 17 Calahorra Celorrio 16 17 Navarra La Rioja Aragon 18 Funes Virto 18 19 Fustiñana CN 19

20 MODERNA is the new Model of Economic Development for Navarra: A Regional Strategic Plan for the medium and long term. The idea behind MODERNA can be expressed in five business clusters, based on the current situation and a strategy for the future, in three areas (the Health Economy, the Green Economy and the Talent Economy). The agrifood industries are in the strategic clusters, with the CAT being one of the pillars of the agrifood cluster. Solid

21 Strategic

22 Tudela is located on the Ebro valley corridor, a meeting place between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, on the axis that links Madrid to France via Soria and Pamplona. The High-Speed Train (AVE) project and the Tudela- Medinaceli expressway will favour an intermodal system that will reduce logistics costs.

23 Future of the project: The Agrifood City of Tudela, is part of the 'La Serna' macro industrial and logistics park. It covers 5,000,000 m 2. Sector-1 Agrifood City Sector-2 and Sector-3 Industrial area and Intermodal logistics. Area reserved for the possible route of the AVE Strategic

24 Profitable

25 Profitable: REDUCTION OF THE INITIAL INVESTMENT: Because there is no need to build machine rooms (boilers, refrigeration,...) CONSULTANCY and STUDIES on essential services and cost reduction. SECURITY and GUARANTEE OF SUPPLY backed up by a contingency plan 24 hours / 7 days a week SUBSIDIES of 30% for all investments, as the CAT is a business park where services are provided in a centralized manner. Search for LOCAL PARTNERS AND SUPPLIERS. Profitable

26 Profitable: Companies can obtain ENERGY SAVINGS of up to15%. Professional energy saving study, free of charge Consultancy on the start-up and development of the project. Facilities for finance. Profitable

27 INNOVATION and TRAINING projects are organised from the CAT. to help sector companies improve their competitiveness. Assistance with R&D+i. VENTURE CAPITAL for INVESTMENT. Support for the creation and development of NEW LINES OF BUSINESS. Facilities for Finance. Profitable

28 CAT supports the creation of new, innovative projects, in collaboration with CEIN (European Research Centre of Navarra). It offers new companies: Customized technical support during the start-up of activities. Industrial units for innovative projects. Shared laboratory for companies installed in the CAT. Industrial kitchen to develop new products. Training classrooms. Profitable

29 BUSINESS CENTER (3,000 m2) The Business Center aims to be a meeting point for businesses and a forum of relations for the agrifood sector in its area of influence. Institutions that carry out activities there: AER (Entrepreneurs Association of Southern Navarra) Chamber of Commerce. Rural Development Department of Navarra. Tudela City Council. Services Support from institutions and associations for the agrifood sector. Innovative technology and communications systems. Resources to promote training in specific areas. Profitable

30 Sustainable Caring for the environment.

31 Sustainable CAT pillars of sustainability: Zero discharge of contaminated water outside the CAT. Closing of the natural cycle of organic material, returning the raw material consumed to nature in the form of animal feed and (plant-based) fertilizer. Exploitation of the energy synergies of the agrifood industries, obtaining a high overall energy efficiency (around 87%). Reduction of natural gas capacity required at 23,000 kW, and of greenhouse gases by 13.5 metric tonnes of CO2/year. SUSTAINABILITY: Its construction has taken into account the European guidelines on sustainable design, so it will have 6.5 hectares of olive trees, green spaces, livestock trails and other uses. Caring for the environment.

32 Sustainable CARING FOR THE ENVIRONMENT Reduction of 13.5 metric tonnes of CO2/year, equivalent to emissions from 4,300 vehicles. Recovery of waste water 295,000 litres/day, for watering gardens. Estimated surface area 42,000m2 (4 football pitches). Exploitation of energy synergies of the agrifood industries, obtaining a high overall performance of the facilities (around 87%). Caring for the environment.

33 Thank you very much.

34 Agrifood City of Tudela Ready to compete

35 Agrifood City of Tudela Polígono La Serna Calle D. Apdo. 104 31500 Tudela Navarra Tel. +34 948 41 57 07 Fax +34 948 41 57 06

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