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Research center for metal in the Istrian region - MET.R.IS. Istrian development agency - IDA.

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1 Research center for metal in the Istrian region - MET.R.IS. Istrian development agency - IDA

2 Contents: What is MET.R.IS. Why MET.R.IS. Situation in the metal industry Aims of the project Realisation phases of the project Services that it will offer Users of services Expected results

3 Partners: Istrian development agency (IDA) Ltd Istrian region Potential partners: Total value of project = 1.000.000,00 Ministry of economy, labor and entrepreneurship Croatian Chamber of Economy Croatian Chamber of trades and crafts Ministry of defense of Republic of Croatia Association of innovators of Istrian region Foreign partners (regions and institutions)

4 What is MET.R.IS. The project aims to build/ reconstruct and equip the building, to bring into function the Research center for metal in order to satisfy the needs of industry in the Istrian region To create an infrastructure for researching, development and implementation of the new technologies and innovations in the metal industry

5 Why MET.R.IS. In the structure of the Istrian economy the processing industry participates with 1/3 in the total of profit and employment the processing sector is the most important sector of the Istrian region economy In the export of the processing industry ship building participates with 42% and production of motor vehicles (spare parts) participates with 6%, (that means the metal industry) One of the development needs defined in ROP is: To develop the metal processing industry based on the products of higher added value and of a higher technological degree of treatment

6 Situation in the metal industry dependency on the traditional products with low added value low implementation of high technologies low productivity (in reference with the EU countries) low investments in the development of human resources absence of researches and innovative products with higher added value, shortage of cooperation and partnership the absence of an enough developed infrastructure for the development and support of innovation, and the development of products with higher added value

7 Aims of the project: Main aims of the project increase of the productivity and competitiveness of the economy in the Istrian region (with the accent on the SMEs) increase of the investments in new technologies increase of the investments in research and development, and implementation of innovations increase of employments and encouragement of the development of human resources promotion of the favorable economical environment for investments in research and development (R & D) and high technologies

8 Aims of the project: Specific aims of the project: The creation of the centre for research and development, and implementation of innovations in the metal industry Enable to the SMEs the access to the knowledge and the infrastructure for realization of the research and development of their ideas (products, prototypes and other) create a database for the development of the metal industry based on high technologies Reduce the dependence of the metal industry on the traditional products with low added value, and the amelioration of the conditions for the creation of products with a higher added value creation of a permanent connection between the science (research) and economy to create the postulates for further processes (linkage) that will result with a further technological advance and increase of competitiveness

9 Target groups Business entities from metal sector Companies who do not have human resources and know-how for conducting of R&D Companies from other counties Scientific institutes and University

10 Phases of realisation I.Creation of technical documentation II.Building/reconstruction of object III.Equipping of building IV.Education of staff and management V.Management of Center

11 I. Creation of technical documentation for works Preparing of technical documentations for getting all licenses for buildingg of facilities for MET.R.IS., with special attention given to the environmental impact.

12 II. Building/reconstruction of facilities 3000 m2 Spaces will be modular (15 modules), each of 150 m2 2 educational rooms (for 50 and 15 persons) 20 offices Common rooms

13 III. Equiping of building Equipment for laboratories Equipment for offices and educational facilities Equipment for common rooms

14 IV. Education of staff and management Educations will be held by foreign managers from already established and operative centers

15 V. Mangement of Center Center will be runned by director, and his work will be supervised by Consortium. Members of Consortium: Representative of University, Representative of public sector, Representatives of Government of Croatia, Representatives of private sector, Representatives of scientific institutes Responsibilities of director: Planning of development, Maintenance of building and equipment, Strategy of MET.R.IS.-a, Making connections with external partners.

16 Services: Research and development of materials and products, Research and development of new products, Creation of new or improved products, Applying of innovations, R&D based on inputs form SMEs Contract researches Through transfer of technologies and innovations it will encourage creation of new on knowledge based companies and spin-offs

17 Services (2) Organization of conferences and educations with international partners with aim of internationalization of its business Encourage knowledge exchange and creation of scientific and industrial partnerships Cooperate with Universities and Institutes Promotion and management of national and international programs for R&D

18 Expected results: Creation of research center Implementation of innovations Creating new opportunities for employment and keeping existing workplaces, Creation of positive entrepreneurial climate in the Istrian County, Improving of main economical indicators: productivity, competitiveness, added value Higher level of using new technologies, Increasing of export (metal industry).

19 Financial sustainability participation of all sectors: private and public (County, Cities, RDA, University and private capital), by performing contract research, IDA will continue to actively participate in development of center and to search for new sources of finance for functioning and improving of Center, all profit will be reinvested in Center long term aim is that 2/3 of revenues come from private sector and that 1/3 be financed from public sector.

20 Research centers 1980 – 2000 UniversityCompanies in 1980s Companies University Research C. Early 1990a Companies Research Cent. University Late 1990s i 2000s


22 Contact: Istrian development agency (IDA) Lorencin Darko, director Tel: ++385/52/381-900 Fax: ++385/52/381-905 e.mail: Thank you for your attention!

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